Everybody be mad. Everywhere I go I'm seeing men and women mad. People really go 18-19 hours a day mad as fuck. I'll tell you why people mad. 



They ain’t eating the right tacos or don’t have nobody to cook some for em or share some with.



They don’t know how to be themselves and they don’t know how to process that they’re a failure at being a human so they lash out at people who love themselves and aren’t afraid to express what they’re into or who they are.



They thought the internet loved them and thought the internet could replace humanity. 8,000 followers and you’re still lonely, confused, and crying yourself to sleep weekly. 



They do hookah. 



The sex they receive and give is mid. 



They look for people to hear their gossip and bullshit instead of looking for actual genuine friends that will tell them the truth.



They are in a relationship and flaunt it for social media but they’re dying inside and they realize it’s easier and more fun being a hoe. 



They think being tough and gangsta equals being real. 



They're a rapper.



They still eat at Hooters. 



They believe someone else’s come up takes away something in their life……. Breaking news bitch. It don’t. 



They not relevant for anyone to beef with. How does it feel to think you mad at me but you mad by yourself? How does it feel no one gives a fuck about what you say or do? It’s lonely huh hoe? 



They emotional about everything…….. everything doesn’t require emotion. 



They try to impress instead of improve which leads to the impression that they’re clowns.



They pop xans. J’s never happy. They either mad or depressed. 



You didn’t see or hear the hate they sent in your direction and you still prospered without sending shots back at them. You killed them with Kindness and Success. 



They sleep with their socks on. 



They yell into their camera phone like it's a person. 



They’re over 40. 



They typed you a novel and you responded with “Ok.” 



Exposing people or pulling someone card didn’t give them fame or a bigger bank account. 



They use the word “clout” instead of "influence" or "weight" like an adult. 



Someone moved on from them to do something productive with their life. 



They have inability to mind their fucking business. They basically a reality tv show housewife, they don’t know how to worry about themselves.



They think drinking wine is for bitches. 



They try to holla at women from the passenger seat at gas stations. She came for a slushy, nigga not a musty nigga. 



They can’t joan. They can’t take joaning either without getting personal. 



They’re Vegan. 



Mad niggas and Mad hoes link up to be mad together and shit still don’t get a accomplished. Nothing changes but the fact that there’s more people you won’t explain yourself to or give a fuck about.