Nobody gives a fuck when you go live. No one. People don’t even care about music artist going live. Nigga shut the fuck up and drop the album or the tape. 



I just want superficial people to just say "I want attention"  just once. Instead of disguising it as if what they do matters. 



Peep all the comments from these people on her Instagram live

  1. Shagmoolah put “Drop that pin Ma.” …… That nigga still saying “Ma” in 2018. His breath probably smell like original fritos. 
  2. directedbyernie put “I mentioned you in my new song” ...... he the nigga that goes to SXSW and try to act like he doing some heavy networking there. Nigga it's free. 
  3. officialmarcusmiles put “Look at your dm I sent you something” …. dude sent a dick pic or “Wyd” like a bitch nigga.
  4. iehagy put “u swirl or nah?”……. this sounds like some shit Jason Derulo would say. 
  5. holli_toast put “girl you need a youtube channel” …… nigga no. There’s enough of these weirdos on youtube already. 


Fake Instagram model Candice has on a Ike Turner "eat the cake annie mae" jumpsuit on 



What are we staying tuned for? Why do humans who make less than 7 figures say shit like that on social media? Are you gonna be eating 3 tacos in 45 seconds? Are you beating Super Mario 3 in 5 minutes? No. They want us to stay tuned into their shit to watch them lip synch rap songs



Getting escorted through the club does make you look like groupies. So her logic is flawed. 



Someone break the news to Tour barber DJ that Candice is gonna get pregnant by Lance Stevenson of the Indiana Pacers and in the future so he needs to smash as much as possible until that happens. DJ won’t need to be sad about it. Candice will get cheated on and will start a failing Instagram boutique. Nothing to see here folks. 



Earn got a goddess with babyhairs playing in his hair and Van is crushed. Her heart has dropped to her ankles. That’s what Van gets for being Forrest Gump on the ping pong table. 



The Ford focus has been the hoe shuttle for 12 years now. 



Bruh take that pizza to Michaelangelo like you supposed to. No one wants your mixtape.



Crying girl is just so happy. I don't think I'll ever cry if I met someone famous. 



The driver acting like that nigga in Home alone 2 in the taxi. “Aint much better in here kid” ass nigga. 



Please proceed with your Ethiopian passport to the photo booth. Yeah that sounds that about right. That sounds like a Drake party. 



This hoe pulled out her cable bill talking bout "Drake invited me…..thats his signature.” The fucked up part that shit be happening in real life. Don't ever get famous. 



That whole mansion smelled like flat tummy tea and styrofoam. Jesus take the wheel. 



In parties like that you gotta talk to the girl who’s the mom of the gang.. meaning the one who’s either sitting down while her friends are shaking their asses and being extra, or the one who is eating, or the one that is joining on every groupie in there. She’s a wife. 



Nadine high as fuck……... aye whats Nadine twitter? For lurking and DM purposes.



Van hurt as fuck about Earn. Thus proving my point. Women don't ever know what the fuck they want. 



Gummy edibles not that potent. Seriously. I don’t know what that nigga DJ gave them. 



Nadine gone get everybody locked up except the Becky. Police like Becky's.  



Why Van talking to a nigga that looks like Candyman’s son? 



This nigga Brandon weird and creepy. Get this Johnny Gill looking nigga the fuck outta here.



Van all up in this nigga closet wearing this nigga clothes. There’s always somebody doing that kinda shit at house parties and that’s why I don’t have em. 



"Have you heard of Bostroms simulation argument?” King Darius VII is a genius and saves the episode. As usual. 



Aye when Nadine said “Can you help me stop thinking?”…… my dick jumped. 



That bird Candice left for T-Pain NYE party…..actually that’s smart. I’d love to hear “Buy U A Drank” to bring in the New Year. 



Poor Becky…… she just wanna do the shoot dance off beat and fuck up work potlucks. She don’t want no smoke. 



"I don’t have time for no community theater ass nigga for 8 years” translation of what that black queen said is “I don’t have time or money to date potential.” 



When she said "Bitch I love him too!” I felt that. That Tyler Perry acting ass nigga should’ve hit Katie with the Dave Chappelle stiff arm and took that black queen home. 



This nigga apologized to her for having a white girlfriend lmaooooooo 



Drake not here……. duh mufucka. 



These weirdos taking pictures with drake cardboard cutouts. All these hoes have the dignity of a dung beetle. 



Darius laying poolside talking real shit to Nadine while they both high as fuck is real goals. Man. Imagine doing that on a beach with someone you’re into too. 



Can Darius and Nadine be together….. Please.