I’m a lotta bad things. I’m irresponsible, I’m selfish, I’m standoff-ish, I’m only emotional when it comes to shit about myself so I can come off as if I don’t give a fuck about your feelings (90% of the time I don’t), I have trouble focusing on shit. A lot of other shit I don’t have time to name but with all that said I wish I was the kinda man Russell Wilson is.


I love who I am. My personality fire. I love the mistakes I've made. They've made me better. I don’t know that nigga Russell for shit. All I know is what I see. And he’s a straight shooting, caring, considerate, focused guy. Money aside and beautiful black woman as his wife aside (those are obvious wins) he possesses some qualities I’m working towards. 


In our community he’s considered a cornball. He’s corny. But what’s really corny when you think about it? Corny is a sin in our culture. If you a corny nigga you gets no play, you’re not deemed cool. I always call Kevin Hart corny but a cool guy. In my world you can be both but the way other people use the word is different. Well sign me up for this corny shit cause I’m broke and niggas be hating on cool niggas cause they envy the attention a cool nigga get. Being cool/popular ain’t everything dawg. Being cool has it’s perks when you use it for the right shit. Like Dwayne Wayne from “A Different World” was cool but he made being black and intelligent cool in a era of gangsta rap. A non fiction example would be someone like Denzel Washington. The nigga cool as fuck but he carries himself like a man supposed to. It be the niggas that have the mindset of “I just wanna be cool just cause” that be lame. Being cool only get you so far. It’s the cool niggas who have character, respect, and integrity for not only themselves but display that to other people that really go far. 


Yes Russell Wilson reminds me of Carlton Banks. Yes I would never dress like Russell either but I believe the way black men speak down on him is some of the weirdest and weak behavior I’ve seen in recent memory. I’ve been thinking about our mindset not only as men but as black people when it comes to thinking what’s cool and what’s lame. What we always think is cool be the most toxic shit. Which brings me to Slim Thug’s recent comments. 


I didn’t even know how Russell and Ciara came up in his interview at first because being worried about a married couple that he has no ties to at all was a little strange but he made it known that he was asked “Can a woman who liked bad boys her whole life date good/non street guys. He used Russell and Ciara marriage as an example which I understand. I do agree with him on the part where he said people portray their relationship as this fairytale on social media and in reality the relationship is nowhere near what they've portrayed. I see that all the time with people who aren't famous pretend their relationship is nothing but happy moments so I know it's worse with celebrities with status and pressure to live up to a image. That's where the agreement stops though.   


The fact that he implies that a woman can’t change her preference in the type of men she dates unless she gains monetary stability out of it is laughable. She dated Bow Wow before she dated Future and by the culture definition Bow Wow is a corny/square dude. We could take a poll and the question of the poll could be “Is Bow Wow Corny?” Yes would win in a landslide. So her dating Russell Wilson isn’t that big of a difference actually and even if she dated 100 gangsta niggas it don’t make a difference because she a grown ass woman and people preferences can change. Nigga I used to eat chicken everyday and now I don’t. People grow outta shit. 


Let’s say for example Ciara dated 6 rappers and all 6 rappers showed the same toxic behaviors, what kind of sense would it make for her to keep making the same mistakes in her dating life over and over again? That’s like someone being a coke addict trying to quit cocaine but still hanging out with other coke addicts. What is so hard to believe about a woman who dated the wrong people in her past and she finally meets a man who’s different from those men in her past and that man treats her differently than those men so she embraces him? She’d be a damn fool if she had continued dating the wrong people for her because that’s all she knew and they were “Cool” instead of “Squares” as Slim Thug so eloquently put it.  Insanity is doing the same shit over and over and expecting different results. Ciara is not insane. She grew the fuck up. 


I see women in my life who dated all types of different men. Nerds, street niggas, quiet niggas, funny niggas, there’s nothing uncommon about that. The people who generally want one type of person always have the weakest bonds in their relationships. That’s like saying I can date only toxic chicks in the hood (There's some non toxic queens in the hood too, don't get it twisted) since I’ve dated them all my life. But what happens when enough is enough? What happens when I grow out of that phase of my life and come across that square woman who got a good head on their shoulders and actually loves the fuck outta me and loves to talk about more than just the same bullshit? I’m going to take my chances with her. I used to date the same type of girls. I had a type and I would not explore outside of that type but then I grew up and gained more perspective on shit. I changed. It happens. It’s healthy. 


This one thing I know about my culture. It’s just full mothafuckas who wanna play little boy and little girl games. I know because I used to be one of those little boys. Caring about what car I drive. Where I stay at. What type of woman I dated. If my woman didn’t have a certain body type or nobody knew her I didn’t want her. Then even though I pursued a popular woman I would get insecure about the attention she would get even though it's what I asked for. My decisions in life would be based on what other people thought. The little girls were attracted to little boys like me with the car, popularity, doing hood shit, and together we would focus on dumb shit that in the end doesn’t fulfill us or help us grow at all. That’s little boy shit. I grew up. As a man I seek knowledge today. I seek better health. I seek improving on traits that are not only toxic to myself but to other people. I seek to help people. When I have kids and a wife I seek to make sure they’re healthy mentally and spiritually, loved, and empowered. That’s what a real man does. They make sure their family is good. The negative comments you see against Russell Wilson for just merely treating a beautiful black woman like the Queen she is, knowing what God blessed him with is little boy and little girl talk. 


It’s that “Cool Lunch Table” talk where they laughed at the square kids who couldn’t sit with them at the cool table and the kids they thought were corny and now they work for those kids they made fun of. Now they envy those square kids. People in our community still are stuck in that high school mindset and try to equate it to adulthood. But if you REALLY wanna keep it 100 and think hypothetically about if Future and Russell Wilson went to the same high school. Russell wouldn’t have been a unpopular nigga. He a all American athlete in baseball and Football. He would be the star Quarterback. Emily, Kendall, and Hailey are throwing their pancake asses in his direction and he would’ve cuffed one of em and the black dudes would flame him but he knows he’s gonna win in the long run so Russell not tripping. Future would be that cool nigga who show up with the same 70 page notebook and pen to class and always in ISS (In School Suspension) but he got bitches. If we really wanna keep it a buck, I think if we put majority of the niggas taking shit about Russell Wilson in the ring with him with some gloves Russell would wash a lot of these guys high key. The square guy would probably beat they ass. 


This what’s square and what’s cool way of thinking that a lot of black men have is so counterproductive. If I use my platform to keep saying that guys like Russell Wilson are cornballs and guys like Future is whats cool then what do you think the kids that look up to me are gonna do? They’re gonna think everything Future raps about and how he acts is the life they should live and they’re gonna repeat the toxic behaviors they see and hear about instead of thinking Russell Wilson’s life is cool. It’s a cycle. 


Moral of the story, Not every woman has a specific type and it’s not weird that they date different types of men and If being corny or square means I get a Black Queen as my wife, I stay out of prison, I love who I am and I’m comfortable in my skin then sign me the fuck up. Please. But I’m not dressing like Russell. That’s where I draw the line. I’m too much of a baddie to downgrade my wardrobe. 


Let’s ask Ja Rule what he thinks about this next. 




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