As 2018 was about to begin the one resolution that stood out to me the most and what I seen the most was “saying no.” 


People made a promise to say no as much as possible in 2018. Of course you always wanna say no to toxic things like people who harm you in any form or things that harm you in any form but as creatives we should be saying yes more than anyone. 




Risks. We participate in a game that is heavily risk based. Saying yes more than anyone else means we’re taking risks. When you say yes there’s a chance you will regret saying yes but there’s also a chance that saying yes will unlock the life that we all claim we want and that’s luxuries of doing whatever the fuck we want. I’ve regretted saying no more than I’ve regretted saying yes. When I say no that means I’m on defense. When I say yes that means I’m on offense. When you’re on offense you’re making things happen. You’re putting points on the board. Your dreams only come true if you say yes.

Now of course you can't say yes to everything. Whoever reading this I know you have common sense but just in case you don't have common sense please don't say yes to smoking crack or murder sprees. You're better than that. Just say no to obvious toxic shit. 


It’s important to say yes more than no because in my experience there’s usually a potential blessing behind that yes or a lesson behind that yes. When I say no and it goes how I thought it would. All I’m left with is the ability to say I told you so. I don’t learn anything. I just realize I was right. The only other option from saying no is that I just missed out on a opportunity. 


Saying yes to things will show you strength and ability in yourself you never thought was that strong or wasn’t inside of you to begin with. I said yes to writing. I originally said no to it. I thought it was some nerd shit and something I wouldn’t be good at. I said yes to it and people thought I was good at it. That one yes changed my life. I felt like a loser before that yes. I was depressed before that yes. If I had stuck to saying no I’d be a lost mothafucka. Could you imagine if I said No? There would be no legendary reviews, no Polite Coolery podcasts, no Lawrence Hive video. You’re welcome. 


Here are some things I’m saying yes to. 




Your fear will ask you to listen to it. I want you to say yes and agree to listen to your fear. Not obey your fear but listen to it. I want you to say yes to agreeing to be best friends with your fear meaning I want you to always put your fear at ease and let it know that you have everything under control and that you can be trusted. Fear is not something we get rid of. We need fear. It’s our defense mechanism. People who don’t have fear are psycho’s, sociopaths, and serial killers. They have no fear and do unthinkable things. The people who walk side by side with their fear are the successful people. They acknowledge their fear and embrace it and smoke some trees to let fear know that regardless of the outcome we’re cool. 




The market is the market. You are you. Don’t worry about what your peers charge for their work. Charge what the fuck you want to charge. There’s too many human beings in your city to really worry about things like that. Just because you feel a peer may be more skilled than you doesn’t mean you have to charge the same price or lower than he or she does. Say yes to upping your price to what you feel you deserve for your services. Somebody will pay. Trust me. Say yes to setting a price you’re weary about. 




If the path is comfortable you shouldn’t travel it. There’s nothing worth much at the end of that path. If it makes you uncomfortable creatively and makes you say “Fuck can I pull that off?” Sign up for it. Say yes to it without hesitation. I’ll bet any amount of money that shit will change your perspective and life. You'll also find out strengths inside yourself you thought you never possessed. No one got to where they needed to be without pain, anxiety, and whatever bad shit you wanna name. If the path is comfortable and the goal is right in front of me then I think it's a trap and there's something wrong with it and it generally is. Being uncomfortable is a prerequisite for succeeding whether you want to believe it or not. Nobody reached greatness being comfortable. 




I’m saying yes to transparency because I have nothing to hide and I don’t care who’s watching me. I used to be a individual who cared what people thought and cared about failing in front of people. I just don’t give a fuck anymore. I’m saying yes to telling everyone what I’m working on. Fuck all that secret shit. People try to be secretive to make it seem like they’re cool and fancy. Fuck that. This is what I’m up to. Love me or leave me alone. 




More collaboration starting in the spring. I had to take two years to build up my name and how to learn again and also I don’t like people. I started a podcast to have another resource for collaborations and I’m ready to work with a lot of cold ass mothafuckas out here. 


If anything has value in this world it’s saying yes. Don’t limit your perspective. Say yes.