Happy Monday and all that cool shit. I hope yall good and living life on your terms. If you THAT bitch or THAT nigga here's 30 Affirmations just for you. Say these out loud every morning and evening and watch life get real jiggy for you. 



I’m proud of myself. I ain’t have to beat anybody ass. 



I am confident because I am that nigga so really confidence don’t even mean shit. I’m just that nigga. 



I am peaceful but I can get the strap. 



I deserve top while watching Sailor Moon. 



I will start calling bitch niggas “Crumbs” like Slick Rick did in the 80’s. 



I’m here to inspire niggas and bitches to be the best creatives. I ain’t keeping no secrets. I want the real to eat till they full and eat again. 



If the mid selling then anything is possible.



I believe in the bigger hoe I’m becoming. 



I will only collaborate with real niggas and bitches. 



I will help someone today by sharing my sauce before they bite it. 



Today I will be a better man because I’m sucking on titties today. 



I’m fun to be around because I get these jokes off. I be joaning. 



My hoes not acting right, why should I? 



I will be calm today cause my tree man blessed me. 



Good things are coming to me because I ain’t begging for shit and I’m getting it out the mud. I’m juggin. 



I will eat healthy today. I’m eating coochie. 



I love who I see in the mirror. My skin looks like a Stevie Wonder song.    



My hoe experiences made me into the nastiest nigga I am today and I’m thankful I’m never not biting booty.  I'm real life nasty not twitter nasty. Hallelujah. 



I listened to “Allure” by Hov so I have the knowledge to make smart decisions today. 



My income increasing because I’m not leaving the crib unless cheeks is involved. 



I’m not alone in my struggles. Other people do struggle with salty ass hoes hating for being the most ravishing and adorable nigga and or bitch to ever do it. 



I will get rid of anyone and anything that don’t fuck with “Return Of The Mack.” 



I am healing by drinking whiskey, champagne, and Merlot frequently. I am healing by drinking Big Boy Drinks. 



I will get everything I deserve cause bitch it’s mine. 



I have great friends and I love them. Fuck not having friends. That’s not the energy. Friendless niggas are dorks. 



I forgive myself for my past but never these goofy niggas. 



Life is happening and tacos gotta get ate. 



When in doubt I ask yourself “What would Max-B do?” 



I will do what I am. Like Picasso. What he did was what he was.  Think about it. 



If it’s not thighs, it’s a distraction. 



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