Mean women are selfish sleepers. I like women that don’t give a fuck about me getting sick or my arm getting blood flow in it. 99% of all women are anemic so there’s no point of having air conditioning or a fan you bout to look like Arnold in the Heat episode all summer. If you a man in a relationship you can kiss sleeping comfortable goodbye and she could give a fuck less about it. 



Mean women help you unwind and have fun. You ever chill with a mean woman and you tell her you trying to better your life and she just tell you to stop being a hoe or a bitch? They don’t give a fuck about you trying to quit drinking they’ll tell you “We going out for drinks.” They don’t give a fuck about your diet they’ll tell you “Nigga we splitting these 50 hot wings.” Tell you some shit like “What kinda nigga is lactose intolerant?” 



I’ll know if I’m truly funny if I can make a mean ass woman smile. I won’t tell them to just smile like lame swaggerless and no wave niggas do. I’d actually make her smile because I’m funny. If you ever see me tell a woman to smile just to start a conversation that means I’m officially washed and lame. 



Mean girls be joaning and it actually be funny. Not every woman can joan. It gotta be in you not on you. Some be trying but that shit do not be funny and do not destroy niggas. Mean women have a 80% success rate of lighting yo ass up. 



I’m weird and for some reason I like when mean women go below the belt in arguments and insult shit they know I like just to hurt my feelings. It shows me she's trying to win and end me. If a woman knows I like anime and insults it during an argument and tells me how I’m lame as fuck for liking it I would initially be hurt and looking at my anime collection in pure shame but in my mind I’d be like “That’s my shorty. Go for the throat.” She gotta be ruthless. 



They tell you about yourself. If you slacking it’s being brought up. If you do something they don’t like they’ll tell you right there. Issues get resolved quicker when things aren’t bottled up. Mean girls letting shit be known at that moment. They don’t have time for bullshit. 



Mean women gotta have their way and when they don’t they’re baffled. It’s the funniest shit ever. It’s like they didn’t know things outside of their “way” existed. It’s entertaining to watch. 



Mean women ride for you forreal. Not that “I will continuously fuck up and she’ll still put up with my shit cause she dumb” riding. I’m talking that she’ll let the choppa off about you and will be loyal to you and anybody can get they issue in any way shape or form. You ever see your woman reject a nigga while you weren’t around? You just watch from a distance just to see how she handles it and just in case it gets outta hand and you gotta mollywop a nigga. She’ll give the guy a pass on the first attempt by saying she got a man but then when that nigga says that lame shit “So you can’t have friends” after she was merciful and spared his soul, she proceeds to explain to that nigga how he’s dusty and can’t compare to you in the meanest yet most honest way possible. You’re proud of her and have those Soulja Boy award show tears running down your face and truly understand why it’s a complete honor that she’s riding your face tonight. 



If your woman not mean to people on social media who can’t mind their fucking business or not going off on people giving their opinion when it wasn’t asked for then…… Is this your Queen? 



Mean women aren’t even mean. They’re just real and men call them mean cause they don’t put up with our bullshit.