There’s about 7532 Dolls who rap in the industry. She the only Black Doll I’ve seen so I’m rooting for the one that's black. *Issa Rae Voice* One of my favorite rappers. 



I’ve been waiting on a tape since I seen that ass in them Moschino drawls in that “For Everybody” video, that’s when I declared I’d throw my entire body over a puddle for her if she needed me to so she can walk over it and her Louboutin heels won’t touch filth.



The Intro on “Brat Mail” was like a Presidential State Of Address to all broke bitches. The President has spoken. #DollMyPresident 



Can’t wait to see women twerking in a circle to “Dancin” and happily ignoring my existence in the club. Might shed a single Denzel "Glory" tear. 



When I listen to “I Want” I can just see a nigga texting Kash Doll from his couch after seeing her out in her Instagram story and the text would say “I see you having you lil fun. Have a nice life” and she responds rapping her verse. Nigga should’ve been happy as a stay at home side nigga. 



50K can’t get President Doll out her pajamas. How bout I throw in some bundles and some Coney Island with the 50K? Deal? 



I wish “Fastest Route” was longer and featured Rick Ross. That beat sound like prime MMG 2012 shit. Kash floated on that shit. 



I gave all the women in my contacts the side eye when I heard Kash on “Rich Talk” All of you are underachieving for my attention and I need all of you to start a gofundme for me to get a foreign so I can at least get a “Hi” from Kash Doll. I’m Serious like the song after that. 



I fuck with Kash Doll because her confidence on another planet. It don’t come off as cocky either. Some artist try to fake that confidence but you can see right through it. You can tell they don’t believe they that nigga or that bitch and then it carries over to the music and the music be hella sub par. Not with Kash Doll. The confidence makes her music even harder. 



This nigga proposed in a blueberry Burberry shirt in this “Serious” video below. Now if he came with the vintage brown “Baby Daddy at the Baby Shower” Burberry shirt he might’ve gotten somewhere. Listen to Brat Mail though. Solid project.