BYE 2720

2720 is officially dead dead by the time you read this. 


I don’t know what the reason was for closing but I will miss that spot. A lot of drunken memories at that muhfucka. Made a lot of friends there. A lot of creative careers started there. I helped with an event for the first time in my life at 2720 (Vibes 2016). I learned a lot at 2720.  


But I hope people understand the magnitude of this venue closure. This is either going to mark the beginning of some dark times or it’s going to be the beginning of niggas having fun again. 


It’s surreal because I thought 2720 was one of those venues that couldn’t be touched. Like it was on some it’s gone be here forever type shit especially with how Cherokee was growing over the years. When I heard that it was closing I thought “Oh shit this is bad.” Not because of it obviously closing but I was thinking long term how bad this could be. 


I don’t think there is a venue as lenient as 2720 was. A lot of niggas was fucking up in there and they still opened their doors to the people. If you had no experience throwing any event they would work with you as long as you had the money to do the shit. Not too many places doing that. I was around when when the venues were deep and shit was cracking damn near everyday. This was around 2009 and as each year passed places got shut down one by one or venues became more strict and harder to book and honestly the city never recovered or created bigger moments than those times. There’s always gonna be cool shit because there’s a lot of cool people but each year it gets sadder and sadder. It’s already sad as fuck as it is with the typical shit that go on here so I’m just wondering what’s next?


I’m only thinking about what’s next because nobody really invest into the scene like that forreal now that I think about it. I’m not talking bout the shit I do or anybody else I’m talking people who would kill themselves if they woke up with my bank account. I’m talking 500K or better investors. There’s a handful of people who try their best to invest in land for creatives but that’s not going to be enough. Who’s gonna buy that space and what is that space going to become? Shit fuck around and become something like a coffee shop, a club with grown and sexy nights, or a fucking 2 floor hookah bar and I’m a be pissed. 


Staples aren’t supposed to get touched bruh and if they do they at least have 20-25 year runs. In other cities they don’t get touched. You lucky to get 5-10 years out of a venue in this bitch. I just people to really think about where this shit is headed because if I was to compare this shit to a basketball team. The scene just lost a player that averages 25ppg 8 Reb and 6 ast a night for nothing in return. Everything here turning into mid in front of our eyes dawg. It sounds like I’m exaggerating but shit just don’t be fun no more. It’s up to us to restore the feeling. 


The more these venues close the more we become outcasts and legendary parts of the city become ghost towns. Just look at The Loop. If it wasn’t for tacos nobody would be in that bitch and this is coming from a nigga that’s from there. I hope yall understand that this isn’t same ol same ol shit. 2720 closing is a huge problem. 


RKDE is the only one with that energy left and given it’s size who knows what the future holds for it. I’m a need Marvel vs Capcom 2, Simpsons, Ninja Turtles, X-Men, in that place immediately. Plus niggas gotta throw events in there frequently to keep it going. Help push events out there even if you not going or know who's throwing it and the event has nothing to do with you. I know it gets tiring throwing events at the same place over and over but that’s the option that’s in front of us. If we don’t they’ll be next to go. We gotta make that shit pop and make it be the place that people will never get tired of. I’m definitely bout to use the little influence I got to help keep them going. 


I dunno. I’m sad so I’m a stop writing. Thanks for the non sober fun memories 2720. Someone stand like Fresh Prince in the empty 2720 for me. Bye. 




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