Ego closes the mind and dismisses ideas. Any idea that is presented to a person who has no control of their ego is going to go one of two ways. They’re going to be unfairly critical of that idea no matter if the idea is brilliant or not or pretend to support the idea and find a way to sabotage it. Whether it be undermining the idea or just not putting their best foot forward into bringing that idea to life. 

When building a team in creativity or business a person with an ego has a difficult time retaining team members or employees because they hold every person they allow into their circle to their standard. If I hired a writer I wouldn’t expect that writer to write as much as me. I just need someone who’s not lazy and someone who’s committed. Some people aren’t meant to build teams or work environments. If that’s the case they may just need to be alone which there’s nothing wrong with that. You see people build empires by themselves all the time. Some people have such an ego that they believe that they must have employees or they’re not a boss. They feel they have to have workers or their business isn’t real. Believing that you would slow yourself down if you hired someone isn’t ego. That’s self awareness. Now if your’re drowning and refusing to ask for help and continue to work by yourself then that’s when the ego is present but if you’re steady and things are good and you rather work alone there is nothing wrong with that. 

Ego makes you think everyone is competition and that everyone is a threat. You’re always keeping score. I have nothing against competition when it’s being used for you wanting to improve and step your shit up. When it’s used in any other way it’s draining. 

Ego makes you think you know everything and can never be wrong. I’m wrong about something everyday and I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. If I tried something creatively that didn’t work out then I admit it failed and I was wrong. Ego will not allow you to move that way. 

Ego can not allow you to admit when something is better than what you did and go about your business. That’s how I knew I was grown. When someone did something better than me and I told them what a great job they did and I went about my business and continued working. 

Ego makes people entitled. Ego and entitlement go hand in hand. It’s Frick and Frack. The ego makes you think you deserve shit. You deserve to have your things supported. You deserve attention. The people owe you. They don’t.  

Ego always have you looking in the rear view talking about what you did in the past. Nobody gives a fuck about your old accomplishments. If it’s a milestone then sure but when you’re constantly bringing up old shit day in and day out. It’s time to make room for something new. You gain strength by looking forward not backwards. That’s why I never bring up anything I wrote in the past. Once I release it I don’t care anymore and I feel free when I finish and release my work to people. Now I have the freedom to create something new. 

Ego disconnects you from the world. You don’t have the ability to empathize with anyone and you live in a world of delusion. All you do is blame everyone but yourself when things go wrong and you take more than you give. This is why celebrities are always saying and doing dumb shit. Their ego has them so out of touch with humanity that it’s laughable but sickening. 

Ego is blind to honesty only want yes men around. The ego will not allow people to receive feedback. They would rather get rid of the real people around them who tell them the truth about themselves and their actions instead of improving skill wise or as a human being. 

Last but not least. The people with huge ego’s love is conditional…… things always have to be seen in their way and from their perspective no matter what or they won’t show you love. That’s not love. That’s sadness. 


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