The internet don’t like you. It tolerates you. The internet is not your friend. The internet doesn’t know how to be personal. The internet only knows business and humiliation. The ones who use the internet to their advantage and keep their emotions in check understand that the internet is a joke. It can be a lucrative joke but it really is just a game. Niggas let this internet shit pimp em out everyday. Don't be a pimped hoe. Be a fun hoe but not a pimped one. 


If you follow what I write there’s always been this tug of war I’ve had with myself and debated with other people over whether you can be successful totally dependent on the internet meaning you have no outside presence at all or you need to be everywhere in real life more than being on the internet and I’ve come to realize there really is no right answer. You just need to utilize both in whatever way works best for your business. But a lot of people think the internet is EVERYTHING and it’s real. 


Nigga No. 


See thinking that this internet shit real will get your feelings hurt. This is why self awareness is very important to artists and humans in general. There’s nothing the internet can tell me about myself or my business. If something I do is a failure or a flop I acknowledge it. If it feels like it’s successful I acknowledge it. The internet won’t tell me shit about myself I don’t know so by the time people on the internet react to anything I’ve done or haven’t done I’ve already moved on to the next move. 


The internet ain’t nothing but a rat race that’s full of deception and creatives get caught in that rat race and it fucks them up mentally by giving them this false sense of importance and their confidence is entangled with stats and analytics. Followers don’t mean shit. People not as important as you think they are. Everybody don’t know the artist that you think is the hottest right now. Everybody use of the internet is different. Music artists have millions of followers but can’t sell 100,000 copies of an album. Niggas just have followers to have followers. What does that tell you?

I’ve seen artists who are super popular on the internet have a concert and not even 30 people showed up for it. You can have 200 people retweet an event and only 20 people show up to it. Those are real results. Not retweets. My most retweeted blog post is nowhere near my most read blog post. My most read blog post didn’t really get that many retweets and it’s literally in the thousands as far as reads. The second most read blog post I have is a post NOBODY shared on the internet at all. The metrics and numbers don’t matter. It’s about how whatever you’re doing makes people feel. What emotion are you able to bring out of them with your creativity? The internet lies to you because it doesn't like you. As a creative you have to treat the internet like a person you keep fucking because it's good and fun but you know you will never fully commit to. The internet is a "So what are we" head ass nigga but can ruin your life. You give it a vague answer and keep fucking it and using it for your benefit. 


Your youtube views don’t matter. Youtube subscribers don’t matter. They don’t define you nor do they make you important. You get a million views and subscribers and then what? You’re gonna be looked down by the people who have 10 million views and compared to them. When you’re in the rat race you’re chasing acceptance and when you chase acceptance you lose your identity. You lose yourself. When you’re chasing numbers It’ll never be enough. Ever. Then you’ll start to think that you’re not shit and then it won’t be fun no more. You’ll always look at the people who have more than you and feel inferior. You’ll stop living for yourself and realize you’re living for other people. The numbers are EMPTY. It’s empty symbolism. Everything we praise or give importance to is empty. 


Oscars. Empty.

Grammy’s. Empty.

Number 1 Song on Billboard Chart. Empty

Golden Globe. Empty.

Album Sales. Empty. 

Number 1 movie the box office. Empty. 


None of that shit means shit after the person get it. They’re just things. Just ask Mo’Nique. I’m willing to bet she would give back that Oscar just so she can go back to where comedy was fun and her escapism. Her career hasn’t been the same since she won it. She lost what she loved to do the most. It’s not worth it. 


I just love to create content. I don’t care who likes it or dislikes it. I don’t care about the numbers. I just care about having fun doing what I do. The flaws that I do have as a person no amount of views or retweets are gonna fix those flaws. That’s gonna come down to me and me only to fix those flaws. No amount of money will fix your insecurities or depression. A million followers on Instagram or a million subscribers on YouTube will not complete you. Popularity on the internet won’t complete you. I’ve seen people with all that shit be the most incomplete humans I’ve ever seen. Their life has no meaning despite having those numbers. Deep down they know that so their depression just gets worse because they put all their faith into thinking that if they make this amount of money or acquire this amount of fame and popularity that things will get better. It won't get better and they realize it gets worse and how much better they were before the acquired fame.

You see these instagram famous people and these youtube famous people break down because their life is a blank page and they put all their confidence in the internet to save them from their weaknesses. Literally about 90% of them are depressed. You think you would trade their life for yours but trust me you wouldn't if you knew the truth and see the front they put on for strangers. Don't be fooled by the instagram pictures and the invitations to cool events they get to go to. Those fancy celebrity events not shit but a room full of weirdos trying to one up each other in life instead of enjoying life. 


The internet is like nature. It don’t give a fuck about humans. Disasters happen. It’s unforgiving. Praying to the internet for better numbers, more views, more followers will not save you. One small error and the internet turns against you and you can’t stop the onslaught. You have to just wait for the storm to blow past and when it does it’ll be there laughing at you for putting all your trust into it. The internet is to be pimped not trusted. The internet don’t like you. Don’t even dislike it back. Just find a life outside of it and understand how perception works.