My favorite comedian and the greatest stand up comedian to ever live once said 

“When I’m bombing the worst thing to ever do is to try and not bomb. The best thing to do is take everybody to die.” - Patrice O’neal 

He’s absolutely correct. When you’re bombing on stage the audience won’t help you. Fuck them and just go out in a blaze of glory. There are no words of encouragement. All they see is you in a box and they’re ready to lower you into the ground and throw dirt on you. And in today’s era they’ve already done it while you’re bombing because all it takes is one tweet or one snapchat video and a visual of your failure have already reached hundreds in under 5 minutes. The failure is the better story. It’s sexier. It’s more entertaining. Immediately you saw a man at Tiffany Haddish show with his phone out recording her bombing and it was all over the world literally in minutes. Now you see why phones are usually banned at high profile comedian shows. That guy was lame by the way. Just walk out. All the recording and other shit was unnecessary.

Tiffany Haddish bombed hard at a NYE show in Miami and people were outraged. The people there were outraged and rightfully so. I don’t know how much Tiffany Haddish tickets go for but if I pay for some shit and you’re unprepared and have a terrible performance I will be pissed. Male. Female. I don’t give a fuck. Unless I get my money back or there will be a makeup show I will never pay to see you live again. I’d take my chances on watching a special on HBO, Netflix, Comedy Central, or Showtime. I get the outrage from the people who actually attended the show. You get dressed the fuck up, the show starts late then there isn’t even a show? You drinking on stage and inviting me to drink with you? I could’ve drank at home. She was drinking vodka on stage too…. Vodka is child’s drink. Fuck nah I ain’t drinking with you. Yeah I’d be big mad. 

I just don’t understand the insults from people who weren’t there. Nothing in your life was inconvenienced by Tiffany Haddish bombing on stage in a city you’re not even in. People have been waiting for her to fall and when she had a bad night that was the green light to destroy any part of her they could. 

Now I’m not a Tiffany Haddish fan. I watched the last special she had and I didn’t laugh and from that moment I knew her type of stand up comedy wasn’t my cup of tea and I just kept it moving. “Girls Trip” was one of those movies where I laughed the first time I saw it but the second time I wasn’t feeling it. It got old fast. My humor weird and I’m picky when it comes to stand up comedy. I like George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Patrice O’Neal, Robin Harris, Bernie Mac, Hannibal Burress. I’m real particular and Stand up comedy is hard as fuck man. 

I have comedians I’m a fan of their television and movie work but I’m not a fan of their stand up. The Lucas Bros are a good example of this. I love their TV work but their stand up work I just couldn’t get with. Same with Pete Holmes. I watched about 15 minutes of his stand up comedy on HBO 3 days ago and I wanted to be ran over by a forklift instead but I love his HBO show “Crashing.” Kevin Hart stand up comedy has never impressed me but I like some of his movies. Aziz Ansari I feel the same way about. Stand up comedy is a different type of beast. I watched Sommore stand up special last week and thought to myself “Damn that shit looks hard but she’s killing it.” She’s been doing it for 20 plus years. You could be doing stand up comedy for years and have an AWFUL night. Tiffany been doing stand up comedy for more than a decade and she bombed. The size of the venue and audience she bombed in front of magnified her situation even more. Usually when a comedian has a crowd that size and bombs it’s usually a bombing of the meltdown type. Where they’re high as fuck, drunk as fuck, or just personally going through some shit and they take it with them on stage.

But it’s like I said before in previous posts, Tiffany Haddish suffers from the same shit that Kevin Hart went through. When the public sees you too much and see you in EVERYTHING they want to get rid of you. It doesn’t matter how nice you are, how caring you are, or if you didn’t do anything to anybody our people for some strange reason wants to get you the fuck up outta there. They find the next funny person to glorify and then repeat the cycle. They only do this with comedians though. Before the cheating and homophobic slur news people were already trying to get rid of Kevin Hart because they were tired of seeing him. He’s at every award show, every all star game, SNL, ESPN, every TV special, 5 movies per year and people were sick of him and he did nothing to nobody. Tiffany is going through the same shit. She’s everywhere and people are sick of seeing her and when that happens they always try to destroy you. Some people like me just pay her no mind. I see her nae-naeing for the 1000th time and I just take my attention elsewhere but other people not like that. In the summer of 2017 Tiffany Haddish was untouchable like a made mafia boss. Everybody was in love with her story and personality. Now not even 2 years later people are kicking her while she’s down. 

As far as Tiffany being criticized about being loud, ghetto, etc I don’t think that’s fair. That shit don’t bother me for real. She does play the same roles but so does Owen Wilson and nobody gives him shit for it. Now will I watch either of them play the same roles over and over again. No because I’m not into their comedy but I’m not about to give them shit about it (Actually “The Last O.G” is pretty funny and Tiffany is in that and I recommend that show to anybody). I love Luenell because she’s loud. She’s one of my favorite stand up comedians ever so it wouldn’t make sense for me to trip off Tiffany doing the same shit. Somebody love the shit so let her do her. 

The only thing that worries me about Tiffany bad night is the fact she forgot her material. I’ve heard and seen comedians bombing by the audience just not laughing or getting heckled to the point that they can’t get through the material but it’s rare I see a comedian of Tiffany’s stature forget their material and read it off a iPad. It’s possible that she may have too much on her plate and her preparation wasn’t the greatest but that’s not a good sign going forward and I hope she gets that together. 

At the end of the day it’s okay to not like a person work but you can shut the fuck up about it though. There’s no need to try to bury them. Tiffany didn’t deserve none of that. And if something tragic were to happen to Tiffany those same people praying she fail would be the first showing fake sympathy. I hope Tiffany learns from NYE and bounces back. 


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