Happy Thursday.

Some people have reached out to me stating that they’ve started the new year by embarking on a journey of owning their own business and starting their creative marathon.

Here are 10 characteristics you want to have on your adventure.


You have people who chase the check and whatever they have to do to get the check they will do it. You have people who will not look at the money and just do what they enjoy. You have people who do both and that’s the position we want as the end goal but enjoying what you do is the most important because all the things you don’t want to do isn’t as difficult if you love what you’re doing. You love what you’re chasing. So if you’re a individual who’s on the fence about what direction to go in or what to start my advice is to go in the direction of what you enjoy to do. Go towards what energizes you cause that’s what’s going to matter long term. 


The people who value time are the people who gets things done. They execute ideas. They know how to start. They are not concerned about making things perfect or waiting until things are perfect to start anything. They also value other people time. Everything counts. To people who don’t value time they will think you’re crazy or you’re stuck up. 


As the owner of your brand you have to make it a point to understand who you are. When you understand who you are this makes it easier to understand the people who invest their time and money into you. You’ll know what’s best for you and your brand if you have a clear sense of what makes you tick and what’s not for you. 


If your brand is built around a positive image that’s going to make things go smoother for you. Future Business transactions for your brand will be determined by this. Everything you tweet. Every picture you post. Those things matter. Everyone doesn’t think how you think or truly know you so people will always make assumptions about you based on what they see and hear. It’s not always fair but it’s the truth. Don’t give people ammo. People want to shop with people who have their work in order and don’t have their name in bullshit. You have to move like you always making a first impression even with repeat customers and let positivity drive your brand. 


I’m learning that it’s always better to keep a level head while I’m building up my brand and to always keep a calm demeanor even when my brand is thriving. There’s times where you have a legit reason to cuss someone out or expose people but it never benefits your brand at all. It’s so pointless. I rather keep my cool and if some fucked up business occurs. I just chill and move on. I know not to do business with that brand/person and learn from my mistake. 


Constantly investing in yourself is a great path to victory for your brand especially if you’re investing in the right things. If you ever seen the comedy film “This Is 40” don’t be like Pete and buy a neon glowing sign for thousands of dollars for a business that doesn’t need a neon glowing sign. You want to invest in what you need, not what you want. Don’t invest in a space that you don’t need. Not everything needs a building or an office. Some people are just giving money away when mobility works better in their favor. The people who invest in themselves are the people who are serious and want to win. 


I will never give myself the chance to blame anyone else if something goes wrong. If I had a bad experience doing business with someone then I’ll blame myself for putting myself in that position. I don’t care who’s at fault. I take accountability and continue my business. Your time needs to be spent on building the best situation for your brand and not worrying about if someone else sees what they did was wrong or waiting for them to make it right or waiting for an apology from them. When you take the blame and move on you don’t give people the opportunity to say you’re an opportunist and trying to milk the situation. You’ve already moved on. Leave the trivial shit for the people who don’t wanna grow. 


There’s no shameful promoting when it’s just you and your brand. No need to apologize for promoting your brand all over the timelines on any of the social media platforms. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Who gives a fuck if someone is annoyed by it. You’re not personally sending them anything so who cares. Buy Instagram and Facebook ads. Do photo shoots. Make videos and promote all of it all the time. Use these platforms to your advantage. Study what’s working and what’s not working and come up with creative ways to promote your brand. 


One of the most underrated things you can do is actually give attention to the people who follow you and buy your product. When you personally respond to a person that had something nice to say about your brand that goes a long way. Plus the bulk of the money you make is going to come from people who’ve shopped with you before and continue to shop with you. People remember little things like this because it’s a big deal. Shows that you’re relatable and accessible. 


There are really no outside factors that motivate me to do what I do. I need no inspiration or motivation to help me write. I just like what I do. You’re not motivated to do what you do all the time that’s why you gotta love what you do. Motivation fades. Inspiration fades. Loving your work cause it energizes you doesn’t. 


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