Photos by Roach God… Follow Roach_God on Instagram

Photos by Roach God… Follow Roach_God on Instagram

2 years ago I’ll never forget I found a video with a young nigga with a ankle monitor rapping some of the illest street shit I ever heard in a Jeep and all I could think is “Damn this nigga has his own unique sound and flow and it’s nothing like anything I’ve heard from a St.Louis artist.” Style wise Jizzle Buckz is the type of artist we’ve never seen in St.Louis. 

I dunno if niggas remember the first Silkk The Shocker album and how it was some of the most gangsta shit ever invented. I know people think Silkk the worst rapper ever but on that first album Silkk was talking that SHIT! Early Silkk The Shocker is who this kid reminds me of. The unorthodox flow but it’s smooth at the same time. When I heard “Quarterbrick” I was like “This nigga is snapping and he don’t sound like nobody in the city.” Then as soon as I got into his music. He got jammed up for 2 years. 

All real niggas rejoice. The Block Captain is now home and he sounding like he got something to prove. Jizzle Buckz came home an even better rapper. If he rapping like he rapping on his new shit it’s a scary sight for everybody.

Usually when rappers get locked up they come back and they don’t sound the same. They lose a lil bit of the juice. Buckz came out on some NBA Street Gamebreaker shit and every thing he shooting is going in. His flow is more in pocket. You hear the hunger. If this kid is focused he will be a force in hip-hop. Some artists just have the “It Factor” some artist just have that natural talent you can’t teach. Some niggas got it and others just don’t. When I heard “Heart Of The 3rd 2” I thought it was dope but felt Jizzle could get better. When I watched the “Crazy Story” video I was like “Yeah he’s arrived. All he gotta do is stay focused, put in work, and he gone take off.” He dropped gem after gem after gem on that track. The charisma he rapped with. The confidence he showed. The realness he spoke. He was really telling a story and you could see everything he was rapping like you were actually there when it happened. It reminded me of Scarface’s storytelling. It was so vivid. 

Jizzle Buckz is an artist we need to get behind. We gotta turn him up and support him. It’s time to support the authentic shit and quit putting these corny niggas on. Buckz don’t have local talent he has worldwide talent and it’s time to quit playing with the world and show niggas that St.Louis has the best artists. I don’t want him to just have a buzz here and it fizzle out and then we never hear from him no more. It’s time do our part to help the real artists out. 

Side note. Buckz and Turbo gotta do a EP together on some prime Waka Flocka and Slim Dunkin shit and call that shit “Mobile Brothers” 

Check out Jizzle Buckz latest video “Crazy Story” shot by VickMont Films. Follow Jizzle Buckz on Instagram @JIZZLEBUCKZ_ 

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