There’s this myth that if you’re an introvert you can’t own a business or become an entrepreneur because they’re not super talkative or social 24 hours a day. It’s easy to believe that because of an introverts laid back demeanor and low tolerance for human interaction. In reality the traits we possess actually help us build the best businesses. 

Here are the reasons why Introverts not only can be entrepreneurs by possibly be the best entrepreneurs. 


Introverts are usually passionate about the things they care for. When an introvert isn’t passionate about things you won’t get much talking or action out of them. We loathe things we’re not passionate about. The reason why introverts build great businesses is because it’s something we’re passionate about. We actually give a fuck about the businesses we build. We become obsessed with working in the business and on the business. Even though we don’t like networking and get drained easily from too much social engagement, we will make an exception for our passion which is the business. We will network ourselves or actually hire people to do those things for us. We may actually network more efficiently than most because our passion makes us put our all into what we’re talking about when we network. 


Introverts love to observe. We’re super observant. We observe our surroundings, people, behaviors, everything around us. We take our observations and always keep those observations in our mind when it comes to creating our product. It’s the part of research that comes natural to us. We learn best by watching. 


We love to be at home. When we’re at home we’re working on our business. You don’t have to worry about us going out everyday. We will spend hours upon hours on our business because we’re at home majority of the time. We will only step out to functions for business purposes. We do our best brain storming in our solitude at home. We love isolation so that’s why the work we do is such high quality.


One of the most underrated aspects of business is the relationships you gain. You never want to ruin relationships in business because your reputation will make or break your business. It can dictate what doors you can or cannot get into. Introverts take their relationships very seriously and that’s why we keep the same small circle of friends. If an introvert reaches out to you for any type of relationship that means they trust you and plan to be with you for the long haul. We don’t start relationships for the sake of starting relationships. We choose our relationships carefully because we value relationships which will bring value to our businesses. 


We’re very in tune with who we are. We’re aware of our strengths and weaknesses. We know who the fuck we are and what we want to do and where we want to go. We’re super internal and we love to learn about ourselves and when you’re self aware in business you know how to avoid the bullshit. We bet it all on the things we’re good at and we understand why we’re not good at the things we’re bad at but we don’t waste time on the things we’re bad at. You could show an introvert what a boss is supposed to look like and if it’s not what works for them or in their skill set they will redefine what a boss is in a productive manner that suits them. A introvert will admire a person who’s super outgoing all the time but they won’t try to copy that and instead do it their way because they understand that them being super outgoing isn’t in their blood. The people who are self aware tend to always end at the destination they desire. 


We know the difference between a manager and a leader. Introverts are very considerate in our actions and the way we communicate with people. Which is why we tend to think before we speak. We love to give people opportunities and we love to highlight others strengths, bring them out through those opportunities and focus on their development. Introverts care about helping people grow because we want to create more bosses and leaders. Introverts don’t care for fame unless their partners and employees get fame also. We have a vision that not only sees us succeeding but sees our partners and employees succeeding. Introverts love to encourage people and that’s why people find it easy to trust introvert’s. 


We rather listen than talk about ourselves. Some confuse introverts not wanting to talk about themselves with shyness but it’s because we think it’s conceited no matter how harmless it seems to other people. We’ll opt to listen to everything instead. 

Aye remember the richest person on Earth is an introvert. 


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