I’m not a fan of Cardi B music. When I say “I’m not a fan” that means I don’t listen to that person or group consistently. For example I listen to Dj Quik, Led Zeppelin, Nipsey Hussle, Jay-Z, Jodeci, and Dom Kennedy a lot so that’s consistency. I’m a fan of their music. Cardi B music is something I’d hear out at a party and vibe to. This shit is for women. Not me. 


With all that said….. I am all for music that brings out every woman’s inner hoe. As a man how can you dislike music that makes women shake they ass? How? A lot of you niggas weirdos. 



I just wanna say this shit better than Eminem album and I know this without even listening to it yet. Let's begin, 



“Get Up 10” is just a copy of Meek Mill’s Dreams & Nightmares Intro but from a woman’s point of view. Some people will shame Cardi for it. I don’t really give a fuck. I liked that she explained what circumstances she came from and what obstacles she overcame to get to this point. I’m always interested in hearing people stories through music. Yall weirdos let the rapper "Logic" Accountant major looking ass rap like Kendrick, Drake, and Cole for 5 years straight and copy all day and have the nerve to say he one of the hottest in the game so I don’t wanna hear no complaining about Cardi. 



Takeoff completely OBLITERATED “Drip” ….. Takeoff Tape Immediately please! 



It would be an absolute honor and privilege to let a woman ride my face to “Bickenhead.” On or off beat doesn’t matter. Just let me put my head up the fashion nova dress or Pop that pussy on my face in a bonnet. I need it. Society needs it. 



I have a feeling “Best Life” is gonna be me and my sister favorite song on here. She always saying “I’m living my best life.” I see this song being played in every “wear all white” brunch event full of swole niggas in Black America. 



A lot of letter “R” leg poses with lyrics from this album as captions on Instagram coming soon. 



You a mothafuckin fool if you think I’m not finna salsa dance into your girl cheeks from the byke when I hear “I like it” Bout to have my chest out and showing in a Hawaiian shirt like I’m Razor Ramon cause you know how the fuck we rockin. 



Why wasn’t “I Like It” or “Bickenhead” chosen as singles? Somebody needs to be fired for that shit. 



Why “Ring” sound like the soundtrack to those moments on Love and Hip-Hop where they pretending to cook, fold clothes, or walking through their overpriced condo in slow motion but thinking about why they let Stevie J smash for the 87th time or they waiting on pregnancy test results. In the middle of the song I keep expecting Erica Dixon to come out and say “I am disgusted.”



MoneyBag sounds like Bodak Yellow to me. Might catch me sauced up on whiskey jigging to that. 



I stand corrected. “She Bad” is my favorite track on here. I need to come out of strip club retirement. Cardi and YG need to make a BET Uncut type video to this shit. I’m a grown man and can handle any shorty ass thrown my way but fuck it we bringing back the “Homie Hold me up while she twerk my life away” move for this track only. 



You ever see your shorty come out the shower and say “Dat Ass Dat Ass Dat Ass Dat Ass Dat Ass. If you haven’t …then go cheat. Improve. Evolve. 



I don’t give a fuck about “Niggas ain’t shit” anthems like “Thru Your Phone” I just like the way Cardi says “Boobs.” It’s the funniest word ever said by the funniest accent ever. 



If my girl ever feed me bleach. Just know I’m a look at my nudes in my phone before I pass away. I want a titty to be the the last thing I see before I go. I’m dying a happy man regardless. Jokes on you. 



Listening to “I Do” and all I keep thinking is yes women can do whatever they feel like except be quiet and let me do nothing in peace. You ever have your girl ask you “What you doing today?” And you tell her “Nothing” and she thinks that since you said “Nothing” that means you must be bored and miserable doing nothing and thats a green light for you to stop doing nothing and go do something with her? When in fact it’s the opposite. You actually love doing nothing at the moment and it feels glorious. I don’t know. I’m ranting. Let me shut the fuck up. 



Overall it’s a decent album. A lot of clever lines in it. Production is cool. It’s not all over the place. It’s structured nicely. It’s a solid debut. From the earlier music I’ve heard from Cardi she’s definitely improved. Always loved her as a person. Glad to see her put something cool like this together. 



Now if we can get some more dope women rapping to drop some cool shit without people pitting them against each other shit would get even groovier. I wanna see some women collab albums next. That would be history.