There are a lot of shows I watch and love to watch that deep down I know are garbage. These shows are like an abusive relationship. We know we should leave but we don't. 

Here are some shows I watch despite them being awful. 






One of my favorite cartoons ever but I gotta keep it a buck. The show kinda sucks. Raymundo is cool. He’s always high off tree and he owns his own business but he don’t be doing shit so I wonder how the fuck does he even have a business. Tito be chilling high as fuck too and he be dropping gems. He the best character. Otto is a narcissist. They use slang Marky Mark and Aaron Carter would use. There’s literally no women in the show except for Reggie. They all bully each other even though they’re supposed to be friends. This show all types of fucked up when you break it down but for some reason it’s my shit. I’ll watch hours upon hours of Rocket Power. 






C’mon we were only there for Topanga. And we stayed as Topanga’s titties grew. Again I love the fuck outta this show. I watched it every Friday night but it was an average show. First. Mr.Feeny was a fucking creep. He followed these kids to every school they ever went to. No one found that weird as fuck? He literally stalked these kids. Then as each season progresses Shawn Hunter became a more annoying cry baby asshole. Boo hoo nobody wants me, I’m gonna run away, I’m gonna join a cult, I fell in love with a purse and cried like a bitch over it. HE FELL IN LOVE WITH A FUCKING PURSE! NOT A HUMAN BUT A PURSE! Shawn became an emotional whiny bitch every other episode. Meanwhile Cory tries to continuously save Shawn from his bullshit while everyone tries to ruin his relationship with Topanga. Especially Angela. She was one unhappy hating ass hoe now that I look back on it. Eric Matthews went from the prototypical 90’s cool white guy to this annoying super unintelligent awful comedy relief. It was so forced. Once they went to college shit really got trash. College transitions means the show is finished it's over. End it. Every show that has tried to transition to college has been trash except A Different World but they started a whole new show and all new characters. Boy Meets World is trash but I love it. 






I’m taking all fades if niggas mad. I don’t care. I really love this show with all my heart. I’ve been watching since 1996 but it’s seriously one of the worse anime shows ever. Now the Saiyan Saga, Namek Saga, and Android saga all have great plots so all they have to do is execute them but they ruin the potential storylines with no character development. How in the fuck could a character like Goku with all the wars he’s been through not show not one spec of growth? How is that possible? He shows no bond with his family. He doesn’t go through adversity. I seriously believe the writers go into a room and come up with a plan on how they can make Goku a more unlikeable stagnant dickhead. The only charactes that evolved and only characters that shows growth is Vegeta and Piccolo and the writers treat Vegeta like shit. He was a whole bitch all of Dragonball Super. I can seriously name 20 anime that are better than Dragonball Z. Dragonball Z is just such a staple in history and that’s why we give it passes……..But guess what? WE ALL STILL WATCHING THAT SHIT!






This bitch turned into a puddle bruh. A puddle. That was one of her powers. Garbage, And her best friend had a dried S-curl in his head but I always watched this shit on Snick on Saturday nights. It’s a favorite for a lot of people my age and I don’t know why. 






Looking back on it. I only watched this show because I would smash all of the daughters on there. But this shit was basically the Brady Bunch of my generation with one gender swap and instead of Alice the maid they had Cody the bum who lived in a van on their property and talked like Otto from The Simpsons. He literally served no purpose to the show at all. Nobody could act for shit. I literally watched this because it was apart of the T.G.I.F lineup. I was like “Fuck it. I’m already here.” 






Seriously. This is the worse popular sitcom of all time. Every character sucks. All of them. I would punch all of them in the face if they were real. Plus the wardrobe of this show is so fucking awful. Zack Morris, He does cool shit here and there but every episode was just plagued with his bullshit and his stupid plans that always worked out in the end. Jessie was a cunt and unappreciative jerk. I liked her better as an annoying flat booty stripper in “Showgirls.” A.C Slater was a jealous weirdo on steroids. Lisa was a narcissist and just a fucking horrible human being. Kelly just fine as fuck. I can’t remember one thing of significance Kelly ever spoke on that show I just prayed she’d wear a bikini. Screech was supposed to be the comedy relief but he looked like he was Marv from Home Alone’s bastard son and he has the voice of nails on a chalkboard. I never laughed at that guy one time and they would play the audience laugh track every fucking second like OH MY GOD THIS SHIT IS NOT FUNNY! And of course the Principal hung with these kids. These principals in these sitcoms in the 90’s were some perverts. My parents would beat my ass if I hung out with my principal. Why are you having milkshakes with your principal? These kids are some fucking dweebs. This show is traaaaaaaash and I watched it like it wasn’t. 






Bruh. This nerd Urkel caused over a million dollars in damage. Literally a million dollars of damage with no consequence or compensation for it. He cloned humans and created teleportation but wasn’t rich and went to school with normal kids. Waldo had the I.Q of a dead possum and pulled Maxine. Laura Winslow was overrated and low-key a virgin hoe. She dated damn near the whole school. Judy disappeared like a deadbeat father and no one cared. Myra got treated like her titties weren’t filet mignon. No nerd is choosing Laura over Myra. Let’s just cut the shit. Rachel had her own business but refused to get a house of her own so her child can have his own room. Eddie had the swag of a Payless shoe. Every outfit Harriet Winslow wore was atrocious. This is one of the worse shows ever but I’m watching this shit on Hulu right now.


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