These weirdos physically graduated high school but mentally never graduated. I guess life not worth exploring. 

Here are the people that you know high school was it for them. 

The most common shit is “What high school did you go to.” Some would say this is a thing in St.Louis but after a certain age that shit not even relevant. The people who be grown as fuck and still judge people on what high school they went to most definitely lived their best days in high school and have mentally gone downhill since. 

Their maturity factor. It’s just some things and people you outgrow in life. You can tell if someone hasn’t matured whether it’s on social media or you’ve made the terrible mistake of running into them in public. The same drama. Only care about bullshit. Always into fights or arguments. No accountability. No responsibility. Still living for the weekends. I once ran into someone I did not chill with at all in high school and we happened to have a mutual friend and we all went to this event and they told me that I’m nothing like I was in high school and that’s one of the greatest compliments I ever received. It’s called growth. My interests are different. I’ve met all types of people. I’ve been places I didn’t go to in high school. Being the same person is not an option for me. 

A person who has literally no friends outside of their friends they’ve went to high school with are weird. “But But But Benny what if they grew up together?” So out of 7 billion people in the world you don’t have a friend that wasn’t around you in high school or college? I’m not talking acquaintances either. I’m talking actual friendship. Been to each other cribs. Can actually call you for emergencies type friendship. If you been hanging out with the same high school circle and have made no friends outside of that circle then you must have the social skills of Curly from Hey Arnold. They’re afraid to let go of those 4 years or they’re just lame. 

If somebody always telling you about their knees failing before the scouts seen them every time an athletic activity is played as adults that means they peaked in high school and that was it for them. They’re Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite. You didn’t win state. You didn’t get into D1. It wasn’t your grades. You just weren’t good enough and that’s okay. You know how exceptional you have to be to play pro sports? Let it go bruh. We don’t look at you any less because you didn’t make it to pro sports. We only look down on you because it’s been a decade and you keep reminding us of the shit. I only came here to exercise and get buckets, not be reminded of your glory days. 

If you still trying to fuck people you went to high school with you weird. Now of course everyone has had that one person from high school where you run into em randomly catch up and you end up fucking. It happens but I’m talking about people who do it consistently. Like damn you don’t know nobody else? You don’t wanna meet nobody else? 

“I used to talk to him” Bitch no the fuck you did not I was 15 years old that don’t fucking count. These people are the worst. I’m sorry but bodies/people you fucked in high school are the equivalent of grades in a job interview. Nobody give a fuck about those grades. Who are you now and what can you do for me now? That’s what’s important. People wanna call you a hoe and bring up what you used to do in high school every chance they get especially if they see you’ve changed and got a beautiful partner and family of your own. Some people don’t even live in the same city anymore and people still talking about them. They still stuck and they’ve seen you’ve moved on to better things and wanna bring up old shit. They jealous. Go build a time machine jealous ass bitch. 

People who got bullied I feel you. I get it. If it’s super traumatizing go seek help and start the process of letting it go. I’m trying to be as sensitive as I can with you but most of you just got joaned on and majority of the time it was deserved. There’s kids that attempted suicide, had eating disorders, very traumatic experiences and I understand if they still feel the effects of those teenage years. A bunch of people rejecting a date with you because they’re not attracted to you is not bullying. They just weren’t attracted to you. Thats it and nothing more. People still care about what those people think and still try to impress those people today! It’s insane. Nobody cares. Fuck a revenge body and get in shape for yourself not them. Let it go. 

I’m a just say this ….

For some people high school and college was the peak of their life. The peak of when a building or campus full of people actually gave a fuck about what they thought and what they were doing everyday. And when that’s over and they still think they matter and they realize nobody gives a fuck about them or their thoughts that feeling sinks in. They have to go be adults and some people accept this and just keep living life  and others try to obsessively hold onto that time. 

Everybody reminisces about things especially if it’s something funny and that’s okay but the people that still have the mentality of the high school version of themselves in their late 20’s and early 30’s is fucking weird. It’s like I said before those people peaked at that time socially and mentally and they have nowhere else to go mentally and it’s the saddest shit ever. 

The reason I can let go of high school so easily is because I didn’t care for my experience in high school. It was boring. I went to a predominately white school and couldn’t relate to 99% of the people in that mothafucka. All I would do is show up, earn my F’s, and listen to Roc-A-Fella albums. I wasn’t in the mood to do anything in high school because I was a minority. I didn’t give a fuck about prom. Didn’t care to get a date. I just went because my momma was on my back about it. If it wasn’t for her I would’ve skipped that shit. That shit was wack as fuck. Didn’t care to play sports seriously. My family threw me a graduation party and I slept through that shit. I did not give a fuck bout anything connected to high school. 

I graduated a decade and some change ago and my way of thinking has completely evolved. As it should. I mean my teenage years are well behind me but the times I run into people I went to school with majority of the time they haven’t changed at all and it’s fucking strange. It’s strange because they want to stop and small talk and I rather smell uncleaned chitterlings than small talk and I’m just looking at them like they’re stupid like “Why are you forcing this?” We didn’t talk to each other back then why are we talking now? Plus almost everybody I went to school with is prejudice as fuck. The climate we living in now brought out the real and evil out of the people I went to high school with and nothing brought me greater joy than deleting them off my social media. 

I skipped my class reunion because I don’t want to be around majority of those people, and I don’t care to know what they’re up to. That shit pointless. It’s over dawg. 

In conclusion. My bitches are badder, I’m the greatest writer ever, I’m healthier, my hairline is still worthy of museum display, I’m ravishing as fuck and I look like I’m still in high school but I’m not in high school mentally or physically. You shouldn’t be either. It’s over. Deal with it. Grow. 


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