I was high. I had a burrito in my hoodie. All signs are pointing to "A Quiet Place" being that deal. 

When I saw the preview for this movie immediately I knew I was going to go see this film. The plot was different and interesting so it had me from jump. The horror genre has been pretty decent the past year with Get Out and IT being good films. A Quiet Place in my opinion kept that pace going as one of the best horror movies to date. 

First and importantly, I ordered fries to go with the burrito I snuck in like 007 but the fries were trash. I was distraught and the previews sucked so I went from distraught to melancholy. The night was shaping up to be an awful one but luckily the movie saved the night. 

The movie is about the Abbott family who seems to be the only survivors in their town due to an invasion of monsters that are blind and hunt by sound. Basically the monsters are big ass bats that can't fly. The Abbott family survives because they know sign language due to their eldest child being deaf. We don't really know how many of these things exist overall but we do know there are 3 monsters in the town The Abbotts live. 

The movie starts off in Walgreens with the family barefoot n shit because regardless of apocalypse or not white folks love walking barefoot. The parents are looking for medicine for the eldest son. We see them communicate effectively using sign language and how careful they are when they walk around the store. At this point in life I would just get high off every pill because "fuck it" life is over. 

The youngest son is continuously fucking up by doing anything and everything to make noise in the store. He knocked something off the shelf by climbing on it and luckily his sister had the hands of Randy Moss and caught it before it hit the ground and made noise. He then finds a toy rocket and the father immediately takes it from him and tells him that it's too loud. The sister gives the rocket back to her brother without her father knowing and the kid takes the batteries from the store also. 

So what happens after that? This little boy puts the batteries in the rocket and turns it on and it makes a series of loud noises. The dad sees the creature coming so basically it's a foot race between them. The dad got smoked and the creature ate that little boy like BBQ chicken. At that point I didn't feel sorry for the kid. He had 3 strikes in the first 10 minutes of this movie. He was asking to get fucked up. His dad told him to leave it there and he didn't listen. This moment set a great tone for the film immediately. 


If you have bad anxiety like me this movie will have you on the edge of your seat the whole duration. The whole time you are walking on eggshells and rooting for this family to survive. I liked how immediately I was rooting for the family to get out of the situation they're in. The moment their youngest son was mauled with the force of 8 grizzly bears I was terrified at what the family was up against. It brings you closer to the family. 

The funny part about this movie is all the sounds you hear in the movie theater. There's no sound for the majority of the film so you hear everything in the theater. My stomach growled hella loud. I'm hearing all types of fucked up breathing. People eating their food and trying to eat it quietly because there's no dialogue in the movie. I was sipping my slurpee normally. I just didn't care. Slurpee's too good to try and sip them quietly. It was the most awkward funny shit ever. 


As far as the characters go. Everyone did a great job. The daughter was a brat but she redeems herself down the line. The son is okay. The parents are outstanding. I just have one gripe about them. What the fuck were they thinking by having another child in a world where you can make noise or you will die? I kinda understand with the death of their youngest son would motivate them to do so but the last thing I would be thinking about in a time like that is fucking raw. Plus you can't make noise. What good is sex if there's no noise? 

The creatures are blind demogorgons from "Stranger Things." Their ultra hearing was really fascinating I like the shots of inside their sensitive ears. We know very little about them. We only know the information Lee (The Father) has in his basement on a dry erase board and newspaper clippings. We have no clue of their origin or how they got there. You do find out their weaknesses is high frequency sounds which is very clever writing. 

You had moments that were really frightening and both of them dealt with the wife being in danger. The moment she stepped on the nail and made noise and lured the creature to the basement while she was having contractions was the most stressful shit to sit through. I can't imagine a woman having contractions and not being able to make noise. Then you had the scene with the wife and her newborn child floating on water in the basement and the creature being down there with them and as a spectator you're just praying that the newborn baby does not make a sound in that moment.  My nerves were super bad during those scenes. 

Without a doubt the saddest moment was the father's sacrifice for his kids. I really wanted him to at least fuck up the creature before he sacrificed his life but he didn't. Clearly someone was cutting onions in the theater when he told his daughter that he loved her and always have in sign language despite her blaming herself for her youngest brother's death. That scene hurt and the fucked up part about it is the family has no time to process it because they are fighting for their lives.

I was satisfied with the ending of the film and the power shift back towards humanity because now they know how to fight back. I didn't expect it to end abruptly like that but I wasn't mad at it. I really don't feel there should be a sequel to it but I'm sure after the box office numbers that's the route they're gonna go. 

Creepy. Terrifying. Fun. 4/5 fruit snacks.