When that guy or girl doesn’t contact you. They ghosted you. They don’t like you. Only wants to be fuck buddy’s but you want more. Whatever. Who gives a fuck. Choose yourself. Eat some fire food. Navigate Xvideos. You’ll be aight. 



Anytime tacos or margaritas are involved. Choose yourself. If I want both, I will cancel any plans I committed to. I don’t care. Cancel plans if you don't wanna go to shit. Send out a text or call and say "aye I'm staying in." Don't need a reason. You don't owe nobody shit. You chose yourself. End of story. 



You’re in control. You can rig the game. If shit not going in your favor just choose yourself. You’ll have to sacrifice something but whats more important? Fear of being uncomfortable or your sanity? 



When making a huge decision and you’re not sure what decision to make. Whatever decision that seems the most selfish. Choose that shit. Fuck it. 



When you thinking too much…. Choose yourself.



If you chose yourself and people will feel like they’re entitled to an apology after you chose yourself then you made the right decision. 



If you feel choosing yourself is selfish. GOOD! Selfish is good! Some people think it’s selfish because they can’t benefit off your light. So when you really think about it they're the selfish bitches. Not you. 



Is there a chance of vulnerability? Choose yourself.



Choose yourself or somebody gone choose some shit outside of yourself and you gone be salty as fuck. You don’t wanna be the rim of a margarita glass.



If you feel good advice is not given to you then that means you were right to begin with and you should’ve chose your own advice to begin with. 



Choose yourself when you’re single. You don’t have to answer to nobody. Do what the fuck you wanna do. 



Choose yourself when you’re in a relationship. To me that’s what keeps a relationship healthy. It sounds like that doesn’t make sense but when you think about it, it makes sense. Everything can’t be bout us. You gotta have some individuality.  



Choosing yourself you can learn new shit about yourself. You can discover new shit you never thought you were into like ballet and other shit niggas would think you’re weird for being interested in. Fuck em. They’re not important. It’s all about you. 



When you choose yourself...Hug yourself. I hug myself all the time. Not only because I love myself but I always smell good. 



Nobody going to save you…… For real though. Nobody. 



Some people are afraid to choose themselves because of what other people think as if they need their approval. You need no approval of knowing what you’re worth or to do whats right for you. 



Watch Parks & Recreation Treat Yo Self episode. It’s the gangsta manual of choosing yourself. I can’t wait to do a “Treat Yo Self” day with my future wife. 



Funny how when you choose yourself people wanna choose you…. think about that. 



If you wanna expose a toxic relationship of any kind. Whether it’s with family, friends, significant other. Choose yourself. 


I CHOO-CHOO CHOOSE ME......I always wanted to say that. Word to Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons.