I shit you not. I seen a tweet that said 

“Struggling is not cute.” 

They’re right it’s not. 

But when they said this it was said in the context of believing bosses don’t struggle. 

That’s why the shit is hilarious and also why it’s an issue. 


You not a real boss until you struggle. 

There’s nothing good without struggle. Anything that comes easy always has a catch to it. I don’t want anything that’s easy because it’s always something that will fuck me over later attached to it. 

I hate school. I was an awful student. The rare time I did study for a test for weeks and saw a “A” next to my name the shit felt good because I struggled for it. I achieved it by going through the pain of studying. I struggled studying but the reward on the other side let me know that it was worth it. That’s entrepreneurship. 

When are people going to stop romanticizing being a boss or entrepreneur? I know it makes us feel good to put “Owner” “CEO” or “Entrepreneur” in our bios on social media. I understand that but people think this shit is get an idea put it out there and you’re instantly rich and you’re on a beach somewhere while the money is being stacked. 

The reality is that being an entrepreneur means embracing struggle. You wanna know what a real successful boss day is like everyday? I’ll tell you. A boss day is filled with problems. A boss spends the day solving those problems everyday. You think they don’t struggle? The more successful you get the more problems you have. It’s the bosses job. The boss untangle things. People only look at the side of it that looks fun which is the feeling of owning a brand or renting/owning a space or saying motivational shit on social media about being a boss or about chasing money and that’s it. 

The people who talk about getting money the most don’t have any. The same people think a million dollars is a lot of money. I’m broke and I’m bad at math but even I’m smart enough to know that a million dollars is not a lot. There’s a difference between thinking a million dollars is a lot and thinking you could USE a million dollars. Ask any successful entrepreneur do they remember when they made their first million I’ll bet any amount of money that they say they were still struggling somehow and it wasn’t what they thought it would be. A million dollars ain’t even enough to hold you down if you got in trouble and caught a case. That’s why these rappers and athletes that get in trouble end up with no money after a case cause they thought a million is enough. 10 million is a lot of money. If I’m aiming for a number it’s gonna be 10. Actually 20 because this weak ass Government get half of it. 

Let’s keep it all the way funky. Majority of the people who wanna be a boss or entrepreneur don’t wanna help people at all. They wanna be a boss because they have insecurities they wanna cover up and I hope they get rich and experience that buying things and money itself is not gonna make those insecurities go away. It doesn’t cover up their insecurities. It exposes them. It’s gonna make them worse and potentially be the cause of their downfall. I know you wanna buy a foreign car but that’s not gone cover up the fact you a lame muhfucka or a clown. It’s not gonna cover up the fact you’re depressed. It’s not gonna cover up your addiction problem. It’s not gonna cover up that you’re not happy. The issue is that people want all these things but have no self awareness. It’s the people with self awareness that wins. How the fuck you a boss with no results or no credibility? That’s like me telling people I’m a performer and I’ve never stepped on a stage. 

The short term thinking today is amazing. It’s because people only concerned with having the title of Entrepreneur or being a boss instead of learning how to become better leaders and teachers. A real boss cares about others before themselves. They help people grow. They teach people things and most importantly they’re willing to learn. It doesn’t matter how much money they make or their success, they always wanna learn. A boss understands accountability. People wanna take all the credit when shit going good and be in the forefront but when things go wrong they’re the first to point fingers. 

What makes a great boss is how they share their struggle with the people who work for them or follow them. Not complain about it but share their experiences and how they got to the level they’re at. Are you good at communicating effectively? Are you trustworthy all the time and not when it’s convenient? Are you able to solve problems without losing your cool? Some of yall lose your fucking mind over things said on the internet and let it effect your whole day. I couldn’t imagine yall running a business. Y’all rather win arguments than have peace and progress. Does money run you and is your only motivation? Everybody wanna put their loved ones in mansions and luxury cars. I understand those aspirations. But what about having that same passion yall have for money and attention and focusing it on having an impact? If you focus on having an impact and changing lives the money gone come to the point where you forget the money is there cause you enjoy changing lives more than your bank account. 

If you struggling to achieve something you believe in wear that shit. You more of a boss than the ones pretending to be a boss. The struggle leads to what’s real and that’s the life you want.  


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