I'm real life nasty not twitter nasty but the idea of eating pussy and fucking on top of hot Cheetos crumbs repulses me. Sweat and hot Cheetos residue mixed together gotta smell vicious and that flaming hot residue will stain those white sheets he got. Gotta think long term bout that shit. I'd still go through with that shit but I won't be proud of it. 


I feel Issa about not wanting to sleep on the couch. If a shorty let me stay at her crib I can't sleep on her couch. I'm a grown ass man. I'm sleeping in your bed. 


Seeing their setup at the expo and the poster with all their workers was sad as fuck cause Issa was the only black person on there. No other race was on their either. "We Got Yall" What a terrible organization. No awareness of the communities they're trying to help. It always starts at home. 


I don't know if you follow me on twitter but remember when I tweeted something about being around certain black people made me feel weird? That's basically all the black folks at Molly's new job. I can't be around people who can't rap "Dunn Dunn" word for word or isn't willing to learn how. The whole environment is awkward. Makes me cringe. 


You gotta Milly rock looking over the city. Not whatever Molly was doing. 


Daniel is a wack producer. Every beat I've heard has been mid. Khalil made that beat better and it tailored to the nigga Spyda style. I'm not understanding how this nigga Daniel asked for the nigga input but not gone let him give his input. A classic case of asking for advice but not accepting it and pretending to be humble. He's not mature enough to take an "L" to get where he wants. You take losses before you win the championship. Nigga can't put his ego aside for anything. He doing the same shit Lawrence did but he has a bigger ego. Lawrence thought if it wasn't a job that met his degree standards then it wasn't worth his time even if it meant he would be broke but when he finally took the Best Buy job, got a little money, kept applying while working he finally got a better job and more income to pursue his dream. Take the L. 


Save us the trouble and waste of episodes of us seeing the We Got Yall office and take the damn Beat Crew job Issa. The job is literally everything opposite of what she complains about. Take the job, stay at Daniel crib for lil bit longer, and do Lyft at night. 


Aye I'm crying at this scene about Molly job not using docu-sign. It's because it's what I see majority of the time with black owned businesses. They do shit the hard way which will lead to more stress and unnecessary work on the owners which then leads to unprofessional business practices which will turn black people off to doing business with them and go to the white folks. Everybody thinks that way so don't act shocked with what you reading right now. How many of you have thought that in your mind? Be real. You expect some fuckery shopping with your own people cause of past bad/unprofessional experiences. That's a lot of problems some black owned places have. They put unnecessary work on themselves. Them white folks be organized and do the little things that some black owned places aren't willing to do and I never understand that because if they did do those little things they'd do them better and more creatively cause we're the best. We just get shit to say we have shit but we don't take care of it or grow it to it's true potential. 


Issa is not fit for that apartment manager job but like I said before take the L and get the spot. 


It's really not hard to understand that if Chinny Testaverde just gets into the door by taking these fucking strings off the fucking beat he complaining to Issa about and then build more relationships off the situation he'll be straight. Nigga shut up and wash your drawls. Niggas don't know how to finesse shit. 


Can these niggas not look at each other like they bout to kiss every time they have a conversation? DAMN NIGGA! *Wiz Khalifa voice*


They really just placed boxes in Molly office and didn't tell her that her office is the storage space in the beginning. Somebody please pass me the NeNe "Ghetto" gif. THIS IS DELICIOUS! It be ya own niggas. We'll do some lazy shit like this and then complain why our own don't buy from us.


Molly might have to work for herself. 


A lot of bird behavior opinions on this bar scene. 


Yes Issa I signed up for Tidal and left that shit after 5 months. Hov is my nigga and the videos are super dope but the streaming music portion of it needs a lot of work. The shit was always crashing on all my computers. It's not seamless and it's a headache to navigate through it on a phone. They need to simplify it and I wrote that on the "Why you cancelling" page. In great detail.


Antoinette talking with that interview voice and laughing with her best white lady cackle. She already know the deal with We Got Yall and if she can see it within 1 interview then it's an issue. The way she highlighted Issa's complacency in staying at a job that's not helping her grow was real. The Beat Crew offered her a job damn near on the spot and she miserable at work pondering about it. Fill out that app on the clock and go be happy mam. 


Molly is now the punchline of the jokes at her new firm. This is where the separation and pettiness begins. She will get that rep at her firm as a stuck up black woman which part of that is true but some of the shit she stuck up about is worth being stuck up about. Remember what I wrote about exposure last week? Once you've been exposed to better it's hard to step backwards. The new firm not as organized as her old firm. They work harder instead of smarter. 


This nigga ego is as big as his jawline. Now think about what this nigga just did. He asked Khalil for help. Khalil agrees to help. He switches the beat back to the original without telling Khalil which fucks up the trust they had. Now what if Spyda said that shit was wack? Khalil will take the blame for it too. He put that man in a fucked up position. This nigga Daniel brain cell count needs to catch up to the amount of teeth in his mouth because he is so fucking dumb. This nigga just fucked up a chance for a producer credit and more work. He also just got a bad rep amongst a producer peer. He did Khalil foul and Khalil not gone throw him anymore plays with other producers or artists either. All over some fucking strings on the beat. Now Spyda not rapping over either beat and now this nigga sad. Well deserved. 


This nigga a little boy and Issa not perfect but that nigga Daniel is trash. I've known this since Season 1 episode 1 but yall goofy asses were trying to tell me different. He one of those people who swears he's helping you out of kindness and helps you when you didn't ask for it but will throw it in your face when you don't do what he says or agree with his bullshit. He owe that nigga Khalil an apology. Issa was right about that. Getting attached to your creative work can work against you sometimes. I write a lot of shit on my blog but I swear it's the shit that I feel is nowhere near my best work that gets all the shares, likes, praise while the work I really try my best on doesn't get the same love. It's how shit go. This nigga inability to think long term is a problem. Everything is right now with him. He never thinks of the outcomes of his decisions or how they affect other people. Bet money he's a awful chess player. That nigga is not a friend to Issa unless Issa agrees with everything he says and fucks him when he wants. He's toxic to everyone he deals with.


I don't know if it's because I'm passionate but that nigga not apologizing to her and going straight to eating her out bothered me. When I'm right I like to explain in depth why I feel I'm right and when I'm wrong I like to explain in depth why I feel I'm wrong. I also wanna listen to the person I care about opinion and how I made them feel. It's the only way we can understand each other better. I love sex and all but a lot of the time that shit not the answer or fixing shit. I rather eat food and talk about it. We not fucking until we get a clear understanding of why shit happened and how we're gonna do better moving forward. When you young that going straight to fucking and shit cool but when you Daniel and Issa age that shit not cute or fun no more. I rather have peace of mind first then we can do whatever. Glad Issa didn't fuck Manu Chinobli. 


That nigga ain't getting no cover now. He fucked up. 



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