I never understand why the artist never gets credit. Better yet what is so difficult about giving an artist credit? You literally copy their name and include it wherever you post. Rappers and Singers got this shit bad. Which perplexes me because the rapper and singers the ones always crying for someone to give them credit for shit. 


I wonder how they would like it if every song they wrote their name was excluded from the song. They would never receive credit for it anywhere. They would see it posted on the internet but no one knows who performed or wrote it. A song that you put time, effort, and possibly created from a personal experience has no attachment to you and is being shared on every platform but no one has any idea who wrote it. How would that make them feel? They would have a nervous breakdown. 


You would think that writing the creatives entire biography is required to give them credit for their work on Instagram the way these celebrities go out their way not to give credit to the artists. It’s free. Posting their @ name with their work is free and takes 10 seconds. They write paragraphs upon paragraphs of fuck shit everyday in captions but can’t write a creative’s @ name to show the world who created the work yall posting for likes. So fucked up. 


These niggas be the first ones screaming that black excellence shit and how we need to support black creatives but they’re full of shit. Plot twist, they meant only support THEIR shit and no one else. When it’s time to support THEIR OWN just like they preached to you they’re nowhere to be found. 


I’m sorry we don’t have the mansions and foreigns like yall yet. Our talents are our livelihood just like y’all talents are yours but the difference is majority of us gotta make $25 stretch for almost 2 weeks cause we just paid bills and funded our dreams. Some people art is their only source of income. Y’all continuously either make fun of creatives doing honest work and going to work day jobs and telling them to be your own boss but when they are their own boss you not even willing to give them the proper respect of tagging their name when you post their art. So that makes yall celebrity weirdos hypocrites. 


Celebrities lack self awareness. If it’s anything they’re oblivious to it’s self awareness. They do not understand the influence they have or the concept of influence. In this era their lives are being watched more than anyone else. Millions of people hang onto their every word and move. If I paint something and a celebrity posts it and tags me in the post not only their fans would see it but networks, businesses, and other celebrities would see it or the chances of them seeing it would be very high and they may shop with me for other paintings or want to collaborate and give me an opportunity that could change my career or at least give a stripe on my portfolio. Niggas could get big hired from shit like this. Instead these niggas going out their way to crop out and erase logos on creatives work which takes more effort and time to do than actually tagging the artist that created it. These famous people the biggest haters. I promise you they are. I pray a lot of people get famous and see how corny and fake these people really are. Even the celebs yall think are good people are fake as fuck. Not a real piece of DNA in their body. 


People talk all day about wanting artists to be original and when the artist puts countless hours in doing so they still disrespect the artist and not give him or her credit. Regular niggas do it too. They’d show people shit but never say the artist that created it. Stop saying shit like “This is something my friend(s) made” and start saying “This is my friend Benny’s work. Follow him here he has more dope shit you might be interested in.” I’m not perfect either I’ve done that shit myself and it wasn’t right for me to do so because I wouldn’t want that done to me. 


Telling artists "It’s their fault for putting their work out on the internet" is a played out excuse for trying to defend niggas for not giving credit for that artist work. If a artist put his or her work out on the internet that doesn’t mean it’s open season for everyone to start using it for their own personal brands and posting it on their pages so they can look cool and make t-shirts out of it. Creatives release work on the internet because it’s our job to and because we got sauce and we wanna show the world that shit. It’s no different from a person just posting a photo of themselves and they just got their hair done or cut and they look icy as fuck. Of course they wanna post they shit on the internet. Imagine a woman posting a pic on her instagram of herself in an amazing outfit and weirdos saying creepy shit in her comments and she gets harassed and instead of niggas holding these bitch ass men accountable for their behavior they tell her she shouldn’t have posted that picture on the internet. You see how dumb that shit sounds? That’s exactly how you hoe niggas sound. You’re condoning bitch ass behavior by saying artists shouldn’t post their shit on the internet. She has every right to post that picture to her account. It’s her account. She has the right to use the internet like everyone else just like creatives have every right to post their work on the internet. 


To all my creatives out there that’s had their work uncredited, compromised, stolen don’t let this shit get you down. You’re truly valuable. You’re not just complaining to complain. You have every right to voice your frustrations as much as you want and please continue to call people out who don’t give you credit for your creativity and what you make sacrifices to do. Please keep calling out these celebrities cause those weirdos really the worse. We have to pick up the pieces of the damage they’ve caused and they just go on with their lives and their fan bases think we’re pieces of shit for calling their saviors out and defending something we created and own and say dumb ass shit like “You’re chasing clout” fuck the word clout. I swear it’s the dumbest word ever. Nobody sounds cool saying that word ever. All those super fans loyal to celebrities who wouldn’t even spit on them if they were on fire look dumb as fuck defending the fuck shit they do. 



I’ll end it like this. If you don’t give credit, fuck you.