Soma is a scorpio just like me and that’s why he’s the mothafuckin best. 


Here are some things we can learn from Soma Yukihira. 





No matter how big the obstacles. Soma looks at them like they ain’t shit. It’s not because he thinks the obstacle will be a breeze to overcome. Soma looks at it like “Fuck it what do I have to lose?” He tries and if the outcome doesn’t go the way he wants he uses the loss as a lesson and opportunity to work.  Some of us see obstacles as an opportunity to find a shortcut and while that may work out for the moment in getting us pass that obstacle ere always comes a time in the future where the shortcuts don’t work anymore. If we would’ve attacked the obstacle in the past and took that opportunity to learn then the future wouldn’t have been so rough. When the obstacle presents itself that’s your cue to try to rise to the occasion. 





Out the gate Soma makes it known that he’s not at Totsuki Culinary Academy to fuck around with any other chef. He said he didn’t plan on losing to some bunch that has never stood in front of clients and he’d use them all as stepping stones and that he’s taking the top spot. THAT’S BIG TITTY ENERGY RIGHT THERE! Soma said what he said and he didn’t take none of that shit back. HE STOOD ON IT. No matter if he won or lost a cooking duel he never wavered on that statement. You never saw any signs of regret in Soma for that affirmation. The majority of the school hated him from that moment and vowed to take him down and get him expelled. He put a bullseye on his back and didn’t fold up like no bitch after he did it. You have to claim your goals. Before you even start you have to claim what you want. There’s a difference between saying you “want” to achieve something and you “will” achieve something.  





Soma’s optimism is on Ultra Instinct levels. Whenever there’s a bad situation he always falls back on optimism. He never has a lack of optimism. Regardless of what situation he’s in he looks at it as he gets to do what he loves and that’s cook. When you refuse to accept the negative, things will work for you more often than not. Your chances of winning are much higher when you’re optimistic. Stop telling yourself you don’t stand a chance and start telling yourself you do stand a chance and everything will work out. Soma approaches everything with a high level of optimism and that’s the key to his calmness in intense situations. He refuses to panic because his optimism is telling him he’s going to be okay regardless of what happens and he cannot perform at his best if he’s panicking in a kitchen. Nothing good comes from being nervous in those types of settings and Soma learned that from his father and he’s never forgotten that lesson and that’s why he’s achieved what he’s achieved so far. 





When Soma beats the shit outta people in the kitchen he never talks down on them. He never gloats. He always wants to taste their food after their duel regardless if he won or lost. He’s a great sportsman. He respects his opposition. He respects the competition. When you respect your competition you know you have to bring your A-game. You won’t skip over the little details because you know your opponent is formidable. You take your craft more seriously than normal. Respecting your opponent is key to your success. 





Soma is a kid who bets it all. That’s how much confidence he has in himself and how passionate he is about what he does. He tries new things to his cooking skills during mid duel. He’s always willing to innovate and try new things with his style of cooking. He doesn’t limit himself and that’s a huge gamble to take because he’s unsure of the outcome. He’s dish could taste awful and he could lose because of it but his optimism and confidence allows him to be the ultimate risk taker.  You gotta take risks in life and try new things because those risks have the potential to unlock something inside of you. You’ll open your world to something you may never thought you needed. You don’t always have to be on the defense in life. It’s also not healthy. Be on the offense and take some risks! Live a little. 





What’s interesting about Soma is that he’s always the underdog because of his background and environment. He’s looked down upon because he’s a diner chef. He doesn’t have the prestigious stripes and background as damn near everyone who attends Totsuki but he be whooping they ass in the Shokugeki’s. It shows you that Soma’s perception of what he does and the environment he was raised in as a chef didn’t handicap him as a chef. The normal way of thinking would be “I cook at a diner there is no way I could be as good as a gourmet chef.” Soma looks at it as “My cooking is no different from your cooking and it doesn’t matter what setting it’s done in.” The one thing he has over all his opponents is that he worked in a diner so he has experiences his rivals and peers haven’t had yet. Cooking in his father’s diner gave him a solid foundation of the basics of cooking and he’s able to adapt in tough situations because of it. It doesn’t matter where you went to school. I doesn’t matter where you grew up. Can you get the job done? Are you better than who’s placed in front of you. Your perception of your environment can either hinder you or give you an advantage. It’s all about how you view it. Soma views his upbringing as a blessing while almost everyone else views it as a joke and that’s why he’s able elevate above them. It’s all about how you view your situation. 





Soma has an infectious personality. He befriends almost everyone he comes across. Even if they hate Soma they eventually will be won over by his personality. Soma is always willing to help his friends before he helps himself. He’s the most selfless character on the anime. You get further in life when you’re a selfless friend and show people their value and help thing bring the best out of themselves. Soma even helps his opponents after he beats them. That’s how selfless he is and how you should be too. 




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