Vegeta the realest nigga I know. Been a real nigga since I met him in the 90’s. I’m short and he’s held it down for the short niggas like me better than Kevin Hart has. Kevin Hart my nigga but he ain't no Vegeta. Let’s be real here we only watch Dragonball because we’re accustomed to it. It's not an amazing show with depth. It's just an easy and fun show. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or absolute garbage we watching that shit because we grew up with that shit. Literally no character on Dragonball has any development except Vegeta. Only characters besides him that has a little bit of character development is Piccolo and they’ve made him basically obsolete. Krillin character development was that he was so garbage at fighting they made him get a job. Goku hasn’t grown in the slightest. We don’t see him mad, sad, go through tough times, he’s just the Japanese Superman. Goku is BORRRRRRRRING! He's so boring they had to make him a villain as Goku Black in an alternate universe and time for him to be interesting. Vegeta is the only interesting character on this show. 


Anyway here’s what we can learn from the realest in the game. Vegeta. 





Vegeta is basically the Stone Cold Steve Austin of the Dragonball Universe. He don’t trust anybody and when you heard the glass shatter watching Monday Night Raw you knew somebody ass was about to get whipped. Didn’t matter who. You just know somebody getting stomped. Vegeta talks that shit and walks that shit. He’s the anti hero like Stone Cold was in wrestling. Goku is like Bret The Hitman Hart. When Bret and Stone Cold fought it was always greatness. They put on some of the greatest matches. Just like Goku and Vegeta. The WWE didn’t really let Stone Cold outshine Bret much. Stone Cold really ascended after Bret left after The Montreal Screwjob. 


You gotta have that confidence like you’re the shit. Even if you don’t believe it. Vegeta will never let someone know that he’s feeling down about himself. Fuck that. Keep your head high and look down on these mothafuckas. You the Prince Of Saiyans dammit. Can’t be out here walking with your head down. Talk your shit and if somebody wanna bang then fuck it break out the Galick Gun. 





Vegeta is a proud Saiyan. He’s a walking Issa Rae quote “I’m just rooting for everyone black.” Vegeta is rooting for every Saiyan. He takes pride in his race. He holds being a Saiyan at the highest standard imaginable. Being a Saiyan is being a God in the mind of Vegeta. Shit we all know Saiyans basically black people so all my fellow brothers and sisters need to take notes from Vegeta and how he’s unapologetically Saiyan. He don’t give a fuck about nothing but being a saiyan. He thinks everybody cool but if he had a choice of helping a human or Saiyan. Vegeta is helping the Saiyan every time. That’s the coolest thing about Vegeta to me is that he knows the history of his race. He’s proud of his roots. He wants to build another world with Saiyans. He’s all over his son Trunks about how to conduct himself as a Saiyan. Be proud of your roots and know your history. 





Vegeta strength comes from his relentless work ethic. Goku is more naturally gifted than Vegeta and that’s what frustrates the fuck out of Vegeta since he comes from a royal bloodline and he should be by nature more physically gifted but he’s not so he has to walk to abilities that Goku can fly to. Vegeta has to work 3 times harder than Goku does. Vegeta got it out the mud. Vegeta got that “Built from the ground floor” strength. Vegeta is relatable because of that work ethic. He’s gifted but he works his ass off to stay on top of his game. If you’re a talented person you have to put hard work on top of that talent to unleash the super saiyan inside of you. Vegeta has Kobe Bryant type work ethic. 





Vegeta hates second place. Of course the writers have continuously made him second place for 2 plus decades but that’s neither here or there. Vegeta’s ambition is to be the strongest warrior in the universe. He wants to be the best. He works towards that everyday. He’s obsessed with it. It’s all he occupies himself with. He just wants to be better than Goku. As a person he’s better than Goku just in terms of realism and he’s not as selfish as him. If you want to achieve a goal you gotta obsess over your goals to point life doesn’t feel complete without achieving them. 





Vegeta started out a selfish little shit. He was a jerk. But as Dragonball Z went on Vegeta was the only person that grew. He changed his way of thinking and philosophy on certain things. Of course he’s still ruthless on the battlefield to all his opponents but now he knows how to turn it off once the battle is over. At one point he was always in battle/kill mode 24/7. There came a point where Vegeta grew up. There’s gonna come a time in your life where you leave an old way of living behind and grow beyond it for the better. Vegeta now doesn’t just live for himself anymore. He has a wife and kids to consider and you saw his growth on Super when he refused to train with Goku’s irresponsible dumbass in order to see his daughter born. It’s what life is all about. Growing. 





Probably Vegeta’s greatest weakness and strength. His pride has gotten him fucked up and his pride has given him the strength to fuck people up. Vegeta has more control of his pride now but pride can be so dangerous if you can’t control it. Remember that. 




Vegeta got him a bad rich smart bish in Bulma and he has a legendary kid in Trunks. 


Be like Vegeta at all costs.