Tommy a stupid mothafucka and annoying. Get this N’Sync back up singing dickhead the fuck outta here. Too fucking old to not realize a washed up mafia boss is about to snitch on him and his homies. He’s useless. 


How you a woman & lawyer but suck at sneaking around? Angela a weirdo. The cheeks gotta be wack off strength. Now I know someone reading this gone be like “Well ain’t can’t be too wack if Ghost always on her clit.” Ghost don’t count that nigga hair and beard look like it was spray painted on his head like Carlos Boozer. Fuck outta here he ain’t real. 



Ghost and his plans are getting old. This nigga gotta plan for everybody except for his own life. 


Teresi has purple shaded frames & the haircut of a weirdo who wears airwalks. How in the fuck is he trusted. 


Do I feel sorry for Dre? Nope. I’ll say this though. Alicia fuck around and get fucked if she play with my ear like that. 


This is where shit is baffling. How in the fuck is Diego a leader of a Cartel? I’m just gonna assume his sister is the reason why he still in this shit cause dude should’ve been locked up a long fucking time ago. Fucking hoes. Shooting a Goldeneye gun. Poppin bottles in the club. Hella reckless.  


Ghost is a loser. He hasn’t been able to enjoy shit after all the work he put in. If you ever wanna see what a rich loser looks like it’s Ghost. Without a doubt. 


The whole time during Tony Teresi welcome home party I was like “Damn these Italian niggas dress like Seinfeld characters.” 


Suit O Dog is the slimiest nigga you’ll ever see. He seems like the type of nigga that has a lot of nice shit but would steal your mouthwash out of your medicine cabinet. 


Ghost fucks up the fundraiser because like I’ve said before he’s a loser of the highest order. The look Suit O Dog gave to this loser Ghost was DELICIOUS!!! He had that “I told yo dumbass not to say shit & now you fucked up the money.”


Tasha is a lot of things. She dumb, she a bird, but in this episode alone you see that she realer than Ghost. Nigga throws a fundraiser & brings her into situation she didn’t ask for & hasn’t given anyone a chance to grieve but yet him choking his speech worse than B.Rabbit at the shelter on 8 mile is Tasha fault. Everything is about his image & himself. I told yall this nigga a loser and always getting pimped by somebody. All Ghost really is, is a insecure, emotionally dependent, weak man who ruins everyone he comes in contact with. 


Suit O Dog & Dre aka “The Hoe with a 1000 noses in 1” is the worst tag team ever since Cryme Tyme. Who is writing this shit? 


Tasha & her mom talk about starting over and any non bird would gladly stay with a rich loser than a corny nigga who looks like Earthworm Jim in a suit. 


Proctor crackhead baby momma talking about custody and that just shows you how real white privilege is. This bitch was just talking about Thanksgiving turkeys with Pookie a month ago and now this coked out blowup doll head ass hoe talking about gaining custody. The fucked up part is she would get that shit too. All she’d have to do is cry in court. 


This Toros nigga snitched that easily? The fuck?


Proctor & Ghost meet about Han & Teresi and at this point can somebody please kill Han again? Mainly because that dude cannot act……at all. I know almost 90% of the people on here can’t but he’s the most annoying one. He is not convincing as a lawyer. 


Get this ol I wanna save the day ass nigga Silver the fuck on. Can’t stand niggas like that. This Nigga look like a fucking junebug. Head got more dents in it than a Tan 92 Chevy Lumina. 


Alicia makes Diego give Dre 60K back. Alicia wants Cristobal to learn books of the club for expansion. It’s clear to see Alicia is the brains of the operation just like every Male and Female partnership you see in life. 


Tommy spying on the meet between Dre & Jiminez and NOBODY can here this loud ass muscle car……I’ve seen enough man. 




Good ol Steve pulled the ol “You gotta be quicker than that” on Angela. Gave Angela the dick and then crushed her dreams like a true King. 


Alicia turned on Diego quick as fuck. She didn’t think twice by suggesting that they keep Diego and I don’t blame her. Diego entertaining but that dude stupid as fuck. 


Diego hates Dre but Alicia likes Dre. This is gonna lead into some more silly shit. 


Dre & Cristobal talk about the Jimenez arrest and I already know Dre gone go back to Suit O Dog for protection from Ghost. This shit is too predictable. 


Tasha leaves the penthouse and this loser Ghost begging her to stay. Bruh go get you some business. Ain’t spoke 2 words to that Bird for months and now you want her to stay. Make it make sense. 


Aye man I think Kanan be bored. He don’t really wanna run the city even though he could. He could’ve took out Ghost but let him live. He could’ve took out Tommy but let him live. This nigga ruins drug organizations like the way he hunts Sabretooth Tigers with his bare hands for sport. What else Kanan could do besides have his own hunting show on Animal Planet. 



Ghost sees Dre accepted the building fund and didn’t say no slick shit under his breath like “This not stopping nothin fuckboy” ….. The loser’s losing streak continues. 


I’m telling yall this nigga bored. Kanan tells the Italian boss about Tommy drug war only because he wanna kill more people for sport. 


Teresi told Connie everything that means he’ll be dead soon. Likely before her. 


The 2 losers Ghost & Angela meet…….. YAWN BITCH YAWN!  


Tariq lying ass nowhere to be found this episode. Boy bring yo caved in face head ass back so I can flame you.




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