Jiminez got the ports. Well damn a war really gone happen. Didn’t think it would be with Tommy connect and Dre connect. 



Why is this bird crying on the bed like she lost her man in a r&b video? This music that’s playing don’t help this shit either. 


Why is this lil nigga still in y’all house? Why? I would’ve been shipped this lil nigga off somewhere. He sleeping in a white tee he not real. I ain’t slept in a shirt in 20 years. 



Can this bird bitch Tasha have one fucking moment of honesty? This why this stupid ass nigga act out cause she ain’t real. He asked her if she okay & she tell him to go to bed? Now Tariq is a lying piece of shit and he could of have been fake caring but damn she could’ve least had a moment with her son and actually bonded with him in this tragic time. 



If Keisha cared she’d make French toast instead of Banana Pancakes. That shit don’t even sound appetizing. Another example of New Yorkers and their mid taste buds they’ve had since the beginning of time.


Tariq a sneaky goof ball nigga and why is Keisha asking questions about shit that has nothing to do with her? This idiot didn’t learn from the last shit she got caught up in. Aye man these kids were doomed. They had no chance even with all the money their family had because every adult in their life are liars and dumb as fuck. 


Kanan not scared of no spanish niggas. Spoken like the true Thanos of The Streets. Only Kanan the barbarian who uses Elephant tusks for toothpicks after he eats grizzly bears wouldn’t flinch about going up against a whole drug cartel. 


Jason pissed at Tommy for the port incident but aye man get this Tim from accounting looking ass white nigga on somewhere. This dude look like he can diversify my portfolio not run a drug organization. 


Tommy just caused a war with The Jiminez. Potentially the Italians and Jason. How is this dude still alive? It doesn’t make any sense. 


Worse threesome ever. I give that Fucking a D-, you supposed to be hitting both those bitches. Switch off back and forth like the dance scene in House Party. SWIIIIIITCH!! 



Diego already blaming Dre for shit. THIS IS DELICIOUS! This don’t sound like someone who’s protected. Dre made that shit up. The cartel don’t care if he dies. They’ll replace him with the next nigga. 



White boy want Angela gone and I don’t care. Oh well. 



Suit O-Dog with the disrespect again. This is clearly the most disrespectful nigga ever. This nigga 5’5 doing the big dick walk on niggas. Like he cant be touched. 


Proctor better not fold. 


Aye man this Asian nigga the worse actor ever bro. I’m sorry. Hans from Fast & The Furious gotta go back to his Honda Civic that sounds like pop rocks in the engine when he press the gas. 



Dre scheming gone backfire. More and more people getting involved and he’ll have to keep track of every lie he told. This is what I expect from this Mt.Rushmore nose ass nigga. 


Silver got summoned to Proctor’s hearing and you know this nigga snitching. He got one of those heads you just wanna smack the shit out of so you know he snitching on Proctor.  


Sax with the notepad ether in the meeting. I say “Okay bitch" and roll my eyes every time I see Angela. First time these boring ass lawyers been funny. 


Tommy visits Teresi in prison and dude gotta realize all the dumb shit he does falls back on his father reputation since he vouched for him. 


Told yall Silver a fucking rat.  Never trust a nigga with a landline phone. The proof is here. Proctor is done and he’s gonna fold. 



Dre’s flunky pulled a hit on the Toros nigga. You know how lame of a nigga you gotta be to be the flunky of a nigga who looks like a Platypus with a mohawk? I’d never forgive myself.  


Tasha & Ghost go to church therapy and I get why Tasha would want to go but the murder hasn’t been completely out of the clear yet. Actually she could’ve talked to her dumb ass son when she had the chance but instead she told that nigga to go to bed. 


Ghost stopped Tasha from sharing. Smart nigga. Shut the fuck up and get the fuck outta there. 


This bird doing everything in her power to try and go to jail. Ghost did the right thing by keeping her from speaking. She been running around clueless since the season began and it’s gonna continue. No redeeming qualities at all. Just waiting for her next monumental fuck up cause it’s coming. 


This nigga wanna be governor….. Suit O Dog might be the dirtiest scummiest nigga alive. He worse than Clay Davis from The Wire. 


Ghost drinking like he Bobby Brown while he gotta go up against a drug cartel. What in the fuck is wrong with this nigga? Why is he calling Angela? She can’t even help herself. What the fuck is she gonna help you with? 


This dumb nigga killed the Toros nigga and bragged about it to Dre. Not realizing he fucked up the plan. Good. That’s what this wannabe mastermind ass nigga get. 



Kanan in the shadows watching these niggas like Sting in the rafters. Watching these 2 lil bitches argue like hoes. Kanan gone recruit the lil angry dumb nigga and use him. 



Dre meets with Toros & the toros member takes credit for hit which he felt pressured to because his gang was watching. The truth will come to light though. It always does. 


Kanan trying to takeover Tommy shit. We finally realize why Kanan The Barbarian is back hanging with these squares. They’re worth more alive to him than they are dead. 


Tariq a lying piece of shit. He don’t give a fuck about nobody but himself.  


This disrespectful piece of shit Suit O Dog gotta be stopped. He’s gone too far. He played Ghost like a bitch. Can’t have this nigga more disrespectful than my nigga Kanan. Nah Suit O-Dog gotta die. He trying to be the Governor and still do evil shit like a Streets Of Rage boss.  


Tasha has her own therapy at the press conference in true bird form. Did you forget the nigga dead cause your son killed him already? 



Sammy lied to Vincent for Tommy which now puts his life in danger because what happens when Vincent asks Tommy who killed the hitters? The Italian side of the story looking like a waste of time so far. 


Feds found Diego Jimenez. BORING! We don’t need cops in this shit. We need more killings and war. 


Diego Jiminez ordered 3 bottles of Dom & wont pay because Dre nose has the structure of a Oldsmobile alternator. I wouldn’t pay that goof either. 


Diego on some creepy shit but if Dre was a real nigga he would’ve kept fucking ol girl while he came in. Gotta show that weak nigga how to fuck the hoe correctly. Diego might’ve respected him if he did that but he didn’t so he gone continue to chump this waffle colored nigga. 



This nigga Ghost out here killing everybody but the niggas he supposed to be killing. Get this square the fuck off my TV bruh. I’m fed the fuck up with this guy. He in the car drinking $3 popov vodka like he Paul from The Temptations and he supposed to be handling business with the cartel but instead he stabbing some child molestor looking nigga in a alley. 


This episode was mid. 




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