Finally this shit dropped. I'm just gonna give yall my random thoughts about Big Bossin Vol 2 and hope yall fuck with em. 


The streets in hip hop were dry. No disrespect to no other rappers I’m not saying yall wack or anything of the sort but niggas wasn’t talking that shit I wanna hear. Motivational boss shit. Thank God for Payroll Giovanni. Big Bossin Vol 2 was something I’ve been waiting on. Cardo already had the best collaboration tape of last year with the G-Worthy tape now we get a follow up to the street classic Big Bossin Vol 1. 



The horns on "Rapped My Way" sound like a Cowboy Bebop episode. 



Nigga I got my car dirty on purpose to prepare for multiple car washes while playing this album. 



Stack It Stash It doesn’t just apply to the drug game. It applies to life also. It’s a multi purpose song. Just like you can use the book “The Art Of War” in life and business. 



E-40 one of my favorite rappers. In my top 3 all time and to hear him yell “LET THE COUNCILMAN SPEAK” before his verse brought a tear to my eye. Real niggas never went out of style. Real niggas linking up. We gone keep carrying on tradition despite the fuckery going on out here. 



5 and 6’s sound like the background music I’d hear while talking to Alejandro Sosa poolside in my dreams. Briefcase full of cleaned money on the table, laughing, eating oranges. 



What you know about a relationship black woman playing in your hair while “My Lifetime” playing and she asks “Who Is This?”….. Exactly nigga. 



Good Day To Get Money is the new national anthem. I don’t give a fuck what anybody say. Tell the homie Quavo to chill we don’t need a remake of the national anthem. We found it. Good Day To Get Money is the type of song you do a video to and do the over exaggerated Roc-A-Fella skit rich nigga laughs to. 



I just wanna go on all these young niggas Instagram accounts and post “10 Years, 1 Summer” lyrics under all their pictures of guns and money. 



This whole album could be a movie. I love how Payroll give you not only the benefits of the game but it’s pitfalls too. You know how rappers always say they give you the consequences in their lyrics but you find out it’s a lie and all they do is talk about selling big weight and kill 25 niggas and that going to jail just doesn’t happen. Payroll raps the flashy shit but he also warns you of the repercussions that come with it. Whether it's death, jail, emotional stress, poor mental health, having friends switch up on you, there's always consequences. 



“In Me, Not On Me” was full of nothing but gems. Payroll definitely one of my all time favorite rappers in history after this shit. Just peep the gems in this song alone. 


  • In A phony game I remain honest
  • Yall confuse gangsta shit with dumb shit. Yall think punk shit really tough shit. 
  • I just gotta accept that it’s a new age. I guess gossiping men is just the new wave. 
  • Gotta see the signs the game show you Before ya mans told the game told you showed you clear as day that he wasn’t right It’s on you to cut him off or you gone pay the price. 
  • Yall still trying to prove you on the avenue. I’m tryna furnish this crib way out in Malibu. 
  • Yall worried bout the nigga that be getting loud. You should be worried if he calm and he sitting down. 



My nigga. “Deep” sounds like the climax of a movie where the Feds do a sweep and the narcs kick the door in. The song shows this ruthlessness of a man into deep but he has this pinch of regret. Deep down he’d rather be doing something else but when the options this country give you in the hood you can’t even survive off of and feed your family what you expect a man to do. If I told you that you could make a years salary in 2 weeks of course you gone listen and take a chance. This song really spoke to me. 



BYLUG outro gotta have a music video. Gotta do that for Roc. Have his family in it when his verse come on. Overlord Scooch went off on this too. Free him. 



Please listen to this album if you wanna increase your marbles and know how to stay away from bitch niggas. This is another chapter in the hustle manual which is Payroll Giovanni’s career. Music is all about invoking a feeling in people and Big Bossin Vol 2 makes me wanna get my shit together and work hard and help my people do the same. God bless Payroll and Cardo. I owe them.