The GOAT finally gets to tell his story. The legend that once fried chicken in cocaine. Pablo Escobar didn’t even do no hall of fame shit like that. These are the life and times of The Original Bad Boy of R&B and Cocaine Cowboy.. Bobby Brown.


Okay they started it out with my GOAT on the stretcher like Ace from Paid N Full. 


My nigga Young Bobby look like a young Forest Whitaker but the with a good eye. 


I know Bobby homie did not just get stole on and stabbed by this “Breakin” movie looking ass nigga with this Just For Me kit in his head. 


Damn Ashley Banks still fine cuz. 


Bobby momma crazy and nobody plays a aint shit momma better than Namond momma. She the Jennifer Lewis of ain’t shit mommas. 


Bobby got the blow in the briefcase like a prime Re-Up Gang verse from Pusha-T. Got the cocaine wrapped in foil like Hustle-Man’s chitterling loaf. 


Aye my family the same way. They be hyping my creative ass up.


Damn dude flaming Bobby in front his shorty then tried to Swiss cheese The Goat with the tooly? Yeah stump that nigga out. 


Get the strap Bobby!


Bobby momma was a Queenpin. They really having a real heart to heart about whose drug dealing is more justifiable. Yeah this nigga Bobby was doomed from the start. 


Bobby asked his brother Tommy to be his manager. This reminds me of the MC Hammer movie that used to play on VH1 all the time. 


Tommy making this Al B Sure nigga look stupid 


His baby momma looked pissed


Ralph & Bobby we’re always the closest. Cool to see them talk about doing more rap influenced records cause those 2 were always rapping on their shit. This is where the Bad Boy was born. 


Teddy The Goat! And he needs a mothafucking movie right the fuck now. 


Play Rock Wit cha at my wedding. 


My Prerogative the greatest breakthrough record ever. Birthed the bad boy era. You wouldn’t have a lot of these R&B niggas because of it. They’d still be singing 




Bobby having 4 somes and then going to work. That’s how you know that nigga is immortal. I get tired after eating 2 donuts. This nigga went to shoot a video after fucking 4 bitches at once. 


Why B.E.T make Janet giggle like that in her first scene. They ain’t shit for that. 


Bobby bought Janet a car. He the most dedicated side nigga ever. 


Bobby wearing Janet out and that’s how you know he sprung off Janet. You can throw Janet coochie in the air and it’ll turn into The Care Bears. Janet not dating niggas. Jermaine Dupri was her first. 


Bobby shot his shot and got that date. What’s funny is that Bobby thought Whitney would be like Janet & be ashamed of him. He was fully prepared to fulfill side nigga duties. 


Bobby baby momma tried to run off Whitney but telling her Bobby had kids. Which was smart strategy. Shorties don’t like niggas with kids but this not no normal woman. This is Whitney fucking Houston. 



Why they pressuring Bobby to marry Whitney? Why are they trying to ruin their lives? 


Kim threw the pussy with 4th and 17 with 0:06 left in the 4th quarter. She scored. 


Bobby did the most simple proposal after cheating on Whitney. What a mighty GOAT we serve!!!! 


This nigga bout to give his life to Whitney. This my nigga but he trippin trippin. All I’m giving my shorty is good dick, food, and peace of mind. Not my businesses. 


Whitney wanted to steal on Bobby so bad but aye look on the bright side y’all having twins. 


Whitney miscarried and yeah Bobby caused that. 


Bobby locks himself in the bathroom cause he nervous bout his wedding and the funny part bout this is that it’s his future wife that lectures him about not being nervous. 


Bobby seen Whitney doing coke for the first time on their wedding day. THIS IS DELICIOUS!!!! 


Whitney petty as fuck for saying ITS 3:52 to Bobby after he said it’s 4am. Whitney evil as hell for that. 


Damn his son called another man Daddy?? I know that hurt. 


You know that toxic make up sex is fire. Not worth the trouble but damn you can’t help but imagine. 



Tommy told his momma that Bobby is a coke addict and his momma don’t give a fuck. GO GET YOUR SON!!!!! That’s not Tommy responsibility. My momma would’ve showed up on my porch with my uncles and aunts and knocked on my door and yelling “IT’S JUST US AND THE GUNS!” 


Bobby sick of Robyn shit. He slapped that plate out that woman hand like it was coleslaw on it and told her to run the fade. We all know Robyn tapped Bobby jaw in real life. That woman can post niggas up, drop step, and dunk on em. That’s a big woman. 


Sealy got killed and for the life of me I don’t understand why he passed the gun to Bobby. If you see niggas pulling up lurking slow you hop out with the tooly and fire first. That’s crazy. 


Bobby seeing that everybody he’s close to gets killed. I see where this is going. Part 2 is gonna be some sad shit. Get the tissues. 



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