I fuck with your vision bro. 

This is how you build your vision.


Who the fuck you wanna be and what kind of life you want to have decades from now? Think about your life in decades. So when you’re 30 where do want to be? When you’re 40 where do you want to be? I’m not saying it will happen so don’t bank on it but don’t write it off either. I’m 32. When I was 23 I swore I’d be 6 figures up when I hit 30. God said “Nah playa relax.” I acknowledged that it’s not my time for that yet and I kept working. I started writing when I was 30 years old. Think about that. I missed a whole decade of writing in my 20’s. I don’t dwell on wondering if things would be different for me today if I started at 20 instead of 30. It’s not relevant. I made the mistake of not building a vision in my 20’s because I didn’t think it mattered but it does. Think in decades. Think about the people that you would love to be around you in your future. The work you will be doing. The differences you will make. This is more than goals. Your vision is geared more towards your legacy. Legacy is more important than goals. 


Not what you want. What do you need that you can get right now to help your work. Everybody want money. Everybody want to do what they love for a living. Everybody want to be secure. What do you need right now that will help you get to what you want? Is it people with certain skill sets? Is it a specific dollar amount? Don’t just tell people you need 20 stacks for your brand. Anybody can use 20 stacks. What if what you really needed was $1,300? Did you actually take time to sit down and do the math? Problem with a lot of people is that they think so broad that it prevents them from doing anything productive. What circumstances you need to happen? What place you need? What really matters to you? Figure this out and you’ll have a better vision of what’s ahead for you. 


What do you see in the world that you want to change. What do you see in people that you want to change? What are you going to do to contribute to change? What are you going to give the world that will actually have meaning and authenticity? Will it be something that you and people will be proud of? Think of yourself as a problem solver. The world hella fucked up. Pick a problem cause it’s plenty of em and solve it with what you’re passionate about. Change the problem into a solution. A person has a problem. Your service solves it. They inquire about you. You do a great job for them. They spread word about you and come back to you again and this cycle repeats. It’s that simple. 


What are some habits and things you need to drop? What are things and people that are deadweight in your life? Gotta keep it real on this or you’re just gonna struggle even more for no reason. Why run a marathon in weighted clothes when it’s not required? That’s not admirable. That’s stupid. Let go of people and things that don’t matter? Let go of habits that are constantly taking from your vision and not contributing anything good to it. For example I have poor money management issues. It cripples the fuck out of what I need to do for my company. If I continue this behavior I will never improve. Poor money management is my deadweight that I have to get rid of or my vision will suffer. What’s the deadweight in your life?


Having a talent and skill is one thing but being remembered as a good human being along with it is why it makes creating things worth it. What doing you want to be remembered for and why? Keep talking Legacy until it makes a statement and inspires people. 

Your vision important because it lines up with your passions, values, and the things you really stand for. Build it up. 


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