Only thing was missing was a church crown on that black lady head. Black Women over 45 not using no GPS. GPS goes against everything that involves reclaiming their time.  


This lawyer look like the nigga from House Party 2 that fell through the roof on the cake. 


Rap niggas think Jews are the go to for everything. And they're right. They are.  


If my movers not drinking bud ice. I don’t want em nigga. Niggas who drink bud ice can put a whole fridge and living room set on their back and take it to the truck in one trip with a cigarette hanging on their lip. 


King Darius VII mind is on a higher plane than the Hebrews so he has to play chess against himself because no one in 9 universes is a formidable foe for him. 


Earn gotta turn the fuck up. Private school is weird. Call me crazy but I’d rather my kid go to public school. It's an experience. My parents kinda went through this for us. But my pops turnt Julius Rock real quick about private school and said "Nah we not paying that. Just don't get shorty pregnant and stay outta jail." Private school overrated to me. Just teach kids the shit they refuse to teach in school and teach them how to be a good person. 


Ms.Granger 100. She flamed her place of employment in order to help a family. Teacher of the year in my book. 


Rappers are procrastinators. Ain't that the fucking gospel? 


Jews run everything. Literally everything. You know how many times money is spent within their race before they spend outside their race? Almost 12 times. For black people it's barely 2 times. You can't grow like that and the jew homie was correct, Black people don’t have connections and admitted that they're superior but when you have no network you gotta get it out the mud. It's crazy though. Imagine if Paperboi just gave a black lawyer a chance and that black lawyer does a good job and gets more clients and opens the doors for more black lawyers. It's how it starts. Somebody just needs a chance and we have to stop looking outside of our culture for help. Fuck the dumb shit. Paperboi needs to hire a black woman. Nigga you would be SET. They already do everything anyway. 


Van moving back home. Smart. Fuck the ego. If you wanna put a child into a school you can't afford this is how you sacrifice. 


I know you’re always at peace with everything but my world is falling apart. Earn sounded like he was asking The Godfather for a favor on the Don's daughter wedding day. King Darius VII has that much power. 


"Learning requires failing & Al trying to make sure you not failing in his life. Y’all both black so you both can’t afford to fail." The King talking that shit. 1 black man failing is difficult to bounce back from in white america but both of you failing could mean the end of everything.


Rule number 1 pack like a navy seal. Noted. Very fucking noted. I'm wearing the same shit like Doug Funnie on every trip.  


Opt Out! I’m saying that shit in the airport next month. Don't search me.


Earn dumbass left the gun in his bag and he finessed out of it. Dude a natural fuck up. 


Al dropping game on niggas. This is why I like Paperboi. Dude really don't give a fuck but he give a fuck. He understands the world and most importantly the environment he lives in. He doesn't take any of it personally he sees it for what it is and adapts to it.  


White boy took the charge cause he knew if Clark got hit wit that charge it’s over & he know he could eat that charge cause he white. That white boy gone be in Europe by tomorrow and maybe get probation for a year for that charge instead of 20 years like Juelz Santana facing. This is exactly what Al & Darius was talking about. Failure & Survival. That white dude knew Clark County could not afford to fail at all cause he a young black man. 


Tracy trifling ass didn’t know niggas moved. Dude ain’t shit & he got a nice shorty with food & nowhere to go. Tragic.


Bye Season 2. 

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