This nigga walked all the way home after being shot. Nigga you deserve to die but low-key hospitals I don’t trust they be stealing organs and shit. Yup I’m one of those paranoid niggas. 



Aint no way that nigga Ronnie would’ve survived. The blood loss would’ve took him out. 



Jerikka has now taken the position of most annoying character on this show. At first I thought Brandon momma was crazy for her hate towards her but now a few episodes in that shit is well warranted. Brandon brother was killed and she hasn’t done shit to support Brandon. It’s more than showing up to the funeral it’s what you do after the funeral that’s gonna count the most. The shit Brandon went through was traumatic. I went through it. The feelings you have after burying a brother really fuck with you mentally. Jerikka has made Brandon’s pain all about herself and she’s selfish as fuck. The fact she kicked Brandon out the crib for having a gun was so bogus. If she really cared about him the last place you’d send that nigga is the streets with a gun and a fucked up mind of actually knowing his brother killer. Now if Brandon got killed in the streets she sent him to she’d be the first person at the funeral crying her ass off. Of course he got a gun. His brother was murdered, you don’t know if the killer got him targeted next. She kicked him out for no reason. How the fuck she make Coogie's murder about herself. Over it. 



Damn Angry Ass Trap nigga lil brother is Kevin homie. I like how everybody connected and shows how small the hood is. 



I don’t give a fuck about these cops and why is this cop asking so many questions? Nigga asking questions like he shook.  Boy shut the fuck up. 



Crazy how Ronnie told his granny to be nice to Emmett momma and now his granny begging for her help. Karma. 



Coogie spirit in his old room is accurate. I’ve experienced shit like that. 



Brandon be extra as fuck sometimes. Nigga keep trying to save everybody. Just give Kevin the gun and let him return it. Damn. 



Fat Boy said I’m a shake this shit up and brought a bag of chips. In real life he would’ve got all the shorties. 



Brandon stay getting punked. This old sloppy nigga said he took the gun and then said “Do somethin” Nigga treated him like Melvin did Jody on Baby Boy. I know Brandon ain’t a street nigga but at the end of the day he a man. He gotta man up. 



Old man Q gotta be somebody father. He got to much time invested in this shit. 



Dude a crooked cop. Knew it. Asking all those fucking questions like he caught the body. 



This Don Cheadle looking ass nigga got his dog took by Old man Q. Bruh there’s no way a don cheadle looking nigga running my hood. 



Brandon met Angry ass trap nigga. And of course Brandon carries himself like a punk. Stuttering and shit and why didn’t this goofy nigga Brandon lie and say his credit fucked up? Now he owe Angry Trap Nigga. Everybody on this show owe somebody. It's a recurring theme so of course that will come full circle. 



Jerikka really told her friends about Brandon having a gun and kicking him out to the streets. She really not shit bruh. Fuck her and her India Arie Afro. Even with what Brandon going through mentally she told her friends his fucking business. Brandon gotta get rid of that broad. She walk around like her shit don’t stink and I’m fed the fuck up. She a straight clown. 



Angry Trap Nigga really in a kiddie pool with two thots in the middle of a kickback. I don’t know whether to joan on this nigga or be impressed at his confidence. This nigga really butt ass naked in the kickback with the lamest rap music in history playing in the kickback and he embarrassing his little brother in front of everyone in the kickback and let a thot violate and physically harm his brother. Angry Ass Trap nigga hella lame. I don’t care how many niggas gangsta niggas killed. They can still be lame. 



Notice Angry Trap Nigga little brother. He looks up to Angry Trap Nigga. The moment he heard he can be a shooter and he can be apart of the gang his face lit up like a christmas tree. He will be a shooter in the future. That kid has no future cause of the environment he’s in and it’s sad. That child doesn’t have a chance. 



Yaaaassssssss Granny treat that cop like J-Rock from South Central. 



That Haitian nigga Ronnie fuck with hella weird and he funny as fuck. That nigga says and does the most random shit. Nigga spit that sandwich out like a snobby nigga. I’m weak. 



Plot twist. I knew the ending before I watched the episode because I logged in my showtime account and the first thing I see when I clicked on the episode was Kevin shoot the gun. All thanks to Alisiana. Luckily I like her so I didn’t trip.