My name is Benny Greenheart......... Atlanta Season 2....... It's time. 



This is a spa to you rappers……your co-workers don’t give a fuck about your mixtape. These 2 young men displaying their disgust for a guy for transforming from Dr.Umar Johnson to 21 Savage with the bars is proof. 



Niggas slanging gas out the restaurant like Darryl Adams from Clockers but I bet all that weed they moving out that muhfucking restaurant I bet you the ice cream machine still broke and they stingy with the sauces. 



The lil homies hopped out through the drive thru on some Caine from Menace II Society shit like “MUTHAFUCKA I SAID WITH CHEESE!” 



Why did that nigga take the pack and try to walk out comfortable as fuck like he was back at the spot. Nigga the robbery still progress. This nigga acting like a timeout was called and shit and of course the manager brought the showstopper chopper out like this lil nigga called off sick and found out he was really at a kickback. 



The shoot out was unrealistic as fuck. That lil nigga woulda got Swiss cheesed up especially when he hopped over that counter his side and back would’ve been hit the fuck up. 



Damn they had a shorty in the car. I Would’ve snatched her up and got the drop on them niggas ASAP-INGTON. They look like soundcloud rappers I’ll catch em slipping on xans sooner or later. 



Earn still homeless living in storage like a granny tv from 1968 that she refuse to get rid of. 



Darius is a Renaissance Hood Nigga. He cooks sliders, listens to rock music, always pays attention to his surroundings and gives out vast amounts of knowledge. He the Marcus Garvey mixed with Aristotle of the trap. I’m calling him King Darius VII from now on. 



Darius I forgive you for "Death Note" on Netflix. You still my favorite philosopher. 



Florida Man hella real and done some horrible and unforgivable shit except the stealing cars for checkers fries. Those fries are fucking scrumptious and I’d steal a bus to get some checkers fires. 



Getting in trouble is the ultimate scam. It’s setup like that to keep the melanin flavored poor. Nigga had to basically pay a PS4 with 4 games for drug classes. 



Robbin season year round wise King Darius VII…. But I get what you saying. 



King Darius VII a true friend. He hella nice to Earn. 



Rene & Angela is playing in Uncle Willy house while he arguing with his woman. That’s a true O.G crib. Very accurate. If you ever been present in those type of atmospheres in your uncle’s crib it’s either Bootsy Collins, Parliament, or Rene & Angela playing while your Aunt or his girlfriend screaming at him that he ain’t shit. 



My nigga Uncle Willy got Lake Placid in his crib. The Crocodile Dundee of the trap. 



Aye can we name the alligator “Leatherhead” like the alligator on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Real niggas know wassup. 



“I don’t believe in time as a concept so I’ll say we’ve always met.” - King Darius VII …….. can somebody give this genius a Shakespeare hat and a handlebar mustache. The gem count is up to 2 at this point. 



I never seen a Uncle respect the police. Ever. That’s why I love my uncles. Uncle Willy acting like a true uncle. 



“This nigga has a full grown alligator shit looks like a Azealia Banks Snapchat.” - King Darius VII …… Gem count now at 3. 



Earn straight talked to his Uncle like he was a hoe nigga. If I talked to any of my Uncles like that they would’ve pistol whipped me, told me they loved me, gave me some ice, some Henny and gave me the $20 they owed my momma to take back to her. 



“The vibe is feeling more like jail” ……. Gem count now at 4. My nigga Darius a modern day sage and savant. 



My nigga Uncle Willy gave Earn a Golden Gun like Francisco Scaramanga is outside. My nigga got the 007 thumper. 



“Get rid of that chip on your shoulder shit. It’s not worth the time.” …… I screamed “TALK TO EM!!!” At my tv like I was a miscellaneous nigga standing on stage behind my battle rapper homie while he was battle rapping against another nigga on URL. Uncle Willy hit Earn with a DON DEMARCO!!!



Uncle Willie booked on they ass. His Uncle-ness has reached Streets Of Rage Final Stage levels. 



Aye can we get a playlist and name it “Uncle Willy Crib” All the music played at Uncle Willy crib deserve the finest joints full of gas, black queen, and the finest Courvoisier. Rene And Angela, Jefferey Osbourne, The Delfonics. All was missing was some Isley’s and Al Green and a shorty getting pregnant. 



Earn pride and timidness kinda fucking him up but shit it might work in his favor…… until then he probably gonna have to sleep under a bridge. 



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