After years of promises….. it’s here. 3 of the greatest of all time on one project, Spitta, Gangsta Gibbs, and Alchemist. Get your trees ready. Fetti has arrived.

Aight first things first, it’s officially time to start mentioning Freddie Gibbs amongst whoever you consider the best in the game right now. He’s Top 5 right now. Gangsta Gibbs had me rewinding bars on Fetti. I haven’t rewinded bars since Kanye West was a actual real life likable black man. 

Spitta is criminally underrated when it comes to his track record when it comes to collaboration projects. Whether it’s with a sole producer or another artist if Spitta is on it the project delivers. “Fetti” is just another layer to the legend. Best collab project of the year. 

It’s hard as fuck to fuck up a Alchemist beat. He produces shit where you gotta know how to rap or you will be exposed as a rapper and hear chants of “Where’s the instrumental album” if you trash as fuck. Alchemist should’ve got a lifetime achievement award before he was born. 

When Spitta said “Our chains golder” that just made me trap even harder. Gotta get to that point of living. 

“Location Remote” sounds like that part in the movie where the drug kingpin got the feds closing in on one of his many trap spots and gambling spots underneath the corner store but there’s no sign of him or traces of his presence in the spots so the cops are pissed and the kingpin is just laughing over the sounds of money machines. 

Freddie Gibbs was a soul singer from a small town in Michigan in his former life. There’s no denying this. 

“Blow” makes you want to hit a mean soul group choreographed spin move. 

When Gibbs said “Bout to take a trip I got coke and dope on my grocery list/Oxycontin pack I be switching rackets like Djokovic” that was a immediate Top 3 rapper alive certification. No more debating. It’s official. 

“Saturday Night Special” sounds like that moment Frank White in “King Of New York” was looking over New York City from his penthouse at the top of the building with 2 naked bitches just laying on his bed. This shit could’ve been used on the classic anime film Golgo 13 The Professional. The horns sound like the aftermath of a Golgo 13 hit. 

Remember in the movie “Blow” when George took Mirtha from that weak ass nigga at the wedding reception? He took that mans bitch the day he met her. That’s Now & Later Gator pimp shit right there and that song should be played during that scene. Gangsta Gibbs singing sound like a Lac in the 70’s on a 71 degree city night. 

Spitta sounded effortlessly vicious on “No Window Tints” This that Alejandro Sosa boss rap. I’m talking helicopter pads, hanging snitches, mansion in the mountains, if the D.E.A comes you got speedboats on standby for the escape. This shit was shorter than Omar Suarez stay at Sosa’s crib though. 

“Willie Lloyd” is the moment where the shootout with the enemy organization occurs in the movies. The production is so dark and grimy and Gibbs absolutely floats on this shit with no pressure like a hood nigga at the skating rink after 10pm. 

When I got to “Tapatio” I already declared this project a classic. At this point Alchemist, Spitta, or Gibbs couldn’t miss if they tried. Their chemistry is on LeBron, Wade, and Bosh second year together on the Miami Heat. 

“Touch something luxurious before you die” - Spitta 

I’m just gonna end it there. Fetti is 5/5 Fruit Snacks. 

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