I didn’t drop anything yesterday or Wednesday because something has been on my mind and I’ve let it get in the way of my routine. I’ve been slacking all across the board but I’m back on my shit. I’ve been thinking about exposure. 


Everybody wants exposure in some way, shape, or form. If you get the attention you seek then you believe exposure will be the next step for you. Nothing wrong with certain types of exposure. Why do you want attention? You believe that with attention you can get exposure to the things you desire. You believe your life will change. 


I just wanna talk about the importance of exposure and I dedicate this to anyone willing to read this and need to hear this. I don’t just talk to the people younger than me. This goes for people my age, the 40 year olds, the 50, year olds, the 60 year olds. Everybody who feel like I’m talking to them. 


There’s this line on Jay-Z’s song “Party Life” where he says 


“She used to million dollar vacations, the fuck you gone do with that?” 


He is talking about exposure. 


Now Beyonce can afford million dollar vacations with or without Jay-Z but what’s the real question? Can Beyonce date a man who can’t afford a million dollar vacation if her and Jay-Z ever broke up? Maybe. But when you’ve experienced private jets where you in other countries in minutes flying first class with strangers is gonna be pretty fucking hard to go back to. Going through TSA is not gonna be an option. She’s been exposed to a lifestyle that is her norm now. You know how hard it is to go back to an old way of living after you’ve been exposed to something that exceeds it in quality? Only the strongest can downgrade quality of living. It takes mental toughness to willingly downgrade your lifestyle  and it’s even harder to do when you have the money to live how you want to live. 


For example if someone has a house and they love the space they have but they are barely getting by with bills the chances of them downsizing is minimal unless they take a hit financially and they have no choice. They will willingly struggle just to keep the house because it’s the pinnacle of anything they’ve ever owned. The people who downsize by choice usually win in the long run but that’s another story for another time. Once your world opens up to something better it’s damn near impossible to go back to how things used to be. Imagine being rich and having to go back to the hood? Nobody going back to the projects by choice unless they making money off the projects. That’s the power of exposure. Exposure is the realest shit in life cause it’s attached to the realest teacher in life and that’s experience. 


There’s only so much this blog can help you with or a book you’ve read about self improvement can help you with. Knowledge is always cool but it’s different when you feel it. It’s different when you experience it. It’s different when you see it. I can tell you about the temples in Egypt all day but the person who’s actually been inside them is the person you would wanna hear from. You won’t give a fuck if I read 60 books on the temples in Egypt. It’s irrelevant in the presence of experience. This is so important when teaching people right from wrong or anything in general. The young street nigga not gone listen to me because I never lived his life. I can’t tell him about prison if I’ve never served time. A man who served time will connect with him on levels I can’t cause that man BEEN there. He’s FELT the feelings that young man has. That young man won’t give a fuck about what I know because he knows what I know too but the difference is that he’s misguided. That young man needs to hear it from the man that LIVED and EXPERIENCED it. That young man is gonna listen to the person that has had the exposure and walked in their shoes. 


The reason I say exposure is important and I’m talking about it is because I want you to go get you some exposure even if you know it will be short lived for the moment. You know somebody who lives in New York and has a couch available? Pack your shit and go get that exposure for some months. Quit your job or take a leave of absence and go. Sleep on their couch. Take in the city. Learn their culture. Make connections. If you wanna do something less daring then buy yourself some expensive clothes. Compare how the fabric feels with your old clothes so you can know why it cost what it cost. Once you get exposed to things you won’t wanna go back and what is that gonna do? It’s gonna spark something in you. You’re gonna do whatever it takes to get that feeling back and never lose that feeling. It will improve your grind because you’re gonna try everything in your power to make your work match the worth of whatever you’re exposed to. 


Please go gain some exposure. Reading and listening to other people experiences are cool but now it’s your turn. Go. 




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