Here's a list of bitch niggas I don't like. 




NIGGA AND??? I’m here now. The fuck her past gotta do with me? I’m not concerned bout who you are or whatever it once was. These niggas didn’t even fuck they just texted shorty to death and made no moves and they try to make that mean something. Even if they did fuck I still don’t give a fuck. It’s my turn now nigga. I only give a fuck about me. These niggas be so hurt when they hear you got the cheeks and then try and make her look like a hoe so you can stop fucking with shorty. Plot twist I’m a hoe too so this makes us fucking with each other even more delicious. Go get you some business lil sport. 





You ever be sitting around minding your mothafucking business and it’s time to go fuck with a shorty and shorty fill you in on the crumb ass dude that mentioned you to them in their DM in an attempt to try and make you look bad so they can get some pussy? Funny part is sometimes it be niggas who you never met but know who you are or it’s niggas who dap you up and be on yo dick when they see you at events. You niggas disgust me. Have a little more confidence in yourself. You don’t need to bring another man name up to get the cheeks. If anything you decrease your chances by bringing my name up to shorty because now she’s reminded of how great I am and how goofy you are and she will now make an appointment to come sit on my face instead of yours. 





So when you in a function and it’s crackin there’s always that weak ass nigga that wanna fight. Everywhere he goes he wanna fight. There’s always imaginary niggas looking at him. Everywhere he goes it’s an adventure because this nigga always fighting or ALMOST fought somebody. They get drunk and say they’ll slap everybody in the building or talk loud about how nobody want it.  Everything in their life revolves around fighting. They’re like Vegeta but broke, annoying, and not a cool Saiyan. The more people they’re with the more of a goofy they become. These niggas will fight in church, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, and funerals. They just can’t look at titties and enjoy life like civilized human beings. They can’t ever joan for shit either and when you flaming they ass the first thing they wanna say is “Can’t nobody beat my ass tho.” Nigga shut up yes I can and you still gone get these jokes. You never wanna go anywhere these niggas cause you almost certain you gone get into some bullshit. Here’s the gag about these type of niggas. When you really bout to fight these niggas are nowhere to be found. They just appear after all the action cracked off and talking bout they fought 8 niggas at once and got stabbed in the stomach but they stitched themselves up with one arm and was body slamming niggas with the other arm. Tragic. 





That shit over bruh. You graduated. It’s been years dawg. Nobody gives a fuck anymore you Uncle Rico ass nigga. I don’t even count the pussy I got in high school. As far as I’m concerned once you graduate you a virgin again. So those bodies don’t count. Niggas be like “Aw I used to talk to her” and I be like “When?” And these niggas will say 9th grade. Nigga whet??!! These niggas are mentally stuck in high school still. It be niggas in they 30’s on this shit. Bruh your high school sports career done. Yes I get it you hurt your knee and your grades were bad and that threw off your NBA and NFL career and path to being a hall of fame with a white wife bruh. Why you keep reminding us of this shit? We playing for fun at Redman to get away from our shorties for a couple hours and you wanna talk shit about high school sports. Shut up and pass the ball G. High school was trash for me. I was broker than I am now. I did stupid shit. It was dumb. Why in the fuck are you asking people what high school they went to and why depending on their answer you equate that to the type of person they are? That’s the lamest shit ever. I don’t even wanna know that shit





These niggas ask where the hoes at every 2.5 seconds. They ruin all the fun. The reason why some women don’t be free fun hoes anymore is because of these weirdos. The type to hop in women DM’s claiming they wanna do business when really they trying to fuck. Leaving heart eye emojis in comments all over Instagram. Buying shorties drinks and following them all over the event like they own em. Touching women when they don’t wanna be touched. Becoming photographers just to try and do naked photo shoots. Why you photographing shorty with lays chips glued to her nipples nigga? What concept is this? These niggas are scum. They make it hard for the real niggas who not on that shit and respect women. 





Champagne dreams with beer money. Always wanna do the most expensive shit cause they know they not paying for it. Taking pictures in Vegas and Los Angeles like we in Dubai or some shit. They wanna have McDonalds the whole trip cause they traveled with $33 dollars in their account and get mad at people who wanna eat shit they don't have back home. Always wearing another nigga clothes and jewelry and frontin like it’s theirs. Owe every nigga in the city money. Taking pictures with bottles that they didn’t pay for. Always trying to hit the weed and they ain’t put in for shit. They the “make sure you order some wings too” ass niggas. Nigga who said you was eating? It’s Rico time lil boy No ribs, No rice, no champagne, no nothing. It be the niggas you barely know on this shit. You see them arguing with somebody on social media and it’s none of your business so you just watching the drama unfold and they get called a broke ass nigga and then they act like the most extra nigga in the argument because they know they broke and they feelings hurt. 





How you got a whole attitude like you got cramps bitch nigga? I just asked you what time it was, the fuck you getting a attitude for you Regina George ass nigga? Grown ass men with attitudes like suburban teenagers deserve swirlies. 





A woe is me nice guy is the Tariq from Power in real life. No one fucking with you chief. All these niggas do is complain how they’ve been done wrong when in reality they’re the most toxic and controlling mothafuckas walking God’s green earth. No one gives a fuck that you’re a nice guy. Nobody. You want to be rewarded for some shit you supposed to be? These niggas always talk about being curved. Nigga so. All niggas get curved but real niggas move on gracefully and keep shooting. You niggas get turned down one time and wanna play “Unbreak My Heart” by Toni Braxton in your room for 7 straight hours. Being nice won’t get you no coochie. Being mean won’t get you no coochie. Shorty just gotta feel you. It’s not hard to understand.



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