Fuck a intro. 






So it’s an anime about a pre-apocalyptic world that has creatures called “Angels” that appear and wants to destroy all of humanity and a organization called “NERV” fights the Angels with giant robots called Evangelion’s that can only be piloted by whiny and or mute children who don’t known what the fuck they’re doing but are trusted to prevent some end of days shit called “The 3rd Impact” Oh can’t forget you have the weird illuminati in the anime who wants to create this new form of evolution. 


Understand the story? Okay. 


It stinks. It stinks. It stinks. 


The main character is trash. One of the worse I’ve ever seen. Shinji shifts NOTHING in this anime. He has no impact on shit at all. If you wanna watch this shit show to see for yourself prepare yourself of 26 episodes of a 14 year old acting like a pussy with no hair on it for all 26 episodes and has ZERO development. Can’t forget about his bitch ass father too. Every character is mentally fucked which would make for a good show usually but on this show it doesn’t. The overall story had potential. Actually it’s a good story but the dialogue and the characters didn’t do shit with it. It has religious symbolism in it that makes for good conversation but when the characters suck and make you fall asleep every time they speak it’s hard to talk about. I think the symbolism was just there to be there. 


I kept hearing it was the greatest anime of all time so that’s what got my interest to watch it. This anime is so fucking overrated that after I finished I wanted to write a yelp review to complain about it’s service. I was just gonna pick a restaurant and just write about Neon Genesis Evangelion and how it stinks and how it has wasted my time. I could’ve watched Code Geass instead. I’d buy it on blu-ray just to have it in my collection cause it is a staple in anime but I’d probably never watch it again. 






This show fucking sucks. Pick one. The original or Shipudden. I don’t give a fuck they’re both overrated. It’s one of the most annoying anime ever and it’s not only because of the filler. This show has so much filler because the story fucking lacks as it progresses. What pisses me off about this show is that Naruto is presented to you as this underdog who has it so much harder than his peers and he will have to scratch and claw his way to being a great ninja but in reality it’s the biggest crock of shit ever. First his dad was a hokage and his bloodline is rare as fuck and he has the Nine Tails Fox inside of his body. He’s actually the most privileged kid/teen ninja. Naruto is a child of fucking prophecy. He learned a legendary jitsu in a fucking day. GTFOH! He just got made fun of. Wow! Big fucking deal kid. Rock Lee is a underdog. He’s an underdog because of his inability to use Ninjitsu and Genjitsu in a world where all his enemies and rivals can. The anime should be about Rock Lee. Not Naruto and all you motherfuckers know it deep down in your souls. Rock Lee is actually my favorite character because he has a cool haircut like Curly from Hey Arnold and he reminds me of a Street Fighter Character. 


The fights are decent and there are some other good characters and villains. But the stories are worn down but unnecessary flashbacks and filler. I swear I’ve watch the same flashbacks at least 11 times. WE GET IT! ENOUGH! The story on Shipudden is good but in the end it’s just empty. You don’t really take away anything from it except that Sasuke is a emo cunt. Sakura is useless and she’s only there to say Sasuke’s name and nothing more. It’s in that Dragonball Z category of being a anime that were a lot of people’s introduction to anime so they will always have connection to it and never tell the truth about it. It’s super overrated. 





Hate to do this because just how Naruto introduced a lot of people to anime. Gundam Wing did that for me. All I knew was DBZ in 1995. Gundam Wing was the next anime I was all in on. 


First. Relena Peacecraft is the most useless anime character in history. 


Second. Watching it as an adult on my Crunchyroll account. It has an interesting story and the characters are interesting once the series starts but after a few episodes the character development just nosedive off a cliff like The O’Doyles in the Billy Madison movie. After that the characters become uninteresting. Duo Maxwell is the only good character. Heero is the most popular because he looks the coolest and he’s badass but he’s bland as fuck. Chang WuFei is kind of like Heero but way more emotional and judges everyone by their strength. He literally has no connection with the other pilots. Literally you can take Wufei off the show and no one would notice due to his lack of dialogue. Trowa is just weird as fuck and doesn’t talk much just like Heero. Quatre is a pretty good character and seems to be Heero’s favorite out of the pilots. Yeah so Quatre and Duo were the only pilots with personality. Treze and Zach’s were cool too. 


This anime has some of the worse pacing ever and the story is just all over the place. The politics in the story are great. It’s a really cool story but the characters and the pacing didn’t help it reach it’s true potential. It’s still one of my favorite anime but it’s very overrated. There are better Gundam series than Wing. 






We all know it. What can I say that hasn’t been said? If they actually stopped being lazy as fuck and stop giving us 9584 villains that look like Goku and bringing back Frieza this show could not only be legendary in it’s impact but legendary story wise. The characters alone have potential to be amazing. They could really make a great show with the kids if they develop them right but they won’t and it will be the Goku shit show like it’s been for the last 2 decades. 


Dragonball (The Original) is the best. I know people don’t care to watch it but Dragonball has a better story, better pacing, and the characters have motives. It’s very underrated and better than Z and Super. Plus I like it’s animation better. I’m a 80’s baby so yeah. 


Now Goku is pointless. He literally serves no purpose at all. I’ve given up on Vegeta he’s basically being wasted. Gohan’s a lost cause. All the other characters aren’t worth mentioning. I did like Jiren and what he brought to the table. The Goku Black saga was actually decent but guess what fucked it up? The villain had goku’s face. If they would’ve just had Zamasu stay himself it would’ve been cool. Black was dope but damn c’mon I’m tired of seeing Goku’s face. 


I don’t know where they’re going now but I bet it’ll be more lazy ass writing and Goku surpassing something else that’s deemed impossible.  






Actually one of my favorite anime EVER. It just gets overrated after The Summit War. 


Water 7, Ennies Lobby, and The Summit War Arc’s are some of my favorite arcs in history but after those One Piece just start to get really middle of the road. Even the fights have taken a step back. It’s starting to inherit Dragonball Z character issue where the development has just stopped. Luffy does not change. He only shows emotion while fighting when the stakes are high. We see no other form of emotion from him. ZERO. The only time you see characters develop is through their back stories. For example Trafalgar Law’s backstory is heart wrenching. Tony-Tony Chopper’s backstory is sad. Sanji’s backstory is sad. But they don’t carry over to the present. 


The anime might get better since The Straw Hats are in a spot where they’re the weakest and it makes you wonder how are they going to win anything. Some people prefer to read One Piece than watch it and I understand. 



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