You don’t wanna be coochie repellant. Maybe you are and you don’t even know it. Just in case you don’t know it I’ll tell you how you get women to not fuck with you. 


Jealousy equals Controlling. Men with jealousy issues have no control of their lives, situations, or mentality. They enjoy being miserable. Every human gets jealous of something because it’s a common emotion but the men that let it consume them are weirdos. Women steer clear of men with jealousy issues because that leads to even more red flags in the future. 


When a man tells a woman “You complete me” I think that it’s only said because it sounds very romantic and it sounds like the right thing to say because the guy thinks by saying it he’s showing the woman she is valued. In the words of Jules Winfield “I like that, but that shit ain’t the truth.” If you have the feeling that you need someone to complete you that means your self esteem is low or you don’t know who you are yet. You can’t go into anything let alone a relationship not knowing who you are. Those factors are gonna be so detrimental down the line because both of those things are in the realm of confidence and if you’re not confident then why would a woman waste her time? 


Try to understand women. You can’t but that don’t mean you can’t try. Every time you talk to her it should be like class but you actually love learning what she’s teaching you about herself. Don’t oversell yourself. You’re not competing with anyone. You’re just trying to see if you match with each other. You should be trying to learn everything. This includes her mentality and what makes her tick. Her focus and what that’s geared towards. Sexually what does she like and what pleases her the most because different women like different things. We tend to think we’re experts with all women because of our success in our past with other women but that’s the number one mistake we make.


If your emotions are not controlled you will fall apart and women will not stick around you for long. I know the popular and trendy thing to tell men today is “It’s okay to be emotional.” I agree but when people say that, they never factor in any rational thinking. They never think about the fact that men have emotional instability. Their moods are all over the place. Erratic behavior. They have no control over their feelings. Nobody wants to be on a constant roller coaster with your emotions except a therapist so go see a fucking therapist and understand your emotions and the healthy ways of living with them. 


A indecisive man is dangerous and women know this. If you’re indecisive about where you wanna go for a date lord knows how you’ll act if you have to make a decision on some important shit. The last thing a woman wants to do is make decisions for you. Two things women hate are taking out the trash and making decisions. As a man if you can’t make decisions it shows the lack of ability to think for yourself. Phrases like …

“I don’t know”

“It’s whatever you wanna do”


“I’m not sure”

These are bitch nigga phrases. So when you think you’re about to say these phrases to women I want you to say the opposite. Have some faith in yourself and carry yourself like you “THAT” dude. As long as you not disrespectful you’re gonna be okay. You don’t ask her “wyd” everyday nigga you TELL her what she’s doing and she’ll decide if she free. If she not free she’ll tell you when she is and you adjust. Quit wasting your time and her’s with your indecisiveness. Just get to the point. If you like her say that shit. If you not feeling her say that shit. Ask questions you’re afraid to ask. Do what scares you. Just make a choice. 


Women love men who have shit to do. I’m talking constructive things. I remember I turned down a date to write and while I was writing I felt really bad about it but when I seen the woman again and I apologized to her and told her about my need for space at times and she told me that she thought it was attractive that I was honest with her, I didn’t drop everything I was doing for her and that I was focused on my goals. Took me by surprise at first but I understood what she told me. A woman want a man with something going on. Any woman who wants a man all up in their face all the time is mentally unstable or has bad anxiety issues. Same goes for men too. Men who want to rush into relationships are like this. It’s only been one date dawg. Relax. Go be busy and get off her bumper. Clinginess is fucking weird. 


I been stopped fucking women I don’t like. I’m talking if I don’t wanna be around you outside of sex then I’m not sleeping with you. Don’t care how good shorty look. If you’re annoying, boring, or couldn’t see us as friends I’m not doing it. Approach women with a friendship first mentality. The friendship is the foundation. You know how many couples are suffering and thinking “Damn I love them but this person really not my best friend.” A lot of them. Friendship is what you want to establish first. Once you’re friends you’ll see everything else just click because you’re having fun with a friend. Even if she’s super into you, show her how important friendship is to you. Good women don’t want to deal with men who overlook friendship. 


I have this problem because I dislike a lot of things but the one thing I do that doesn’t make it annoying is that I accept shit for what it is and don’t let it effect my life or make it someone’s problem. Nobody wants to be around someone who complains all the time especially if you complaining and not making shit happen in your life at all. That shit is real woman repellant.  


If you’re gonna be a shitty person be a shitty person. If you’re gonna be a good guy be a good guy. Just be consistent. This pretty self explanatory. No woman wanna be around a man who’s inconsistent. When there’s consistency there’s no room for excuses.


It’s okay to play it cool but some men take it too far. It’s okay to say how you feel as long as it’s real and you’re okay with whatever the outcome is. You’re an adult. If you miss her tell her you miss her. You’re grown. If you want to contact her, contact her. Who said you have to wait a specific time to do so? You see her out at an event go over to her first and speak get off that extra wanna be nonchalant shit and be a man. Show her that she’s valued. If you try to be super cool she’s gonna think you’re not interested and move on and then you gone be big mad and start acting irrational. 

You should be good now.


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