I meant to share this a week ago but here we are. 


I’m in my thirties and one thing I feared years ago is being that old nigga that’s just outta touch with everything. Basically that old ass college nigga going to high school parties. I never wanted to be that creep. I refuse to be that creep. I never wanna be that nigga outta touch and completely removed from reality but think I’m not. I don’t wanna be just another old nigga. I wanna earn my O.G status. I wanna earn my right to BBQ your ribs in my Young Drop sandals. 


I’m a huge movie fanatic. Like I be pausing shit and trying to understand the meaning of the movie. One of my all time favorite films is “No Country For Old Men.” Tommy Lee Jones character is a old sheriff on his way to retirement. The film is basically Tommy Lee Jones realizing that the way of the world has changed. It’s more violent. It’s not how it was for him coming up and he realizes that he has to adapt. He doesn’t want to he rather stay outta the way and retire. He showed a sense of self awareness and realized it’s not his game anymore. He may have influence in terms of his tenure but he can’t dictate anything like he used to in his prime. 


If only old niggas today would use his logic. 


Instead we got 


Old niggas bitter and hating on the youth. 

Old niggas that could make a difference squander their chance.

Old niggas with no self awareness.

Old niggas acting like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite


As Jadakiss said “I’m tired of hearing about old niggas that had it and be the same ol niggas who ratted.” 



Remember when old niggas didn’t give a fuck about young niggas? I remember old niggas used to do old nigga shit and had no time to even trip off what a young nigga was doing. They just fucked young women in their early 20’s, went to the 30 and up clubs, raised their kids, sold they weed, and hustled around the hood. They didn’t give a fuck about what music we listened to or dances we were doing them niggas was listening to Roger and Zapp, drinking beer, and trying to fuck Pam’s. They would talk shit all day on the block without a care in the fucking world. Here and there they would drop some knowledge on us. Regulate the fades. Made sure the shit wouldn’t get outta hand. That’s it. 


Fast forward to present time. I'll give you a recent example of what not to do. A couple weeks ago a outlandish disrespectful back and forth took place on Facebook. Surprise Surprise. And at the forefront of this argument was Ali of the St.Lunatics. I’m not gonna get into the super disrespectful shit that was said because it wasn’t cool at all but there were 2 things that made me laugh. A lot. 


I don’t remember why he was threatening some rapper nigga but he threatened him by saying he would blackball him from the industry and that he has powerful friends in the industry. This is funny for many reasons. First, blackballing this guy from the industry isn’t a form of punishment it’s actually a gift because the industry is dying. No rapper needs the industry. That gatekeeper shit big dead. They can be their own CEO and distribute their own shit. The internet has severely wounded the standard label model. Only a non ambitious, ignorant, starving nigga would sign a deal that isn’t a partnership deal in this day and age. Saying he was gonna get this man banned from the radio was the most laughable shit I ever read. Nigga this ain’t 2002. Ban a nigga from Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube or Apple Music then you’re on to something. Only people that listen to the radio are people who think Bill Cosby almost owned NBC. Nobody gives a fuck about the radio. 


The second thing that jumped out at me was the comment about STL artists are putting the city to shame (Not the exact quote but something along those lines). Now are their artists in every city that puts their city to shame? Yeah. But to say that about a city you live in and could make a difference in and has so many different types of incredible artists and didn’t proceed to name one was very sad. It showed me he’s out of touch in a bad way. The crazy part is that instead of writing shit like this he could make some crazy money with these young artists. Let me explain. This is what I would do if I was in my mid 40’s and had a lil money. 


Let’s say I have 15-20 racks to fuck around with. Instead of letting it sit and rot in a savings account, I’d wanna spend it. What would I spend it on? Easy. One of these popular art or fashion shows in the city. Invest the money into events. I wouldn’t try to ruin young niggas ownership. I’d invest as a partner so everyone can eat. These old niggas could take 10 racks and invest it into something like VIBES and probably Quadruple their money. Invest the money. Book 1 or 2 artist that got a serious name and watch the event sell the fuck out. If I had 20 racks it’s simple. I’d book someone like Curren$y and by doing that half the tickets sold just off the strength of his name so all I gotta do is market it the best way possible and let the young Gods handle their show while watching the money work for everybody. Once that’s done. I do it again with another event and keep doing it. You could also get sponsorship money too. Not only would you be bringing positivity but your reputation would be damn near teflon cause you got the youth looking up to you and you're respected by niggas your age. It would open up so many doors for people just off the one investment.  If these old cats was hustlers they could make close to 100K in a year if they invest in the events in the scene. But what the fuck do I know. These niggas rather hate on the youth and act bitter. 


I can’t wait to be the opposite of what these old niggas on these days. I’d shut the fuck up, let young people live, and help them out. Simple. It’s their time. 




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