Mirror rapping is back. Flow rustier than the screws in a 94 Ford Bronco though. Gotta get the flow back.




Why this nigga and his 33 pound head always make shit awkward. Just help her move & that’s it. This the most “where my kiss at nigga ever.” Damn.  




If my friend brought me Henny to my house I’d be offended. Real friends give you Tequila. I will not stop until the world understand how trash Henny is. Only the Pure White is decent. We gotta kill this myth of Henny. I blame the people who just started drinking it 5 years ago. 




Molly telling somebody to move on from the past? That’s like OJ Simpson joaning on another black man for dating white hoes. 





Issa Hoarding issues is very childish. Nigga that shit old and it’s just stuff. Throw all that shit out. 




Molly couldn’t get a word in at the meeting but I’m not sure because that nigga just a toxic nigga or the whole firm just don’t give a fuck about what she gotta say. 




If anyone made me drop my taco I’m beating they ass.




Issa and this Boondocks character nigga walking through Leimert Park & they ain’t play Fat Dom Kennedy music?? Aye who dropped the ball on this in the music department for the show? 




Nathan weird man. None of these niggas who are love interest seem like regular niggas. Lawrence wasn’t. Daniel wasn’t. This Peach Vess colored nigga isn’t either. It’s just something off about the love interests on this show. They seem like Old Navy and Gap modeling ass niggas and not “everyday around the way” niggas I can relate to. Like that nigga Lil Rel is a nigga I related to. Chad from a humor perspective I could relate to but everybody else weird. Like damn all these niggas got abs and the same type of build and shit. Where that nigga that don’t give a fuck bout working out, eating at the hood spots, and be talking that shit at? These niggas eat 1 asparagus a day and shit and look like Tyler Perry movie niggas. This Nathan nigga look JUST like the light skinned nigga that saves the woman from the dark skinned man in all of Tyler Perry movies. 





Aye Fuck this nigga talking bout Chad. This waffle colored nigga been on the screen for 5 minutes and ain’t said no funny or profound shit yet. This nigga is BORING! His outfit? WACK! His sense of humor? WACK! 




Molly back and therapy and not talking about the shit she needs to talk about. I really want her to grow as a character but it seems like she just stuck or something. I forget about her sometimes. 




I drove past the Jungles but never walked through there. 




This a dope date but nobody in real life doing this shit. Mothafuckas too crazy and men are trash so yeah. The taco stand probably where it would’ve ended in reality and maybe a drink at a bar. People too shy to jump in a pool naked or even swim in a strangers pool.  




Issa did that fall where the Police hop out on the block and there’s always a nigga that slips. 




Something kinda weird about Nathan. The fact he hints at not committing to anything is alarming. The nigga just goes wherever his Hollister ass clothes take him I guess. MY GOD CAN WE GET AT LEAST ONE NIGGA ON THE SHOW THAT CAN GET A FIT OFF? SHIT! These niggas shop at Instagram boutiques and shit. These niggas be corny. 





Ooooh what y’all doing eating tacos & kissing on the mouth? Spoken like real child prodigy. Those are my favorite 2 hobbies. 




I don’t know what the fuck is going on in this scene. Molly in that blue dress and I don’t give a fuck about shit else. 




Bout time she quit that damn job. For another one she hates. Better go to that other non profit. 





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