Spoilers ahead.

The moment this movie was announced was the moment I finally loved something more than titties. I never thought we’d ever hear from Broly again after 3 movies and 2 of those movies were mid. Bio Broly was the Gillberg of Dragonball movies. Anyway. The fact that the legend Akira Toriyama is behind the story of Broly for the first time is LARGE. I just knew that there was no way this movie could be trash. It was a guaranteed hit like 3 Margaritas with a Taco Tuesday. It can’t miss. 

I was right as fuck. Broly just might be the greatest Dragonball movie. The World’s Strongest is still my personal favorite but I wouldn’t be upset if someone said Dragonball Super Broly was the best. 

If you never watched Dragonball this not one of those movies you could just  hop in watch and get into. It’s not like a movie like “Deadpool” where you don’t have to read the comics to enjoy it. You might be lost. 

Let me just say some random shit about this epic mothafucking movie. 

First of all fuck Gohan. He wasn’t in this movie but thank the lord he wasn’t. Gohan disappoint me more than the Fifth season of Martin. If they didn’t write his character to be such a bitch he could’ve been in this movie and made it more epic but instead this niggas wearing Carlton Banks sweaters n shit. 

Second. I’m tired of Freiza. Let me just put that out there. I’m tired of seeing him but he actually fit the story so I let it slide. Frieza came into the movie like the baddest bitch on the planet. Basically Frieza was New York from Flavor Of Love. 

Vegeta took a L before he was a 1 year old. Broly was considerably stronger than him as a newborn and I thought immediately “Damn they already shitting on Vegeta.” The guy has had 2 decades of L’s. C’mon Deebo stall him out.

This is the first Dragonball movie where the story was really on point and we’re actually given legit history and back story which helps flesh out all the characters. All these characters we’ve been watching for 10 plus years were compelling as fuck like we didn’t know who they fuck they were and that was so fucking beautiful. The history of Planet Vegeta was on point. Seeing Bardock was dope. Seeing King Vegeta be a jealous hoe ass nigga was funny too. The backstory set the movie up for success. 

The animation was perfect. Best animation in Dragonball history. It was too on point and I can’t wait to watch this beautiful shit on my TV. 

The most compelling shit bout this movie is Broly. Just like the way Thanos stole the show in Infinity War. Broly stole the show in this film and it wasn’t his fighting that stole the show. It was his personality and emotion. Broly was actually a curious and compassionate character. I was already rooting for Broly before I even stepped into the theater because I just wanted him to wreck shit but when you watch his upbringing and everything he went through he didn’t seem like a villain to you anymore. He was manipulated, tortured, and never given a fair shot. His father thirst for revenge was forced upon him and you couldn’t fault him for that. The Broly we seen in the older movies really had no purpose. He was just a strong violent mothafucka that liked to yell and fight. No personality. No wave to him. You didn’t care about that version of Broly. Toriyama’s version of Broly you actually cared about and maybe even related to. 

Now let’s get into the fights. What I absolutely loved about the fights was that Broly in the movie never fought anyone besides his father. He never fought another being. So for Broly to go from fighting his father his whole life to his first official fight being against The Prince Of Saiyan’s Vegeta is like Me fighting Manny Pacquiao for my first fight. Vegeta was picking Broly apart especially when he went Super Saiyan God. He gave Broly that work. It made the fights more believable. Yes Broly is way stronger than Vegeta. Vegeta is not on Broly’s tier when it comes to power but when it comes to combat Vegeta is a veteran. He’s been in wars. He’s died. He has numerous Purple Hearts in the Dragonball world. Broly is just raw talent and doesn’t know how to put it all together yet.  It’s just like the Hulk and Thanos fight. Yes Hulk is on Thanos level when it comes to power but when it came down to actual combat Thanos beat the shit outta Hulk because his combat experience and combat intelligence is on another level. Hitting Hulk in vital spots. Not wasting necessary energy. Vegeta did the same thing to Broly. He schooled him. That was very satisfying to see cause I thought Vegeta was gonna get washed with a spin cycle but they let him get a small W for once. Broly was a rookie and I’m glad they showcased that. 

Goku we couldn’t say the same for. Broly adapted fast as fuck and Goku was a simple case of “Wrong place Wrong time.” Vegeta fought Broly at the perfect time. Broly adapted and gave Goku five 30 piece family meals from Popeyes with unlimited sides. When Broly was slamming Goku like Hulk did Loki I damn near cried. It was so beautiful. The animation during the fight was like getting head during a Hey Arnold marathon. It was gorgeous. 

My only problem with the fight was I wanted more Tag Team action from Goku and Vegeta like they did against O.G Jiren. It was time to go D-Von and Bubba Ray on Broly and get the tables but we didn’t get enough of that. 

The humor between Goku and Vegeta was hilarious too and it always came in the right spots. Never felt out of place. 

I cannot WAIT to see where Broly fits in on Super. I just pray they don’t make him no bitch like Gohan. This actually has me excited for the anime. What a mothafucking time we live in man. 

Aye this movie is 5/5 fruit snacks. Amazing movie. Can’t wait for it to drop so I can continue not go anywhere and have it playing in the background 24/7. 


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