Big Boss Jake doesn’t follow orders Reg. This is a defining moment in the evolution of his savagery. He was drawn to the smoke like Jesus is drawn to miracles and baptisms. 



Why can’t everyone have a friend like Papa? He prays for his friends. Gives them honesty, joans on niggas and he’s their biggest fan. 



Boy.. Reg bout to beat that teacher ass like that teacher at the beginning of the movie “Lean On Me” if he try to talk to him about Big Boss Jake. 



We waited 10 episodes to see that Jason looks like pancake batter colored Chris Bosh. 



Don Cheadle Trap nigga a bitch ass dude. A real nigga would’ve took a walk with Jason and gotten to know him. That's what real bosses do and why the fuck he making a gun deal in he fucking alley? The bitch ass cop should be smarter than that too. All these weirdos stupid. 



Q made Reg kill Trice and let Big Boss Jake see the body. A passing of the torch has taken place ladies and gentlemen. All there is left is unfortunately one thing for Big Boss Jake.



I don’t see how Ronnie would get a better sentence by Kevin testifying what he saw. Kevin might fuck around and get a attempted murder charge off this shit cause you know police bitch asses never playing fair.  



The trust between Brandon and Jerrika is broken. That shit gone take a while to get back. He better keep Sarah on deck. He gone need her. Jerrika gotta work bae bruh. He gone be reminding her about the back shots he gave her when she’s heating up her lunch that Brandon probably cooked for her in the microwave in the work lounge. Every real nigga knows about microwave talk in the workplace. I’ve been a work bae before. The microwave is where the seeds are planted and the inside jokes about what happened between the both of you outside of work take place my pals. 



Damn Emmett baby momma getting eye jammies from that R&B thug looking ass nigga. Hella foul. Can’t let no nigga that look like he can be an extra in a Jaheim video in 2003 get away with some fuck shit like that. If Emmett don’t chop this nigga in the throat he might as well be a deadbeat dad. 



Awww ain’t that sweet. The two cops wanna kill each other. Good. We don’t give a fuck bout you. 



Kinda glad Brandon stopped the cycle by not killing Ronnie. I think his momma was proud too. That shit not in him and that’s something to be proud of. 



“All our people are businessmen. Their loyalty is based on that.” - Michael Corleone (The Godfather 2) …… When that big swole Def Jam Vendetta character looking nigga with the braids sided with Reg after Reg implied he killed Don Cheadle Trap nigga that Godfather 2 quote popped up in my head immediately. Please watch Godfather 2 to understand what I’m talking bout. Real niggas know what I’m speaking on. Dude just cared about his money and moved on bout his business. Niggas only loyal to wherever the check at. 



Papa Milly Rock is reserved for the Gods and Big Boss Jake coming to the play is signs of him wanting to be a kid and torn between that and being the future Big Boss Angry Trap Nigga. He told Kevin “Fuck you” with no hesitation. He’s almost fully in the dark side and having no patience for people who love you and who are in your corner is where it starts. All there’s left is for him to do a mission and serve xans. 



I’m nervous about this party for some reason. Nothing better happen to these kids bruh. Especially my lil homie Papa. I’ll pull down my curtains and destroy the whole house like that angry white woman gif on twitter if they do some shit like that. I’m not playing. 



How in the fuck can anyone be beaten and hurt with a plunger? One I would shake the nonsense out of that girl for bringing something as nasty and trifling as a plunger near me. Two, this is why I wore condoms through my 5 year hoe phase (I’m now retired). Cant get trapped with birds like that. Emmett better than me. I would’ve stumped that nigga. I’m talking “Don’t be a menace” stomped that nigga. 



Ronnie alcoholic ass already getting punked but I know the Muslim dude gone look out for him. Put the word out in the prison for him. 



I told y’all that cop killed Jason. Sad as fuck the way he choked him out. That’s a more painful death than being shot. 



Damn Q the creep Michael Myers’d that cop neck. Good. Fuck him. Gotta hand it to that creep. He been handling business all season. Killing a cop is serious business though. They gone be on his ass for that. He better go back to Cuba asap and lay low again. 



Brandon momma not selling the crib means a lot for his business since that money not coming in no more. He’s in a weird position and we’ll see if Greavy really down for Brandon momma now that she not selling the crib. 



Look…. Tracy is my Ms.Parker. Every time she on the screen I play “You got me wide open” by Bootsy Collins in my head. Anyway. Glad she got some type of closure for Jason death. If only she knew how many lives were changed because of her son death. It’s crazy. 



Emmett got a better chance climbing Mount Everest in his drawls before he gets custody of his son and it’s sad but it’s the reality. Prepare to deal with years of dumb shit. Better collect all the receipts. Save all the texts, emails, whatever. Take pictures with his son every day he has him He gone need em and even then in court it still probably won’t be enough. 



Cops always ruining our lives. Leave lil Kevin alone. You got your guy. Case closed. This is how families get ruined. 



Reg funding/financing Brandon business is smart cause he’ll have something legitimate to cover his illegal shit but that nigga a hothead and he’s gonna fuck it up instead of flipping the business. He a greedy nigga so he won’t see the bigger picture like having more trucks and possibly actual restaurants on land. Brandon just gotta play it smart. Reg fuck around and start driving the truck around the hood on some Big Worm shit. 



Of course we end the season with Papa getting chose. OF COURSE! THE KING STAY THE KING!


Good season. Ended solid and opened up more storylines for the next season. Salute to Lena, Common, everybody who played a part big or small on the show. One of my favorites this year. Dope.