I wonder what the symbolism of Paperboi’s momma cleaning up his house and telling him she didn’t raise him like the way he’s acting. I look at it as she’s disappointed that he’s not living up to his full potential. 



King Darius VII over the stove like a prime Pusha-T Re-Up Gang verse. My nigga had an epiphany on how to make Emilio’s Ballato Pasta.



This nigga really put his foot in the pasta. 



Aye man. Paperboi is Peewee Longway cousin. 



When Paperboi told Sierra “I could’ve thought you was another stuck up hoe with too many stretch marks” she took that fatality like a champ. She used to strip so I know she’s heard worse. 



Sierra right about him changing but she wrong at the same time. He gotta change in terms of how he moves but his clothes and all that shit don’t mean anything. She trying to get this nigga to dress up like Russell Westbrook so bad.



Sierra basically every woman we see in DJ Smallz interviews. 



Isn’t ironic that if you pay for a girl to get her nails done she’s not really your girl. I truly believe that shit. Ask me why when you see me. I'll explain. 



Yeah niggas do act like getting your feet done is bad. I’ve only had it done once and it felt good but my feet still looked like the ugly girl when the club lights came on after it was done. 



I guess the criteria for being Instagram famous is just club hosting, shitty photo shoots, and having fans. They don’t really even be fans they just know who you are. Wish those women famous off instagram would invest their money so I don’t have to make fun of them. I actually want them to prove me wrong. 



She basically giving this nigga Paperboi a lesson on “image and perception.” Attaching to each other’s brands sounds good in theory but what happens when the people find out what you have is fake or when you break up? You better off making a video of both of you getting a pedicure and manicure and making a vlog out of it for fun. People seeing a trap nigga getting his feet done would be fascinating to some people. That would get you more fans than some fake relationship would. 



She really snuck of picture of Paperboi like he was a sleeping married NFL player. 



Paperboi right he needs to be himself but he needs to have some type of order with his career. Either do interviews, make focused music, or go heavy on the social media. He does none of that shit he just chill which is kinda bad. He’s lazy. 



“I can walk ho” should be the name of a broadway play. 



Call me crazy but I think if he actually interacted with those lil niggas they wouldn’t have robbed him. I could be wrong but I think if he was cool and not so irritable like he always is they would’ve gave him a pass. I’ve seen some niggas get passes for just being cool. Then again Paperboi has a name and to say you robbed him will give you weight. Nevermind. Wishful thinking. 



This is where Sierra’s words at the boutique come into play. The hood shit comes with this. Even if you respected in the hood. Niggas will try you. It don’t matter if you real or you a bitch. Niggas will try you. But it’s conflicting because Sierra is right but so is Paperboi. Why should Paperboi have to change? He never did shit to nobody but get a buzz off music. The world shrinks for people like him because he don’t know who’s genuine or not. Trying to be regular but having a little fame has consequences. It’s fucked up and sad but it’s real. 



This nigga done been robbed twice though. Nigga keep that show stopper on you. Please. 



I wonder if Paperboi watch will end up on Instagram? You know these new street niggas different. 



Wally in the woods aka lord of Crackheads actually gave Paperboi the greatest gift even more than his fame. He gave him clarity. Paperboi’s time in the woods had this “The Alchemist” feel to it. Wally putting that box cutter to his throat is the most genuine thing that’s happened to Paperboi since being locally famous. He told him to make a decision and when you look back at things. Paperboy hasn’t made a decision on his career or his life. Which takes us back to his mom in his house and him laying on the couch and just watching life pass him by. Earn is a terrible manager and he hasn’t made a decision to keep him, fire him, or get on his ass about him being better. We still don’t know what he truly desires. We don’t know how deep his love is for music. We don’t know what he truly wants besides money. He hates being Paperboi and the shit that comes with it. He hates fans. He hates interviews. He’s a miserable guy but yet he does things to keep himself famous. He has to make a decision on what he truly wants. Just like the lesson in “The Alchemist” which is if you truly desire something and make a decision to act upon it the universe help you realize that dream. What does Paperboi desire? 



Paperboi taking that photo with that white boy and interacting with him means he’s made a decision. 


Favorite Episode out of the whole series.