I just wanna thank Stan Lee for all he contributed to the nerd life I’ve lived since I was born. Teaching me how to use my imagination. Introducing me to so many characters with so many principles, morals, flaws, strengths, weaknesses. Teaching the world about what heroism really is. I remember just always reading comics to take my mind off all the bad shit I seen outside where I grew up. I was a black kid who loved nerd shit and that was not cool where I’m from. Girls thought I was weird. Other kids tried to bully me for liking comics (You know I wasn’t going). It just helped me escape all the negative shit. It kept me out of trouble. I didn’t wanna do bad shit. I wanted to see Spider-Man vs Carnage instead. I wanted to go to comic book stores and hobby shops instead. I bonded with so many people from different cultures and walks of life over Marvel comics. That’s what Stan created for the world. He showed us that we all in this together and should carry ourselves that way. He would show that in his art and in reality. 

Spider Man is my favorite superhero. I know people will try to flame me for that but I loved reading Spider Man comics growing up along with Black Panther, X-Men, and Fantastic Four. I loved Magneto. Seeing them have their own cartoons and movies regardless if they were good or bad meant a lot to me and that all came to fruition from what Stan Lee started. Stan Lee wasn’t successful until his 40’s and that’s just another reminder to always keep doing what you love to do. Never throw in the towel on something you believe in. He was doing this at a time where there was really no lane for what he was doing. He was a comic book writer instead of a lawyer or a doctor. He didn’t care and kept doing what he loved. 

Not sad about his passing because that man was blessed. He lived a full life and left a legacy that will never be duplicated again. We loss one of the greatest creators that ever lived but literally have a lifetime of memories that will make us feel like he’s still here and never left. 

Thank You Stan.