It’s just you and your craft homie. 

It’s just your team and your business. 

There’s no need to set validation a place at the table. Validation doesn’t even need to be around. The fuck you care for? 

This is the issue at hand with a lot of you regardless of what your craft is. You seek validation for what you do and make that your priority instead of seeking to get better at what you do. If you’re putting the lack of attention that doesn’t matter on a higher pedestal than your actual skillset then that’s like ignoring all the lights on your dashboard of your car and spending thousands of dollars on a paint job and rims instead of putting that money into the engine where the attention is really needed. 

Seeking validation creates a space and gap between yourself and your work. Your craft needs all your energy, time, and intimacy. Not the wrong type of attention you’re seeking. 

Here are some of the problems that are making you turn to validation for help. 

  • You don’t feel good about yourself or what you’re doing. You have to come to terms with your insecurity, self doubt, and uncertainty. As much as you think its not there, it is. The sooner you admit it is the sooner you can gain any ground on the path you wanna walk to get to your goals. 

  • You know your work isn’t great as other people in your field and you’re comparing yourself to them and you lack the patience for your journey and lack the gratitude of what’s in your life now. It might take you years to get where you want and you’re not okay with that. Until you’re okay with that it will be difficult for you to function in the best creative and productive space. 

  • You don’t know how to be a human anymore. You don’t do enough face to face conversation. I don’t like talking to people cause I’m not good at it but what I learned is that if I really want to grow as a person which will help my podcast grow then I have to go to events and talk with the people who listen to my podcast and meet new people. I couldn’t just sit on social media. You have to go be apart of the creative eco system in your city. YOU are your brand. Don’t go just to flex. It’s more than just getting a fit off. Go to show people that you’re real and you are who you say you are. Show that you’re a good person. Show that you love to have fun. People support good people. Even if their product isn’t the greatest they support them just because they’re a good human being. 

  • You’re not influencing anything. You’re not getting the people you want to consume your content excited about the things you’re releasing. You can’t get people excited about anything if you’re complaining about the lack of attention you’re getting whether it’s in the form of likes, followers, retweets, or subscriptions.

  • You’re not doing the research that could help you  improve and bring clarity to your situation. Have you researched how the people one the platform are consuming your work? Are you actually connecting with people? I’m not talking about just connecting with your friends. I’m talking about connecting with that person that you don’t know complimenting your work who you choose to continue to ignore by not responding and just retweet and like their compliment. You’d be shocked how far a personalized thank you and conversation will take you. 

The numbers don’t lie and when I say numbers I mean TRANSACTIONS. CASH. DEBIT. CREDIT. If something was purchased, it was purchased. Flat-out. You want to know the truth of where your business is? The money will give the truth to you raw and uncut. Some days will be better than others and some days will be worst than others but you will know what ballpark you’re in when it’s all said and done. Yeah people like what you do but how many people are buying? How many are shopping? I could post a flyer about having a show on Instagram and 60 people like the flyer but that doesn’t mean that’s 60 guaranteed people buying tickets. It could fuck around and be 4 people out of that 60 that buy. Validation outside of yourself not getting you no checks. All it will do for you is destroy your perspective. Working to prove people wrong just leave you empty in the end. A retweet don’t mean shit. Someone commenting on something I did explaining why they fucked with it means a lot more. That’s the quality of a person that cares. They took time to type out why they care about what you’re doing. 

Don’t seek Validation. Seek to get better. Seek a community that brings energy to your creativity and energy to your soul and go be apart of that community. Seek the best version of yourself and the blessings will seek you. 


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