I understand Ghost and Tommy frustration but The bird made the right call on this one. Yes the risk of Tariq getting killed was high but aye it worked. Once again a black woman said “I’ll do it myself" and got the job done. 



Tariq thinks he the shit now.  Why ain’t nobody whooped this boy ass? 




Tariq think he Bishop from Juice. This nigga wanna be a gangsta. Boy if you don’t take yo trapezoid head ass back to school. 



Angela out her damn mind if she think she can start over with Ghost. One of you niggas going to jail or dying. There is no happy ending. Niggas in too deep at this point. Especially her. She sloppy with shit. 




How many times these cops gonna visit Teresi? Damn lock his ass back up. I’m tired of Mak non acting ass. Niggas more annoying than Greg was. 





Did she just ask this man “You ain’t killed nobody right?” What in the entire fuck bruh. Tommy the biggest distributor in New York. You don’t get that title without killing people. Get this bird outta my sight immediately. 




Dre got demoted. That nigga ego as big as his nose. You know his nose bout to start talking all shit to him and how he should fight back. He gone want revenge. 




Proctor wearing a wire. This bitch made punk. 




Suit O Dog looking weak these days. He look like that nigga that used to have stripes in the hood but then get on drugs and that nigga just ain’t got the sauce no more.  




Tommy running his mouth about the serb to Teresi. Tommy can’t never shut the fuck up. He’s the most trusting human in history.  




Tommy hate Ghost cause he not Ghost. It ain’t got shit to do with Ghost keeping him outta the loop with plans. 





Cristobal copping pleas to Dre’s Nose. Not Dre the human. Nobody scared of Dre but his nose yeah niggas worried bout that fade. Cristobal better smash Alicia. She should’ve been got wrecked. 




Tariq visits Vincent about moving weight and it’s smart. Tariq growth is crazy. He developing better as a character than anyone on the show. 




All of New York know where Angela stays. 




Fuck the police and Angela for at least not waiting for 1 of Alicia’s titties to come out. 




Mak & Saxe acted like Chris brown when Frank Ocean won that Grammy when Angela arrested Alicia. 




Mak tells Angela Teresi is his snitch. Now why in the fuck would he do that? 



Teresi doesn’t give up Tommy but gives up Ghost. Damn he loves Tommy now. 



Sammy should’ve just left it alone and pretend he ain’t hear shit and come up with his own plan. Instead he got his dumbass killed. 



Damn Vincent seen the photos. Welp Teresi is a deadman. 





Proctor pulled the wolf of Wall Street with Ghost. He hella real for that shit. And everything said about Angela is facts. Ghost whole life has been fucked up because she is his weakness. 




Tommy really wanna tell Vincent that these pics are photoshopped but he knows it’s real. 




This nigga Tariq named himself Erick with a K & bout to spread Kanan ashes over Pelle belle leather jackets.




Tommy really bout to kill this man. When Tommy shuts the fuck up you know somebody dying. 



Tommy really took him to see Connie and then murdered him and left him stretched on his parents gravesite. The savagery. At this point Tommy has nothing to live for. 




Angela fucked up and Proctor was right. She snitching. How the fuck did she not see this coming though? She gotta have something up her sleeve. She smarter than that. 





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