Attention. This what the fuck you doing for Valentine’s Day. Hoe.


It either is all in or nothing with Aries so most likely these niggas will be planning the greatest date you’ve ever been on or watching Netflix with you chilling with 3 blankets. 


They fatass is eating super good. Valentines Day or No Valentines Day. They eating 2 plates. Regardless if they have a date or not they eating 2 plates. Then taking they ass right to bed. Basically their Valentines Day is how they live life everyday. 


Niggas always say they have 2 sides so you never know what you’re getting. Well I’ll tell you what you’re getting that Gemini’s are the best at and that’s wasting your time. They are wasting somebody time as usual on Valentine’s Day but the difference is that they’re sounding a little bit more convincing and some sucka is believing the shit. They will take your soul and you will want to chop them in the throat February 15th. 


These niggas buying EVERYBODY a Valentines Day gift. Your momma, Your daddy, Your dead homies, every fucking body. They want everybody to go to dinner with them. If they’re alone they’re gonna do what they do best and drown in their sadness in overly dramatic fashion. 


Just like the other 364 days of the year Valentines Day will be all about them and they don’t give a fuck how you feel about it. They will be with people whether if it’s a date or a group of people. You think these attention whores will be out in public without a date on Valentine’s Day? Fuck no. They going out and they’re turning up. 


They don’t give a fuck about Valentine’s Day forreal. Flowers. Dinner. Hotel. Head. The End. 


These mothafuckas treat Valentine’s Day like Spongebob does and straight come out the crib throwing hearts. Shit bout to be hella extravagant. They’re going to go all out or want people to go all out for them. If they don’t have a date they will get desperate and call their worst enemy to be their date. That’s how much they give a fuck about this shit. 


Aye we ain’t doing shit but continuing to be evil and plot on the world for doubting us. We don’t give a fuck about Valentines Day and love spending it alone. 


They’ll do something creative for this day. They’re super excited about Valentine’s Day but will try to act like they’re not. They’re definitely not the type to be at home regardless of their status. Ask a Sagittarius to eat booty on Valentine’s Day and the percentage of it happening is in the 90’s. 


These niggas working on a business plan and diversifying their portfolio. They don’t care about Valentine’s Day. 


Nobody care about these niggas. 


They’re going to go skydiving, eat earthworms, draw, or build a park bench. They’re going to do something creative or adventurous on Valentine’s Day. Sensitive emotional head ass niggas.


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