It’s been a whole ass week since she heard from this hazelnut colored nigga Nathan. And Issa goofy ass stressing. This bitch is nuts.

Notice how the inspirations for Issa’s block party have gone to shit. Afropunk is not Afropunk anymore. SXSW is not the same anymore. I remember you could deadass walk into a bar on 6th street and see Just Blaze DJ’ing or Alchemist DJ’ing. When the money comes in that’s when shit gets trash. I just go to those things to get drunk and eat edibles.

When it showed Taye Diggs followed Issa I thought to myself “Aye didn’t this nigga take a selfie with his whole ass out?” I started cackling out loud. And does that nigga really have on a fedora on in his profile pic like a weird ass drama student?

I think I’m the only nigga alive that doesn’t take their phone into the bathroom when I shower. I’m leaving it out. A shorty can go through my shit. I don’t care. All you gone find is thousands of notes from writing ideas and a bunch of memes and funny ass pictures in my photo album.

This Asian nigga looks like he owns 6 strip clubs and a casino. Good to see Molly not make an ass of herself for once. She on the longest losing streak ever.

King Lawrence doesn’t need church. Church needs King Lawrence. King Lawrence did not obtain all those varieties of titties to wash away all of our sins to go to church.

Niggas don’t need church. They just need to eat a woman from the back and some diced pineapples and they will be sanctified and saved. Just be a good guy.

Chad look like a church ass nigga though.

Chad is right there is all bitches at church and all of em be with the shits.

I can’t imagine ever waiting and pressed for somebody to contact me. I’m always doing something so I never notice.

Some nigga gone hit Issa with the heart eyes emoji in her Instagram comments like a rookie.

Pussy has the power. I’m not understanding why Issa doesn’t understand this. Don’t matter if you bust it open on a Ferris wheel, treehouse, or a spaceship. Niggas only live for pussy. It’s never going outta style. Leave that shortbread cookie colored nigga alone and watch him come back.

I like the fact that Issa is going over every possible reason of why this nigga hasn’t contacted her in a week. When a nigga make you self doubt yourself like that then that nigga not good for your health.


If Issa don’t know this nigga momma then there is no reason to be sweating this nigga.

If Issa would take that same energy in stalking this nigga and put that energy into her block party she could have Coachella in the hood. Men are only placed on earth to distract. Knock those goals out first, eat good food, make sure the family straight, and then think about niggas. Priorities hoe.

If any woman DM’d "me “Hey you cute are you single?” I’d instantly think “This bitch the feds.” I know there’s a lot of dumb niggas but if any man falls for that weak ass line Issa wrote they are afraid to read out loud.

This preacher damn near a rapper and shit. King Lawrence is above this cornball shit. The moment that preacher said “Slide outta these DM’s” I knew that nigga was spending the church money on bitches that work at Onyx.

I think preachers would reach younger people better if they empathize with them instead of talking down on their activities and trying to sound hip while doing it. Young people not giving that social media shit up. They have brains. Talk to them like adults.

I knew this nigga Chad was a church nigga! I told yall!!! It was the haircut that convinced me.

This Torean nigga that Molly works with has the perfect head to slap the back of. Nigga look like a created player on a Playstation 1 game.

When Chad said “All right my niggas. See you next Sunday.” and then sang “Wade in the water” when he walked away from Lawrence He was the unanimous MVP for the episode.

Okay the shorty Lawrence met at church is combination plate fine. Titties on Holy Ghost and praise dance levels.

Just when I think Molly is on the right path with somebody she fucks it up. Andrew did nothing wrong. She brought up him hooking up with his homie girl and he brought up her hooking up with Dro and she started acting weak as fuck. If anything all she had to say was “Hey I’m sensitive about that subject and I don’t wanna speak about it” and change the subject or just be real about it and speak on it. She do the most for no reason at all. Always shooting herself in the foot.

Issa behind on her block party project, she fucking up her job, all over a nigga that looks like he doesn’t like his food touching on his plate. Tragic. This is a lesson to all my niggas out there. Get a woman who puts her purpose and goals over you. Somebody who focused.

Issa really stalking this nigga on some crackhead shit scratching her neck like Tyrone Biggums on Andrew’s porch like “You got any of those khaki colored niggas in there?” She really went in this nigga room and went through his shit and that is beyond foul. If any woman ever pressed bout a nigga like that then they do not love themselves. It’s looking like this parmesan cheese skin ass nigga dodged a bullet.

I like Andrew bruh. He be talking that real shit. And yes both molly’s are fucked up.

Aye bruh. This scene with them in the car about to leave Andrew crib I just keep thinking “Damn these hoes some losers.” Like who does shit like this at 30 years old? Molly giving advice is like Brad Pitt telling me how to be hood. It makes no sense.

When the church girl told King Lawrence how involved she was in church he was looking like “Aw you go to church church.” He was like nah the coochie gotta be mid. Abort mission.

If a shorty asked me to go to bible study I’ll text her back “Who all gone be there?”

I know King Lawrence is saying in his head “Knew I was gone get bitch back” *Future voice* But forreal though it’s good to see Issa and Lawrence hang together. They have the most balance outta everybody they been with. They’re opposites and they just work good together.


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