Stand still on your affirmations. 


Understanding who you are is important but we always jump right into that and skip over the first important step and that’s saying “Who we are.” 


My name is Benny and I am …… ? 


My name is Benny and I’m going to do …….? 


These are your two most important goals because it’s sort of like a contract to yourself and you’ve signed on the dotted line by saying who you are and what you’re going to do. Now that the contract is signed you gotta perform so you won’t be in breach of your contract which would mean you wouldn’t reach your potential or your goals. 


All you need to do is perform. Don’t worry when is your time coming or where it’s going to come from. It’s not a priority for you. All you have to do is be still and work. Make time for stillness everyday. You already know where you’re headed. Your mind is the only thing that needs to be moving and it needs to be moving productively. When they say the battle is mental that is not a lie. It’s your mind you need to control and steer in the right direction. Once your body and mind align on the same path it’s game over. You’re going to achieve anything your mind perceives. Fill your mind with knowledge. Learn everyday. Cut out the bullshit. It doesn’t matter who’s doing what or what gossip is the hot topic. It’s poison to your mind. I never understood why people do that to themselves. The more bullshit you intake mentally is like having a wound and always opening it back up and not allowing it to heal. The more you do that the worse it gets. 


This is why I’m a huge advocate of minding your business. Not because it’s cool to say but it’s such a peaceful activity. To not know what bullshit is going on with anyone else is a form of healing I can’t explain. My favorite movie quote is in “The Godfather 2” where a young Vito Corleone tells a young Peter Clemenza 


“I’m not interested in things that don’t concern me.” - Vito Corleone


That’s powerful right there. Vito was poor as fuck but his mentality was his key to his rise to power. He already had control of his mind and he couldn’t be broken because of it. He didn’t complain about his environment or the conditions he lived in because he felt he was already rich. He had his wife and kids. He was happy. He won the battle before it was fought because he collaborated with his mind instead of working against it. We work against our minds so much that we convince ourselves to harm ourselves and that it’s okay that we’re doing it. How do we harm ourselves? We partake in things that bring us no value like arguing on social media or watching images that are the opposite of growth and then we trick ourselves by giving ourselves validation for overcoming something that has no value to our mind. We’re not able to sleep. The reason you can’t sleep is because your mind ain’t right and if your mind ain’t right your body not gone be right so physically you’re gonna pay the price. Have a full day of not paying attention to bullshit or social media, eat healthier and dedicate your day to knowledge, working, and creating something. Watch how fast you’ll go to sleep. It’s because that’s that good stress. Our minds crave it but we feed it toxic things instead. When you learn something new, depending on what you learned the brain will either physically change for the better or worst. 


When you stand on what you affirm, it will come to you. You won’t even have to go get it. You made the affirmation, you perceived it, you put in the work, your mind is healthy it’s gone come to you. Your mind is the master key that can open any door you choose to open. Your mind is also the key to your own destruction. For discipline, your mind gotta be black and white because the universe is black and white and your mind is a universe within yourself so therefore when a person thinks black and white they usually succeed the most because they’re moving with how the universe moves. There’s really not much grey area for successful people. It either is or it isn’t and when they do have time to think about it, the job has already been finished. They don’t ask why it happened. They ask what are my options when they hear what happened so they can act immediately. 


I’m a end it like this. Place all this in your mind. 


Take control. You’re a boss.  

Fuck expectations, do you. 

Stand on what the fuck you believe and feel. 

Value your beliefs. 

Set boundaries and let the world know how you will be treated.

Speak your mind. 

Acknowledge your self worth. Don’t chase people or things. 

Put your peace of mind over everything. Always protect it.

You just getting started. 




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