Some people don't listen to my podcast and what we discussed on our podcast was focusing. So for the people who don't listen I took what I said on the podcast and put it in blog post form. 


Focusing is hard as fuck. People think I’m super focused but I’m not. I break my commitments to myself. I continuously relapse on things I promised myself I was gonna quit. Yes I work hard but what people have to understand is that each level you wanna go up to requires harder and harder discipline. If you wanna get to the next level of everything you gotta turn it up each time. 


This is what I should be doing. I should be waking up early 6am at the latest. I should be working out at LEAST 4 times a week. I should be cooking every day of the week. I should be planning out my whole week hour by hour on Sunday. I should be answering emails on time. I need to stop getting drunk because liquor is there. I go places with no intentions of drinking and I end up drunk because I think “Fuck it, it’s here so I might a well drink it.” Of course I don’t do all of those things. The waking up early thing I’ve gotten into a groove of. Eating well not so much. I’m always eating chips, fruit snacks, and pizza. All the time. It’s the saddest shit ever. And I’m addicted to eating bad shit. Lately I’ve been better. I already don’t eat no meat besides fish. I have vegan meat in the crib. I’ll have a fridge full of healthy food and go get some Imos like that shit don’t exist and it’ll stay in there until it goes bad. So not only am I fucking my body up but I’m fucking my money up too by wasting this shit. 


This past week I’ve gotten better. I’ve saved more money by cooking what I have in my house. Every weekend I would blow so much money on takeout and drinking. I did neither this past weekend and it feels pretty mothafucking good. 


I just want you to know that you can focus too. It’s difficult because we’re so used to the habits we’ve formed. It’s hard to eat right when you’ve been eating unhealthy your whole life and no one really told you that it’s wrong. I think all our parents just fed us whatever so we could shut the fuck up. 


Bottom line is…..


You gotta change. There’s no warmup to change. Your brain is stalling and trying to prevent you from being uncomfortable. You’re gonna be uncomfortable on your way to what you want and there’s nothing you can do about that unless you were born into money. Our brains are built to protect us from being uncomfortable so we have to train our brains not to when it comes to pursuing the life we want. You don’t have to feel ready to change. If you have to feel ready to change then you wont ever change because your brain will convince you that you’re okay how you are and you don’t need to. Your brain has convinced you that you don’t deserve a change for the good. You’re abusing yourself. You won’t say that out loud because you’ll refute it instantly because it sounds silly to think you don’t deserve a better life and happiness but guess who’s in control. YOU ARE. Who can say yes or no? YOU CAN! No one is forcing you to do what you do or live how you live. You’ll say “Hell yeah I deserve that summer body. Hell yeah I deserve that Rolex. Hell yeah I deserve to do whatever I wanna do but your actions don’t match and why don’t your actions match? It’s because your brain has convinced you that you don’t deserve it. 



Your brain makes up excuses of why you shouldn’t do what’s right for you. You wanna make $80,000 a year and you know what it takes to get it. So the million dollar question is why don’t you do it? It’s because Your brain tricks you into thinking you don’t need it and it’s okay that you don’t have it. Your brain has made the decision that you are okay where you are and you don’t need to grow. You’re content but you’re dying inside. Never forget that you run the show. You! It’s God and You. You have to train your brain to getting used to being uncomfortable so it won’t keep resetting back to cruise control and convincing you to pick up the same bad habits that won’t help you progress. 


“But Benny I need motivation.”


No you don’t and guess what? Motivation not coming. You don’t need to see someone else with a good body to start. You don't need to see quotes from me or self help books to start. You don’t need inspiring tweets to start. Motivation will not save you. Because what happens when you’re not motivated? You’re not going to do anything. Fuck motivation. If Motivation is so great then why isn’t it around when you need it the most? Motivation is a friend only around for the good and never for the bad. I don’t need motivation to write. There’s some days where I don’t feel like writing. I rather play mega man for hours but I write anyway. Motivation didn’t make me write. Habit did. I formed a work habit. Habit has been there for me good and bad. When there’s days I don’t feel like working it’s habit that makes me shut the fuck up and get shit done. Look at it like this. Just because you have a gym membership doesn’t mean you’re gonna lose weight. Just because you have a child doesn’t mean you’re gonna be a good parent. Just because you go to rehab doesn’t mean you’re gonna get sober. You have to work at things consistently and have a system in place because motivation is fleeting and won’t always be there. 


To anyone who reads this, first of all thank you and secondly choose one thing that you’ve been failing at. Something you keep trying to get right but you keep fucking it up. I want you to make it your business to progress at that thing you’re having trouble with. For me it was eating better and not buying fast food so I started to cook on Tuesday and I didn’t have any sugar that day so that was progress. I’ve continued that all the way to today(Monday). I want you to choose something to progress at. If you wanna read more I want you to read for a solid 30 minutes and keep doing that everyday. Form that habit because that 30 minutes is gonna turn into a hour a day over time. It’s like training a body that’s not used to running how to run. A person may not come out running a mile today. Start out with a light jog and do it everyday. As time goes on your running distance will be better and your stamina will be better. Just progress daily. 


I just want you to focus.... and win.