Bennycelebrities, celebrity, TMZ


Bennycelebrities, celebrity, TMZ

The first celebrity I ever worshipped was Eazy-E. I was 3 years old and I used to think that nigga voice sounded cool and the way he would dress was dope. My aunt’s used to babysit me and they were like 12 years old so they had all the music and when I would come over I’d immediately ask them to play Eazy-E. I worshipped the ground he walked on. If Eazy asked me to do anything I’d probably do it but here’s the thing ……

I was 3 years old. 

People who aren’t famous look at celebrities in 2 ways. 

They either place them in high regard and on a pedestal. Which means everything this celebrity does they give a fuck about. They can either do no wrong or they can do wrong and they will just sit and talk about them all day. There’s literally people who live for celebrity lives, gossip, drama, etc. Like it fascinates them and they’re fully invested in it. They wake up grab their phone and look for celebrity shit. They go to work looking and talking about celebrity shit. They clock out, go home, take a nap and probably dream about celebrity shit. They wake up from their nap and watch a show while talking about celebrity shit on social media then they go to sleep and do it all over again. It’s strange. 

Then you have the people who dehumanize the celebrities where they refuse to treat them like a human being or forget that they’re a human being. A celeb can’t walk to the store without being bothered. You hear of stories where celebrities are out with their families and get bothered and people taking pictures of them. People can’t just say “Hey I seen Pharrell” and leave it at that. They have to have a picture for proof so they can show it to everyone or it’s not true because lord forbid that everyone doesn’t know you saw a celebrity doing some normal shit. This is why it’s fun to tear down celebrities because society doesn’t view them as human. They view them as figures. So if a celebrity has a bad day like any normal person does and has an attitude and it’s caught on video then the general consensus is that’s who the celebrity truly is at heart. A celebrity doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. If they have an unprofessional moment then that’s who they are and we tear them down immediately. I watch sport shows and I always tripped off the fact that grown ass men would be critiquing college players personalities and behavior and I’m like “Man they 18 & 19 years old!” I was doing the same dumb shit at that age but because they play on major networks grown men and women don’t look at them like humans. Just look at shit like TMZ, Shaderoom, etc. Those platforms are built on obsessions, gossip which has now been renamed “Tea” and destruction. Humans actually follow this shit and read this shit everyday. As Future would say “It’s an evil world we live in.”

The 2 ways people reminded me of when I used to do that blindly when….

I was 3 years old. 

I joke around with shit like saying Pharrell is my father but there is no way on Earth that he is half the man my father is. No disrespect to him. I talk about Hov’s music a lot and say it’s the only thing that matters but of course I don’t believe that. Now I’m not perfect. I’ve definitely done the things above I wrote about. Put my 2 cents in on ridiculous topics. Debated with people and strangers about celebrities that don’t give a fuck I exist. I’ve taken pictures of celebrities like they were animals in a zoo. Every time I’ve done that I catch myself and ask myself “Why do I give a fuck?”

Over the course of a month I’ve seen people tear celebrities down over rumors and stories that ended up being false. I saw that story about Teyana Taylor and I sat and watched adults give a fuck about somebody else marriage then the story was revealed to be false and all these people looked like fucking idiots. Like why do you give a fuck that much? Saw the shit with Chris Brown and they tried to treat him like R.Kelly. It was revealed the woman lied on him and he was released from prison and that man didn’t get one apology from the people who called him a rapist all over social media. I understand slandering him for such a serious allegation especially since there are a lot of evil men out here but damn at least admit you was wrong about the subject and keep it pushing. R.Kelly out here touching teenage butts and grown ass people CANNOT let this nigga music go. People I am ashamed to say I once respected. Nigga your life will be okay without the Fiesta remix. I promise. People hold this nigga in such a high regard cause he a celebrity. 

I remember I used to listen to the rapper Dave East daily. A situation happened with one of my friends where my friend made art for him (@rellBrodie on Twitter) and then Dave’s camp made merch out of the art and didn’t cut my friend in on the profit from it. I have not listened to Dave East music since that situation happened not just because of the respect I have for my friend but I just felt Dave could’ve made things right but instead he downplayed it. I stopped listening to his music because of it. See? Simple. This nigga Robert a pedophile. Something way more evil and nowhere on the level of what I just explained and y’all can’t let the 12 Play album go. People so attached to his status and songs that they look pass his wicked acts and even went as far to blame the victims for a grown man sleeping with them. Literally absolved this monster of all accountability over some music. Insane bruh. 

I guess the shit I typed above this is leaning towards the Stan territory which is some of the darkest and saddest shit in our society. There are people who doesn’t give a fuck what a celebrity does or says and will continue to support them no matter what. They dedicate their lives to people they’ve never met. If anyone has a critique or says something truthful about some bullshit they’ve pulled they’ll say some of the most disgusting and vile things imaginable. Don’t believe me? Say something about Nicki Minaj music and see what unforgivable slander is thrown your way. The sad part they think that shit funny and they actually lame in real life. I just never understood with being obsessed with someone who will never be obsessed with you. I don’t understand why you’re so bothered when I don’t like the music from your favorite artists. I’m not stopping you from enjoying it. Me not liking their music isn’t erasing their catalog from streaming platforms. Go seek mental help. Why are you willing to defend a celebrity more than the people who are actually in your life? 

Celebrities no matter what they do athlete, singer, actor, fuck it even politicians are here to entertain until they don’t want to no more. And that’s it. Stop looking to them for guidance. Stop expecting them to be anything. Smart, dumb, ignorant, insightful, whatever. There’s nothing even anything interesting about majority of them. They live in an alternate reality that’s why the majority of them always saying or doing some stupid shit. These people are just talented and rich. Dassit. They’re not icons. There is literally no meaning to why we obsess over celebrities lives at all. Obsess over your parents, your mentors,  grandparents, teachers, doctors, not niggas who eat hummus and wear glorified orthopedic fashion shoes. 

Stop worshipping celebrities. You’re gonna be let down…. 

Like a 3 year old. 


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